HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Drone comes in a classic package of small size with a transparent window through which the user can become familiar with the headset design. Bright red shape headphone emphasizes the black outlines of the model.

On the front side in addition to the name of the manufacturer contains support for all modern platforms and popular utilities, free technical support and a two year warranty.

On the reverse side is an image HyperX Cloud Drone design. Advantages of the model in a separate paragraph, among which:

  • Directional speakers 40 mm;
  • Access to all controls on the headset;
  • The ease and comfort.

Components budget model is not amazing that excusable for affordable solutions. However, you might need ordinary gamer, except for brief guide data on technical support and extension cable with the possibility of using the microphone?

To honor the manufacturer, it’s all included.

HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Drone: Appearance and ergonomics

Headset HyperX Cloud Drone has an attractive appearance thanks to the popular combination of black and red colors, so characteristic of gaming solutions.

One of the features of the model – the controls located on the cups. For their release on the perimeter using pattern resembling a fighter of the turbine nozzle.

Fully plastic construction gives the hero a review of lightness: the headset weighs just over 200 grams, which is not much greater than that of a conventional smartphone.

Build quality is good, but do not expect miracles. When pressed and dilution cups plastic squeaks noticeably. From the pleasant moments we note the excellent fit of all parts and elements, no unnecessary protrusions and seams, all neatly hidden.

HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

headband frame uses a plastic substrate. The outer edge is made of matte plastic, without drawing and is provided with a rough surface.

For comfortable wearing on the inside of the headband is provided a red pillow with a soft filler.

And for the finishing of soft parts of the headphones used leather, which provides tactilely pleasant.

The headband is adjustable in height. Proceedings quite small, about 30 mm, and is provided with a scale from 0 to 4.

On each side there is information about the model – an alphanumeric code, the party, the country of origin and the number of passed certification logos.

Other features include removable microphone 122 mm in length. It is regulated in a narrow angle range – 120 °.

A typical mechanism is combined with the switch: the microphone is activated after the nomination to “speak.” And if you need it no longer, it is enough to push it over the head to turn. Clicking between positions felt fine, everything is simple and convenient.

HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

Sam placed a microphone on a flexible rod with a metal coating. The sensing element – a narrow, passive noise canceling and competent protection from the wind. Maybe someone out of habit will miss a standard foam tip.

HyperX Cloud Drone wire length of only one meter (comes to the rescue of the two-meter extension cable supplied), and the volume control on it is absent. He placed the cup on the right. The controversial decision, but the location is very good, and it turns a light touch of a finger. You get used to it quickly.

Ear pads are made of soft material and covered with leatherette. Removed they are hard, the benefit of this operation is very rare. The internal structure of the cup is configured so that sideways slightly rotated.

Four screw securing the base driver. Before we designed speakers with a diameter of 38 mm according to measurements. Wire and its thickness is significantly better than the model Creative Sound Blaster H3, a review of which is being prepared.

HyperX Cloud Drone: Personal impressions

Testing HyperX Cloud Drone headset held while listening to music from the list below, and games. List last made Crysis 3, Doom (2016), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and World of Tanks. In the future, it will be added to Battlefield 1.

In conventional use, at home and walks in the street does not feel discomfort. Light weight headset and soft materials are beneficial to bear.

Ergonomics quite successful. The design of the headband is made so that the main pressure falls on the ear cups. At first it seems that weighs heavily, but this sensation superficial and it passes quickly. This solution improves sound insulation: the interlocutor can hear is bad, and your opponent compositions are virtually indistinguishable.

When using HyperX Cloud Drone can be noted balanced sound in games. Sounds clearly recognized and well localized, music is played quite colorfully, dialogues are reproduced clearly. Obviously, the developers did a good job on his new model.

But when listening to music from the track list novelty demonstrates mediocre results. The sound is slightly muffled and “flat” – in general it is not critical, as the headset is intended for a different audience, but I want more. The software is not and you have to be guided by the means at hand – built-in equalizer and other software. After setting up your profile the music becomes “juicier” and provides good mid-range frequencies, but the high and low is not enough.

But the microphone was pleasantly surprised. For their task it copes entirely, noise reduction work out “with a bang”.

We proceed to the final conclusions.

HyperX Cloud Drone Review gaming headset

HyperX Cloud Drone: Conclusion

Model HyperX Cloud Drone is addressed primarily to those who are looking for a comfortable headset with good sound quality and noise isolation. As an option it is capable of playing nice surprise and will not leave the user disappointed. A bright and juicy shots, explosions, screaming hordes of monsters transform gameplay.

The downside is manifested when listening to music. In this case, the sound is rather flat, the lack of effect of low and high frequencies. A compromise solution can serve as its own EQ settings without your favorite tracks are faded.

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