Huawei Y5 II Review budget smartphone

Huawei Y5 II Review budget smartphone

Huawei model range may be envied by many manufacturers. After entering the international market, the company regularly releases the latest devices. In April of 2016 it was presented to the next budget smartphone Huawei Y5 II. Its cost was about $ 120, which is typical for the existing iron. The smartphone went on sale in two versions: for 3G and 4G networks. They are no different, except for the processor used.

Huawei Y5II overview is intended to help find out whether he has something special and interesting, or is it a typical Chinese state employees. After all, considering the price, the acquisition seems to not be the most profitable. At the same time, the company has offices worldwide and Guarantee no problems. Many other manufacturers from China do not.

Features Huawei Y5II

Looking specifications Huawei Y5 II – the smartphone is nothing special. What else Doogee X5 Pro seems to be identical, but it is worth 1.5 times less. However, taking into account the official warranty from Huawei price advantage does not seem so bright.

Huawei Y5 II: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Smartphone plastic, but its rear panel is made by metal. Unit weight – 135 grams, dimensions are 14.4 x 7.2 cm, thickness – 8.9 mm. Overall, Huawei Y5 II is slightly larger counterparts, but the brick does not look, and looks decent for its price. Not that textured plastic solidity gave him a leader, but also a plastic toy smartphone does not look like.

Front panel – without any buttons, glass. It can be gold, white or black. Above the screen – speaker, camera lens front, window sensors and flash. Yes, Flash, which is quite unusual for a cheap device. Below the display is the manufacturer’s logo.

Huawei Y5 II Review budget smartphone

The back panel is made of rough plastic a la Metal. It can be black, silver, gold, pink or turquoise. It is worth noting that this is a coup to attract motley audience.

On the cover – the camera lens, flash and logo. The control buttons (power / lock and sound) made the right sidewall. Huawei Y5 IISleva is a programmable key that can be assigned to the function. Programmable button Huawei Y5 2Setka dynamics from the bottom, there is and MicroUSB port. 20160726_143209Vverhu – headset jack and speaker noise reduction. Headset jack and speaker noise reduction.

Huawei Y5 II: CPU

Smartphone version of 3G networks working on the MT6582 processor, known since 2014. 4 cores at 1.3 GHz provide an acceptable level of performance in most tasks, but something remarkable can not. The LTE-modification functions on the basis of 64-bit MT6735 with the same frequency – 1.3 GHz.

The difference chipsets, in addition to the bit, is chart. In 32-bit chip used core Mali MP400, in 64-bit – Mali T720. The performance of both solutions are almost identical. In AnTuTu they are gaining a little more than 20 thousand, the modern game is pulled low. Better to wait and do not have the budget of a smartphone.

Huawei Y5 II: Memory

Both versions are equipped with Huawei Y5II 1 GB of DDR3 memory with low power consumption. Both at the start of the free 600 MB of RAM. For games and programs such capacity is not that much, but enough. Departures will be if run on five heavy programs at once, but the player, browser, file manager and some messenger held simultaneously.

Under the user files allocated about 3.5 from 8 GB. It’s a bit of space but the deficit expanded by MicroSD. The maximum volume of the module – 64 GB. OTG function not, as in most state employees.

Huawei Y5 II Review budget smartphone

Huawei Y5 II: Battery

Huawei Y5 II battery is not the most capacious – only 2200 mAh. For 5 “is tolerated, but not much more. When you play a video from Youtube Y5II worked without a break 3 hours 30 minutes. With the included flashlight (main flash) the smartphone worked for 1 hour 50 minutes, with no way to lock the screen and left on the flashlight, you must constantly Tapan on the screen display goes out -. turns off the flash, so a flashlight is inconvenient.

From 0 to 100 smartphone charge in 2 hours 10 minutes.

Comes Huawei Y5 II smartphone with a normal charge, no function of accelerated battery recharge not.

Huawei Y5 II: Cams

The main camera of the device is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 8 MP and is equipped with a flash of the two diodes. She’s not the worst aperture f / 2.0, but the standard pixel size. As for budget, it removes the smartphone well, against the background of the already mentioned Doogee X5 quality noticeably to Korean matrices not doyagivaet. Autofocus works correctly, the clarity is normal.

