i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

We continue to test the keyboard with an unusual design, this time in our lab received i-Rocks Fun K76M. Mechanical keyboard is interesting not only because you can change the top panel. Staffing It is equipped with the panel in the style of the famous designer Lego. There are also some interesting technical features.

The Taiwanese manufacturer i-Rocks offers a large number of input devices and peripherals. From all I would like to highlight the range of the keyboard i-Rocks Fun K76M. It uses proprietary switches, transparent caps, buttons made using a double injection technology, which guarantees resistance to wear. There is also light. But the special function of i-Rocks Fun K76M are removable top panel. And cleanly installed panel, compatible with Lego building blocks. So based on the keypad you can build any structure, as long as enough of the imagination.

Even the box is decorated mechanical keyboard is very unusual. Instead of bright colors game we get a white box with a tree and cats. Right added an inscription explaining what you can expect from the keyboard: i-Rocks promises to the product, which is something more than a functional keyboard. Namely, the keyboard type can be changed, depending on the mood. Unfortunately, we do not know how the keyboard will cost in retail – it has not yet appeared on sale in Europe.

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

Technical Specifications – i-Rocks Fun K76M:

  • Switches: clicks (there are three alternatives)
  • Response Power: 35 g / 60 g
  • Stroke keys before operation: 2 mm
  • Stroke keys to stop: 4 mm
  • Service life: 50 million keystrokes.
  • Key Rollover: N-Key Rollover
  • Backlight blue LED
  • Cable: smooth, 2 mm
  • Advantages: removable panel, full-time compatible with Lego
  • Dimensions: 45,9 x 15,9 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg
  • Price: N / A

i-Rocks Fun K76M: keyboard in details

Our test sample was a standard English-language keyboard layout without Russian letters. The warranty card was only in Chinese. At least in the present user manual is also English. Note and a tool for removing the caps key.

i-Rocks offers Fun K76M in black and white versions. This alone suggests that the appearance of the question is very important for the producer. However, the design – a matter of taste. In addition, the top panel can be completely changed.

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

Side noticeable acrylic frame, the envelope of the entire keyboard. Below the top plate there is a gap, so the LEDs illuminate not only the keys, but the acrylic frame. The top panel is attached to the frame with the aid of hooks, with the removal is not a problem. When installing the upper panel is enough to press, it locks securely.

In the flat position i-Rocks Fun K76M rests on four round legs. But it is also possible to expose the rear folding legs. They are also equipped with rubber pads that prevent the sliding keyboard.

Complete cable corresponds to the color of the keyboard and has a sufficient length of 2 m. Tissue braid have no cable, black puff-loop fastener allows you to remove the excess cable.

As shown by the first experiments on the top panel can be fixed really of Lego elements. But the distance between the protruding pins are not always correspond to the standard Lego, in some places, “bricks” Lego set will not work.

In the dark it can be clearly seen that the Fun K76M highlighted not only the key caps. The keyboard is also illuminated from the sides, which gives the feeling of filling the backlight. But it is only visible in the dark. Manage backlight, you can use the dual function F-keys are supported by a variety of effects. In addition to simple static backlight WASD keys or all keys can be activated quite interesting dynamic effects – not just the usual breathing, but also cyclic change of colors. However, in everyday terms, most users probably will prefer to static lighting.

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

i-Rocks Fun K76M: Practical tests

i-Rocks Fun K76M can be purchased with four types of micro-switches that have different characteristics. The test sample was equipped with a tactile clicks and blue switches. Therefore, we can talk about practical experience only with this type of switch. Three other types of switches have different characteristics. Brown tactile switches, but do not click. Red – linear with a small pressing force. The most versatile can be called white switches operation force all ’28

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

Test the keyboard switches is also triggered by a relatively small force. To switch load enough efforts ’35 Although in order to overcome the resistance point will require a substantial effort – ’60 trigger point is well palpable, when triggered key emits a loud click. So blue switches i-Rocks suitable for those users who need the most tangible benefits. Typing on this keyboard is easy and convenient. Gaming is still preferable to linear switches. However, due to the relatively small operation power switch is better suited for gaming than others to click model. For comparison, Cherry MX Blue switches require a force of 50 g for the operation, and to overcome the resistance point force must be ’60

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the key caps i-Rocks are made by double injection. Most backlit keyboards caps consist of a transparent plastic of the same type, to which is applied a black paint. Only the labeling is transparent. But i-Rocks combines clear plastic with white or black plastic cap in one. As a result of the marking key is more resistant to wear.

i-Rocks Fun K76M: Conclusion

i-Rocks Fun K76M able to attract the attention of users. Indeed, what other keyboard can boast that it is possible to install the components of Lego? In addition, the ability to change the top panel allows you to change the design of the keyboard by himself – of course, if the panel will be available for sale. On the other hand, the top panels replacement mechanism the weakest spot keyboard. The panels are held only by small hooks, which are very easy to release, squeeze box enough. In practice, this is no problem since all the fingers strike the keys rather than the top panel. But such a solution still seems too simple and primitive.

i-Rocks Fun K76M test and review: mechanical keyboard in Lego style

Caps keys are different from conventional mechanical keyboards. Thanks to double injection technology, they certainly hold out longer than a standard cap. It’s nice that i-Rocks focused not only on the design. The keyboard is not only the original key caps, but also branded switches, which are based on classical switches Alps. But the cross and mount different from the Alps. Since the i-Rocks will offer a keyboard with four different types of switches, we do not see any problems.

Of course, many users prefer proven keyboard, for example, the same switches Cherry MX. But i-Rocks with its model Fun K76M demonstrated that there are other interesting options. If you like a variety of desktop, we are sure to look at the i-Rocks Fun K76M. Although sales of the keyboard in Russia and Europe have not yet started. While you can pick up designer Lego.

Advantages i-Rocks Fun K76M:

  • The original design with removable top panel and compatible with Lego
  • Good mechanical switches based on the Alps
  • Folding rear legs to make the angle of inclination
  • Multimedia keys and backlight function keys through the secondary appointment
  • Caps keys with dual injection

Disadvantages i-Rocks Fun K76M:

  • Not the best quality mechanism shifts the upper panels

Source: i-rocks

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