HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

Quite often, gaming sets that claim to be the best of their kind fall into our laboratory, but they do not always succeed in proving their worth and surprising with real possibilities not only on paper, but also in reality. Today we would like to please you with the latest HyperX model, which today or tomorrow will already go on sale – HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

The novelty is actually the development of last year’s Revolver (without the S prefix at the end) and is the top in the lineup of the American brand. Let’s take a closer look at the Revolver S model, we’ll figure out how it differs from its predecessor and whether it should be considered “to use.”

HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Contents of delivery

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

Packing the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is unlikely to surprise fans of the series – it is made in the same style as the boxes of other models. On the front side we see a picture of the headphones and the control panel, a description of the main chips, including 7.1 Dolby Surround sound, an audio card in the control panel, a microphone with advanced noise reduction system and studio sound quality. I really want the latter to be true. In addition, below are logos that indicate the certification of the headset in the most popular VoIP services TeamSpeak and Discord, which adds confidence in its quality.

The reverse side repeats this information and reports the presence of 50-mm directional speakers, a steel headband frame and a foam with a memory function that fills the ear cushions.

Under the dust jacket, which is not thin in itself, there is an impressive box. You can be calm for the safety of headphones during any transportation – the box is very rigid, and when you look inside we see that it is completely filled with foam material, in which the headset rests.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

The scope of delivery includes almost everything you need. In addition to the headset itself and the USB remote there is a removable microphone and a cable extension for 2 m. Considering that the cord length of the headphones is one meter and the cord from the console is 2.2 meters, the total length of the entire headset cable reaches more than five meters . We are used to the fact that in the configuration of topsets, there usually is a pair of spare ear-cups from another material, but in this case there is no such option.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Design

Visually, the headset HyperX Cloud Revolver S almost completely repeats the model predecessor, but all the details that were criticized, corrected and this speaks in favor of the producer, who listens to his customers. The design, despite its large size, does not seem cumbersome and this is achieved by the lack of a huge amount of plastic in both the headband and in the phones themselves.

The outer part of HyperX Cloud Revolver S is made of steel, which has a very positive effect on both the reasonable rigidity of the structure and its reliability.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

And the metal frame does not end at the beginning of the bowls, but expands and forms a ring in which they are fixed. When you fall from the headset, it’s unlikely that something will break away or fall off and the damage will be more cosmetic than affecting the performance.

The soft inner HyperX Cloud Revolver S is supposedly filled with the same firm foam with the memory effect as the ear cushions, and it does hold the dent form slightly from pressing it. In general, the material is soft enough and very comfortable when planted on the head. The color of the line, as in other places, the manufacturer replaced from red to white, which clearly added universality and removed the notes of “gaming” shouts.

Suspension travels along plastic guides, and elastic bands providing a tightening are located inside the headband. By the way, the pressing force is exactly what you need – not too strong and does not put pressure on the head.

The exterior design of the bowls did not change shape in comparison with the Revolver model, but the manufacturer completely got rid of the glossy plastic and replaced the color of the decorative elements from red to white. Perhaps soft-touch plastic, from which the bowls are made and collect fingerprints, but it does not scratch, unlike gloss, and looks much more expensive and more orderly.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

The degree of freedom of the inner bowls is not very much. They bend in all directions, but at some 10-15 degrees, no more. This is absolutely enough for comfortable placement on the owner’s head and again adds reliability to the structure as a whole. You can be sure that nothing will creak or dangle after a few years of use.

The microphone is removable and connects to the left phone of the headset using a standard 3.5 mm plug (also called a mini jack). Around the plug the leg has a rectangular shape and thanks to such a peculiar key, the microphone does not spin around its axis, disturbing the owner and breaking the nest.

The leg of the microphone is rubberized and can flex (within reasonable limits of course) to give it the most convenient form.

The material from which the ear pads are made is of course a skin substitute. The filler, mentioned above, is soft and moderately elastic with a “memory effect”. The ear-pads are comfortable, completely cover the ears. Of course, in the summer they will be hot, but this is the norm for most headsets.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

After removing them, we will get access to large 50-mm speakers with neodymium magnets. In addition, we see that the design of the bowls provides two sets of holes. Fazoinvertorami they do not call and perhaps this will reduce the pressure of the bass, but add transparency to the average. In general, this should positively affect the balance of frequencies.

Now let’s move on to what radically differs HyperX Cloud Revolver S from their predecessor – to the source. If the usual Revolver depended on the user’s audio device and the technologies it provided, then the new model is completely self-sufficient. Moreover, the sound card built into the console supports such technology important for gaming sets, claiming for playback volume, as Dolby Surround Sound. The console is small in size and all necessary controls are placed on it. On the front side there are buttons for turning on / off the Dolby and microphone modes, equipped with red illumination. On the right side of the console there are wheels for controlling the volume of playback and recording.

If the user turns off the surround sound, the stereo mode is automatically turned on, and the button on the left side will switch between the three equalizer presets. Three white LEDs will alternately light up, displaying a change of modes.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Ergonomics and ease of use

The design of HyperX Cloud Revolver S, although it is classical, but thanks to the use of steel, clearly deserves a detailed analysis. Therefore we start to praise and scold.

