Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

Huawei Honor 5A – one more affordable smartphone with a good filling. Interesting the presence of a frontal flash and a custom “smart” button. In a typical manner for Huawei, the device is sold under different names. For example, in the European market is represented by Y6 II Compact. There are purely Asian version – Honor Play 5. The only difference is Play 5 at the location of the noise-canceling microphone and led light bulbs flash.

At the time of creation of this review, the official cost of the smartphone is 143 USD. In this price segment for a long time is a serious competition between manufacturers from China. It remains to be seen what place will get the Honor of 5A in this fight for customer attention.

The device is quite decent for its price range filling.

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

Huawei Honor 5A: Appearance and connectors

The smartphone is clad in plastic body and classic shape. Found in black, white and Golden colors. Under the screen there are no touch buttons as the controls embedded in the interface of the OS.

Back cover is removable, and fun, thanks to the pattern of intersecting lines.

Under the hood hiding separate slots for SIM card and USB flash drive. There is a removable battery. Buttons to control power and volume on the right edge.

The left side took the “smart” button on the Easy Key. Its purpose and possibilities will be discussed later.

On the bottom grid are the main speaker with a microphone, and a MicroUSB connector.

Place on the top edge is a headset connector 3.5 mm additional microphone.

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

Huawei Honor 5A: Processor

The “heart” of the hardware is MediaTek MT6735C. Its 4 cores Cortex-A53 can work with frequency up to 1.3 GHz. Does the graphics chip Mali-T720. A budget solution that does not interfere with the smartphone briskly “run” in the menu, and demonstrate good performance for standard everyday loads. In resource-intensive 3D games also can play. Just the quality of the graphics will lag behind the level of the more productive iron.

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

In the test Antuco device is picking up a little more than 33 thousand points. Under intense and prolonged stress overheating does not suffer.

Huawei Honor 5A: Memory

With the memory situation is to be expected: 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal. You can run multiple apps and switch freely between them without crashes. On the embedded drive is free for use remains 9.4 GB out of 16. If the heap of apps and couple of games, this is enough, in other cases, comes to the rescue flash drive. Is possible to install removable storage MicroSD, up to 128 GB.

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

Huawei Honor 5A: Battery

This model uses a battery capacity of 2200 mAh. It provides autonomy for a full working day at moderate loads. If not to release the device from his hands and loading it at full (games, video, WiFi, camera), batteries will last for half a day. Extend the working time by using built-in profiles energy saving.

Huawei Honor 5A: Camera

The main module allows for a capture resolution up to a maximum of 13 MP. Equipped with auto focus and dual flash. The application interface is comfortable and functional, contains the ISO setting, sharpness, saturation, contrast, white balance. The exposure can be changed in real-time.

Daily shooting will appreciate the fast and accurate work, focus, and also photos with good detail. With panoramic shooting apparatus to cope well: the frames are glued together well and the finished images is high enough. Particularly well the device is given to macro photography because the camera can easily focus on objects at close range. At the same time, nicely blurs the background.

Huawei Honor 5A Review: just a good budget smartphone

To nitpick, too, have something. For example, the fall-off of sharpness at the edges of the frame. Or to the emergence of peresvechennyj areas on a photo in bright sunlight. From night shots of miracles should not be expected: loss of detail, noise is the standard scenario for the device of such level.

Videos why something is written the max in HD (1280 x 720) resolution at 30 fps. the Quality is more or less, but not enough detail. Front camera of 5 MP has a wide viewing angle, and is complemented by a single flash. You can count on a decent result in good light. Deficiency partially rescues flash.

Huawei Honor 5A: Display

The smartphone features a 5-inch matrix IPS with HD resolution (1280 x 720). The pixel density of 293 PPI. The picture is clear and sharp, colors are calm, not saturated. When tilted or viewed from an angle the image is not inverted, purple or yellow shades do not appear. Maximum brightness is quite modest, so in the sun, the image becomes faded.

But, thanks to the absence of the air gap reduces the amount of glare on the screen, and the picture is clearer. The display is covered by tempered glass, which is resistant to abrasions and scratches. The oleophobic coating on the glass is very weak, but it’s there. The sensor is responsive, works out 5 touches at the same time.

Huawei Honor 5A: Networking opportunities

The smartphone supports installation of two Micro-SIM card that works seamlessly in networks 2G/3G/4G. For wireless data transmission meet Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Functionality satellite navigation provides GPS and GLONASS. With the duties of the satellite system do it well, can even work indoors. Both “hot” and “cold” start time before leaving.

Huawei Honor 5A: Sound

Main speaker – the most that neither is a budget. Average volume level, and sounds kind of flat. But is not wheezing and does not rattle. With headphones the situation is reversed and the pronounced low frequencies, and acceptable volume. With the exception of audiophiles, everyone will be happy with the sound quality. Speaker is moderately loud, and the speaker is heard without any interference.

Huawei Honor 5A: software part

As a software framework uses the Android operating system 5.1. On top of it installed a proprietary shell EMUI 3.1 Lite. Thanks to her missing the menu button, many elements of UI differ from stock Android, and supports themes. System include software chips as support control of movements, extended saving profiles, set up a smart button.

Huawei Honor 5A: Features

Programmable button Easy key allows you to save time on running the three most important for user functions and applications. Each function is called individually: double, single or with a long press. If you invoke the camera from the lock screen, it immediately focuses and takes a picture. The whole process takes 2.2

The pros and cons Huawei Honor 5A


  • the presence of “smart” button;
  • the overall balance between the hardware and software part, work flawlessly.


  • the OS version is not the latest;
  • the low resolution of the recorded video.

To fit smartphone

“Dual-SIM, with normal cameras, fast Internet, not slow, not buggy, with a larger screen (but not shovel), and so inexpensively.” If this list is the main requirements to the machine – then you can safely look to the monitored gadget.

Our review Huawei Honor 5A

In the smartphone there are no really critical bugs. To say that he stands out compared to competitors in the same price segment is also impossible (A-brands don’t count). However, its buyer, he’ll find it. Huawei Honor 5A – stable working device with a reasonable combination of price and performance. Add “democracy” like the separate slots for cards, and removable battery, and here we have yet another candidate in the “popular” smartphones.

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