HP Spectre 13 v011nd Review: Super-slim laptop

HP Spectre 13 v011nd Review: Super-slim laptop

A laptop is next to a piece of technology in a sense a statement for many people. HP focuses clearly on people who agree with this and would like to purchase a stylish device with the new wafer-thin HP Spectre 13 v011nd. A striking laptop, if only because of the gold finish on the back.

About the beauty of the finish of this unit will undoubtedly divided opinions, but the very slim profile-aluminum Spectre makes it more than a striking device. From a technical point of view, you could call him sexy even. You can also fine him under the category feather weights. namely this laptop with 13.3 inch display weighs only 1060 grams.

HP Spectre is as you probably already did not expect cheap laptop. In this article, we also look again at the top model. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7-6500U processor and a nice big 512 GB SSD and stands for 1699 euros in our price. The choice of a Core i7 processor is remarkable, as you would with this slim case actually expect an efficient Core M. In addition to this variant, there is another version, which costs 300 euros less. There you get a Core i5 6200U and delivered a 256 GB SSD.

This model is more or less compete with the Apple MacBook, also a very thin and light laptop, albeit equipped with an Intel Core M processor. That is certainly economical, but also a lot less powerful. However, the MacBook with a weight of 920 grams is a bit lighter. HP Spectre is once again a little thinner: 1.3 vs. 1.38 cm for the MacBook. Another competitor for HP Spectre is somewhat older ASUS ZenBook UX305LA-FC022T, which is about 250 grams heavier, but with a price of 899 euros on average significantly cheaper. Unfortunately you do then but only 128 GB of SSD at your disposal and an older i7.

The design is more points different. This way the hinges of the screen using pistons, which ensures that it moves very smoothly. If you have HP Spectre in your hands holds therefore depends directly on the machine has few connections, only three. That’s still not as much as the Apple MacBook that has to do with a single USB-C connector. The connection to the corner offers 3.1 Gen1 USB (USB 3.0), and is also suitable for the connection of the AC adapter, which of course is also provided with a USB Type-C connector. The offer other two Thunderbolt connectors 3 and that means you can use it to pair with speed peripherals. To make it easy to make you, it is also possible to use these connections to recharge the laptop. As far not provided all USB devices from the new connector, HP provides a convenient verloopje to USB C note in the box. In the box you will also find a matching sleeve to transport the luxury asset.

HP Spectre 13 v011nd Review: Super-slim laptop

HP Spectre: Screen and keyboard

The screen measures 13.3 inches. HP has not opted for an extremely high resolution, but it has kept in Full HD. It’s an IPS panel with a good viewing angle, but it features a glossy finish, which can be annoying, depending on the lighting conditions. The screen performance is reasonable. Only a few colors are a bit off balance. This is especially visible in green and yellow. The brightness is 338 cd / m2 to mention pretty good and that means you also on a clear day still what you see on the screen, though you than in practice suffer from the glare layer. The glossy finish, you could give the impression that he is provided with touch, but HP does not touch sensitive technology used in the screen. Since there are hardly any really useful applications for touch in Windows, this is certainly not a real loss.

An important reason for a device like choosing this is that you are looking for a laptop to work with really. In contrast to a Surface Pro from Microsoft you need to make any concessions to the keyboard. HP has integrated a keyboard with lighting and provides sufficient comfort to work quietly. The touchpad is not overly spacious, but works nice with its smooth finish.

Some time ago, HP has teamed with Bang and Olufsen. Here the two companies focus on the audio quality of HP products. Cooperation between the two has produced include an additional app that lets you refine the sound tuning. If, however, HP Spectre speakers listen to than is good to hear that they do not have huge cabinets at their disposal: it all sounds very thin and tinny.

HP Spectre: Specifications

On the previous page we achieved all that HP has selected models from the Core i5 and i7 U series from Intel. These are the familiar dual-core models of the Skylake family. HP has 8 GB of memory installed in HP Spectre 13. The soldered memory works at DDR3-1866. The motherboard of HP Spectre also has space for an M.2 SSD. In this case, choose a module from the stable of Samsung. It is the MZVLV512, or a PM951 NVMe SSD connected to the system via the PCI Express bus.

In the system, you can also find an Intel Wireless AC 8260 WiFi module. This lets you connect to 867 Mbit / s with an 802.11ac network as well as compatibility with Bluetooth 4.2.

In practice, HP Spectre works fine. The processor is kept cool by a fan, which clearly audible does its job though. During our tests was that the fan quite quickly reacts. That in itself is not crazy, given the combination of a tight housing and a fairly powerful processor.

HP Spectre 13 v011nd Review: Super-slim laptop

HP Spectre: Conclusion

If you like, you must of course decide the HP Spectre. However, we look purely at the product HP has delivered a very beautiful piece of art, namely a laptop weighing just over a kilo, features a smooth Core i7 processor. That means that there are a number of areas need to be made some concessions. He certainly does not have the longest battery life, though the result is more than eight hours more than fine.

The choice of only C USB connectors is a little getting used. Fortunately, HP delivers with an adapter. The screen can also tempt us, even though the resolution is “only” Full HD. Incidentally, we do like to have seen a matte or at least less shiny finish. It therefore rather depends on the lighting conditions, whether it is pleasant to work with.

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