The manufacturer was able to very accurately determine the degree of contraction of the metal frame of the entire structure. The effort is not too high and will not put pressure on even big heads, but it is sufficient to fix it confidently on the owner’s head. The suspension also does not strain the pressure and perfectly removes the load from the ears. But even though the headset fits well on the head and does not fall off while walking, I would not jump, run or bend in it – it will not tolerate this to itself and will immediately fall off. Although, one thing that we have come up to such details says about the convenience of the design as a whole.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

The cord is braided and has a reasonable thickness, because you do not notice it when using the headset, and this is probably the best thing you can say about the wire in these headphones.

The quality of recording a microphone is simply excellent, your interlocutors will be satisfied with the purity of the sound. The squelch also works for “five”, extraneous sounds are eliminated well. Probably the only thing you can find fault with is the microphone attachment design. You can understand the manufacturer, because after making a fixed rotary microphone, they immediately run up against the criticism of those who would like to walk in the headset down the street. But the reverse side of the coin is also present. When you remove the headset and hang it around your neck, the microphone sticks out literally in front of your nose, like an improvised sight sight. The leg is not so flexible as to remove it from the eyes. It turns out you have to either put up with it or turn it off every time you finish the voice communication.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

The console is pleased with the indication of the microphone mute and the presence of all necessary controls. Something more from him and do not want to.

In general, the headset HyperX Cloud Revolver S leaves a positive impression of use. When you take it in your hands and fingers fall on the metal, you immediately feel the reliability and confidence in its fate in a few years. In it, you can easily spend many hours in a row, absolutely not noticing the presence of it on your head and enjoying the sound quality.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Impressions from sound

At once I will say that any claims from this section should be taken as a compliment, because the sound of Revolver S should be compared only with its predecessors, for example, in the person of the first HyperX Cloud. By the way, it’s worth saying that the sound of the S model is almost identical with the usual Revolver. Perhaps, a little more accurate average in the last year’s model is explained by the fact that they are already well warmed up, and I simply test the novelty “out of the box”.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

Indeed, without discounts on the gaming direction, they can be judged and awarded absolutely objectively, because the sound quality makes us wonder, especially after listening to many competitors. And believe me, this is a very pleasant surprise. Headphones have a very balanced sound.

There is no unhealthy imbalance in the low, which is usually explained by “gaming” positioning. The bass is good and clean. Perhaps it could be a little denser with a more closed design of the phone’s cups, as in the same Core of the first and second generation, but there are more degrees of freedom, which means more comfort for the user. But the low do not drum and do not buzz, which is just fine.

Medium and high frequencies are transparent and clear. There is no squeezing and nondescriptness, which usually depersonalizes the sound of playing sets in playing musical compositions.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

In general, the headphones HyperX Cloud Revolver S provide an excellent balanced sound, suitable for both hip-hop and rock. An important plus is that they will allow you to adjust the equalizer and give out the sound you want.

And here we go to the back – 7.1 and the game sound. Usually we understand that in the gaming headset the manufacturer goes for a certain compromise. In the same case, Kingston managed to find the perfect balance. Taking excellent speakers, placed in a good design, they did not tie them to exclusively gaming use. The well-proven Revolver headphones have been supplemented with a sound source that is native to Dolby Surround. And this, probably, is the best of the options for playing surround sound. With devices that support Dolby technologies, neither other virtualization technologies nor discrete multi-channel headphones can compete.

In this regard, by pressing the surround sound button on the remote in the games, you will be very pleasantly surprised. And in 10-15 minutes, having got used to this sound and having disconnected mode Dolby, simply you will not understand, as earlier it was possible to play in such flat and soulless situation. And it really is, without any exaggeration.

Games that naturally support surround sound, like Battlefield, will allow the owners of the headset to experience new colors. You really start to feel in the middle of the battlefield, and the enemies are positioned much better… if you, of course, can distract from the whole range of sounds and focus on the hatred of the enemy running in the building above you.

Even in classic Counter-Strike 1.6, virtualization gives its results and the game content becomes more saturated.

A small minus can be called only that the voices of your comrades will also be added to the surround sound, but I would like them to be reproduced in stereo mode, because the virtual room of teammates is unlikely to interest us.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S: Conclusions

So, what did we get as a result? The company Kingston has done an excellent job on the evolution of its top model and released a new version of it, namely the headset HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

Saving a great musical sound and balanced sound, the headphones got their own detachable sound source, capable of excellent virtualization of surround sound. Convenient and reliable design, excellent recording quality, variation in usage – all speaks only for the use of these headphones. But most importantly – it’s frankly better and much more detailed than many competitors sound, with what, not only in games or music, but in all possible usage profiles without distortions in certain frequency bands.

Approximate cost of the headset, according to information received from the manufacturer, will be 3789 hryvnia ($ 140). This is not the smallest amount for a gaming headset, but fewer than many competitors offering much less lively and high-quality sound for a lot of money. Usually I tell you that the matter of choosing headphones is behind everyone, because the sound is extremely individual, and manufacturers often make such compromises within the same product, that you do not know if you are ready to put up with them. But HyperX Cloud Revolver S can be with a pure soul and with great pleasure to advise to purchase.

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