Huawei Y5 II Review budget smartphone

White balance in most cases is broken, so the picture is always marred the sky. It does not help even the HDR mode, but he did not give any effect and simply present in the settings “for show”. Manual ISO setting also does not solve anything with a picture, but est.Shumy settings at dusk going wild at times, but this shortcoming at all expressed in one way or another.

The front camera has a resolution of 2 MP, but is equipped with a flash. It does not claim to be the “guru selfie” photographs and unimportant, but it’s enough for video calling. The flash does not always help, but the benefits of it there, and it’s better this way than do without it. At Huawei Y5 II selfie cameras have software smoothing the skin and increase the eye. By moving the slider, the skin becomes waxy, pimples disappear and increased eye.

Huawei Y5 II: Screen

The smartphone is set a 5-inch screen with 1280×720 resolution. It is based on IPS matrix, so the viewing angles are quite good, close to the ideal. The pixel density – 294 PPI. The big picture is a little dark slope, but it is not critical. Brightness is normal, the sun image is still legible. Touch screen glass, its hardened data is not present. Oleophobic coating if present, is purely formal (and divorces are on the first try did not wipe).

Huawei Y5 II: Communications

A set of communication capabilities from Huawei Y5 II is quite typical for state employees. Simok two, both the Micro, slots for them with anything not aligned. Wi-Fi is, it only works with 2.4 GHz networks. Bluetooth version 4.0 corresponds to, it can be used as a headset, and data exchange. Navigation supports the GPS satellites, but the BDS, and GLONASS for budget smartphones MTC are a rarity.

Huawei Y5 II: Sound

Sound Huawei Y5 II does not stand out against the background of competitors. Chinese made symmetric lattice on the bottom, but the speaker is hidden just under one. It is moderately loud, but rather dry. Volume is not a hint of bass traced barely. The headset fared a little better, but a masterpiece of sound from the headphones also does not apply. FM radio on board is present, it is working with the headphone cable as an antenna.

Huawei Y5 II: Operating system

Despite the budget and have an old processor in Huawei Y5 II is set relatively new operating system Android 5.1. The system is not clean, it works with a graphic superstructure EmUI, typical of mobile devices from Huawei. In terms of responsiveness and smoothness of operation OSes have no complaints. Review the firmware, see the second half of the review of the video, at the end of this article.

Huawei Y5 II: Features

In general, the device is a typical budget smartphone. Of the total mass of its highlights the presence of the front flash, the abundance of colors and a good screen for state employees. We were pleased with the software implementation of control gestures, one-hand operation, and other software pieces (see. Video review at the end). The rest is – an ordinary inexpensive device.

Pros and cons of Huawei Y5 II


  • good screen;
  • interesting proprietary firmware EmUI with many amenities in the management;
  • choice of colors body.


  • not a good battery;
  • old processor (3G version);
  • not enough memory,
  • camera functions do not work all.

To fit the smartphone

Huawei Y5 II is suitable for people who want a low-cost balanced unit with a decent appearance. Potential users of the smartphone – those who do not need gigabytes of memory, processor cores and megapixels camera. With all of the tasks he handles the same medium, as well as any other budget smartphone market.

If you need throughout the day from time to time to use the Internet, a little talk on the phone a couple of hours listening to music and make a couple of photos – Huawei Y5 II should come undemanding users.

The abundance of colors makes the smartphone suitable for both sexes.

Our review of Huawei Y5 II

Huawei Y5 II – Smartphone inexpensive, but it is quite typical. There is a good IPS screen. But the processor and the rest of the iron does not impress, however, compared to other Chinese surprise him nothing.

According to survey results we can say that this is the usual smartphone for normal (average) user, not chasing numbers in the description, but looking for an inexpensive relatively balanced unit. All smartphone at the lowest acceptable level: creaks in the measure, to the extent of lag. If you try. then in our market, you can find a more affordable device from less eminent Chinese brand.

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