Huawei Y6 Pro Review Budget smartphone with good battery

Huawei Y6 Pro Review Budget smartphone with good battery

Huawei, as usual, in its repertoire: “re-released” existing model, calling in a different way and introduced the machine in the international market. Huawei Enjoy 5, Honor Holly 2 Plus, Honor 5X Play, Honor 4C Pro – this is one and the same smartphone. Only now it is called Huawei Y6 Pro. It announced in 2015, but sold to this day.

Huawei Y6 Pro is a budget model, but it is interesting because of the solid battery capacity and a decent amount of RAM. The minimum price, which could be found in online stores – 135 dollars. Known and propiarenny goods stores sell a little more expensive – for 155 USD. Displayed prices – exemplary, and are valid at the time of writing this review.

Features Huawei Y6 Pro

The smartphone has a good stuffing, for the budgetary system.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Design, buttons and connectors

As part of the design no surprises: the typical rectangle of plastic, with rounded corners. Thickness of 9.6 mm and weight of 160 g body shall capacious battery. Product height is 143.1 mm, width – 71 mm.

The back panel is covered with a sloping form a diagonal pattern, which you can feel with your fingers.

Near the front camera and lattice earpiece is LED events. Most parts of the received classical case, all the usual location.

Huawei Y6 Pro Review Budget smartphone with good battery

Power / volume buttons are on the right edge, multimedia speaker and MicroUSB – bottom, 3.5 mm audio jack – the top. But the software navigation buttons rendered on the display. The model is available in three colors: in the golden, white and gray.

Huawei Y6 Pro: CPU

Since in this model the emphasis placed on the autonomy was established efficient 64-bit processor MediaTek MT6735P. Only the clock speed was raised from 1 GHz to 1.3 GHz. The balance between performance and power consumption will provide four core Cortex-A53. For graphics processing chip meets Mali-T720. In combination with a sufficient amount of RAM iron shows adequate performance. Huawei Y6 Pro copes with any trivial tasks.

In the synthetic test machine Antutu gaining just over 32 thousand. Points, which is equal to the results of budget smartphones in 2016. Some complain that the resource-intensive game lag and freezes. Just do not always need to rely on the standard optimization for specific hardware. In modern games provides an opportunity to set the appropriate settings. As a rule, with the iron you need to focus on the medium and low settings.

Huawei Y6 Pro Review Budget smartphone with good battery

Huawei Y6 Pro: Memory

The smartphone has 2 GB of RAM. An excellent indicator for a budget model. Unpretentious user this is enough “behind his back” to simultaneously run multiple applications.

Built-in memory – 16 GB. Subtract that picks up the system and get 10.55 GB of free space. There you can load the application, what some games, also a place to remain. And if not – not terrible, removable drive comes to the rescue. In the settings you can select it as the primary location for installing applications. The maximum size supported by the stick – 128 GB, a separate slot.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Autonomy

As mentioned earlier, the main feature of this device can be considered a high battery capacity is 4000 mAh. In mixed usage scenarios demonstrate excellent indicator of autonomy. If you thoroughly take on the smart phone, turn on wireless data transfer, and maul his internet, phone calls, watching videos, taking pictures on the camera – it can endure the day without problems in the mode of extreme loads.

Huawei Y6 Pro Review Budget smartphone with good battery

With more moderate use of the battery usually lasts a day or two. If you turn off the wireless network, and run FullHD video at full brightness, it will continuously be played up to 10 hours. A full charge required for 2 h.

As with other devices of this manufacturer, has advanced power mode settings. It allows you to keep control of charge flow. Up to limit the functionality for the extra hours of battery life. It is also possible to charge other mobile devices connecting to the MicroUSB connector.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Camera

The main camera can take photos with a resolution of 13 MP. Aperture value of f / 2.0. There is autofocus, fast working day, and the average brightness of the LED flash. camera functionality of the application is sufficient, while available to learn. You can “on the fly” to change the exposure and adjust the focus. There are properly working HDR-mode, the ability to adjust the white balance, contrast, ISO, saturation, and sharpness.

Photo examples Huawei Y6 Pro

Photo examples Huawei Y6 Pro

Under ideal conditions, lighting equipment correctly picks up the white balance. The resulting images have good contrast and good color reproduction. The total level of detail is normal but at short distances – even good. If you look at the daily photos, you can see the grain and noise. However, to make allowances for low-end phones.

When you create panoramas shots well glued together, “seams” unnoticed. On the subject shooting smartphone does best, you can achieve a beautiful bokeh effect. Indoor detail is reduced, but the camera is doing well under artificial light. Even at night you can get a more or less acceptable quality frame.

Photo examples Huawei Y6 Pro

Suddenly: Stock camera can record video at a maximum HD (1280 x 720) resolution. Another sad and quality: lacking color saturation and sharpness. Front-end module 5 MP – wide-angle (84 degrees), so the frame is placed not only the face of the smartphone owners. The quality of photos – is quite acceptable. The video is available in HD resolution.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Display

The diagonal of 5 inches, a resolution of 1280 x 720, the IPS matrix. For state – a classic of the genre. The image quality is expectedly good, both in contrast and color rendering. By tilting the device in different directions, the user will not notice the strong fading, or inversion of colors on the screen. The minimum brightness level is quite comfortable to use the device in full darkness.

In direct sunlight, alas, is not enough stock of brightness, and the contents of the screen fades. This lacks the saturation or contrast, prefer a more soothing colors, it is useful to adjust the color temperature. Touchscreen is able to recognize up to 5 simultaneous keystrokes.

There is a bad moment (not all shown). Sometimes the touch screen there are any neponyatki with pressure sensitivity. Therefore, we have a “poke” him several times, or push harder than usual. Usually, to remedy the situation, it is necessary in the settings menu to find the section “Special Features”. There will be a point of “sensitivity mode,” and it must be activated.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Network opportunities

Under the rear lid has slots for 2 micro-SIM card. The smartphone is designed to work in 2G / 3G / 4G networks. Single-band WiFi – 2.4 GHz. 4.0 – Bluetooth version. All communications are working flawlessly.

For navigation and geolocation meet: GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS. Processors from MediaTek not deserve the best reputation because of the known problems with navigation. However, Huawei Y6 Pro surprises cancel the GPS and GLONASS. For companions “clings” very quickly, cold start just 15 seconds. At hot start, all navigation systems are ready to go in less than 10 seconds.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Sound

The main speaker is average volume, the normal sound quality. Compare with many other budget models. The earpiece is normal, not “screaming”, but not quiet. Stock volume when listening to music in headphones – not the most impressive. If a noisy environment, it is necessary to raise the volume to maximum. Enthusiasts have found a solution to this problem by means of making amendments in the engineering menu.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Software part

The operating system uses Android 5.1. Shell – EMUI 3.1 Lite, looks radically different from stock Android interface. The lite version of the shell – nimble and beautiful, just without any additional chips. Only the most important and useful proprietary applications. EMUI full version is usually installed on smart phones more expensive, and more powerful.

There is information on the manufacturer’s customer service that are working on a firmware update to Android 6. Specific terms, of course, no one calls.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Additional Features

The smartphone can be turned into Power Bank, by selecting the appropriate option in the settings section.

Footage can be discreetly activated in emergency situations, even if the screen is locked. It’s enough to make known in advance the number of clicks on the volume button.

Huawei Y6 Pro: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good autonomy;
  • great job navigating the modules;
  • PhotoChances good;
  • separate slots for SIM and MicroSD.


  • low resolution and the quality of the recorded video;
  • problems with sensitivity stitch;
  • non-removable battery in a plastic case.

To fit the smartphone

For those looking for an inexpensive dual SIM 3G / 4G device with a decent battery, a normal camera, as well as fast and stable navigation.

Our review Huawei Y6 Pro

On the one hand, in its price range smartphone is quite good for most parameters, and has quite a significant plus. On the other hand, as described in the review nuances resolution video sensor buggy and is perceived as a nonsense. Such ridiculous and obvious mistakes should not be allowed, despite the fact that this is a budget model. However, there are owners Huawei Y6 Pro, which does not care about video quality, and with the screen issue, they decided to help increase its sensitivity to touch.

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