How to protect your laptop from damage and repair

How to protect your laptop from damage and repair

Laptop repair is usually more difficult to repair a personal computer and so the cost of even seemingly trifling work is often not small in fact. How to prolong the life of the laptop and protect it from costly repairs? Simple and intuitive recommendations will save you from many problems when unexpected failure it appears out of the blue.

The main causes of laptop damage

Fall from height

If something can happen, it will happen, the only question is when exactly, so a laptop left on the edge of a table or on an unstable necessarily fall, and as always is the case, it failed.

There is nothing complicated about to put it away from the edge and does not carry through all the rooms and activities where you need to and where not very much. Connecting wires notebook should not be underfoot or hanging across the room, and be available to them do not even accidentally catch.

Kids & Pets

How to protect your laptop from damage and repair

Small laptop keyboard buttons – a very desirable toy for our children and cats, and the wires on the floor are very fond of gnawing pets such as the Pekingese.

To avoid this problem easily if you keep all the wires on the table or off the availability of animals, and every time, leaving the room, close the lid.

The voltage drop

Power Supplies Laptop leaner his older brothers of personal computers, and engineers primarily to save on input filters as the most difficult and bulky components, and it is no secret that stress in our networks are very often walks in the most fantastic range of violating all possible standards and norms. If the voltage drop threatens to only using battery power, the frequent jumps above 270-300V in most cases you will be sent to the store for a new power supply, and if no signs of life and a laptop – is then the service center. Simple, cheap and reliable way to protect your laptop from power surges – to connect a laptop power supply through the RCD (hardware protection device) such as “Barrier”, they reduce almost to zero force majeure mains. The question price – 10 USD

Lightning on Lan (local area network)

Most apartment buildings connected via Internet Lan connection, the total cable length from it to Internet gateway is sometimes several hundred meters. In the case of a close lightning strike at such long sections appear pulse voltage jump, which leads to failure of network laptop card or even the entire motherboard, and if the first is treated by connecting a new USB-LAN adapter type, in the second case, repairs are often unprofitable, since the motherboard is worth more than the residual cost of the laptop.

The optimum solution, moreover, is very convenient because it eliminates the clutter – installation on the Wi-Fi-router Internet entrance (price from $ 20), or directly to the input of lightning protection Lan (price to $ 5). Also, it makes sense to install the lightning protection at the input of Wi-Fi-router, in this case almost any storm, except for the extremely rare case of a direct attack, not afraid of any laptop or router.


Everything that runs on electricity, always hot. The notebook inside billions of transistors which generate heat during operation and prevent freezing in winter our fingertips. But over time, the notebook cooling system clogged with dust (laptop with almost constant gain noise), the heat becomes very hot and lead to failure of the chipset or video card, the first and second repair is expensive, it is not always possible and not always for long.

To avoid this problem rather try to work in a dust-free room, keep a notebook only on hard surfaces or on your lap, rather than soft carpets and in bed, and watch out for the noise of the cooling system – even if at a small load is always on at full power, so It is urgently needed to make it clean, which is easy to do, even on their own.

Bump in the road and transport

How to protect your laptop from damage and repair

It’s simple – you need a good bag, the good – is not necessarily synonymous with the phrase “very expensive” enough so that it was strong, and the outer and inner walls have been softened polyurethane foam (foam rubber) to protect against accidental bumps.
The liquids on the keyboard

Not only the well-known Coca-Cola, but the rest of the liquid is deadly for a laptop, especially those that contain in their composition acid (drinks and juices), as in contact with the motherboard in a short time corrode the conductive paths, and there already will only replacing the motherboard, if it makes sense. If still like this happened, the first thing you need to turn the laptop upside down so that the fluid does not penetrate under the keyboard. Inverting back only when there is certainty that all the liquid has evaporated. In this case, we “lose” only the keyboard, rather than the entire notebook as a whole.

Crushed matrix

How to protect your laptop from damage and repair

Accidentally forgot cap from the handle on the laptop keyboard, in a hurry to quickly close the lid, quiet sound cracked plastic around the screen scattered characteristic web of broken LCD screen and nothing can be corrected only by replacing the matrix.

Failure of the other reasons

The laptop includes a dozen major components, and the problem or manufacturing defects in many of them leads to complete it inoperable.

In fairness it must be said that today’s laptops – quite reliable devices, for example, depending on the manufacturer and model, only 2-5% of the budget laptop for 3 years fail for internal reasons (but 15-30% for game models all manufacturers). Principles laptop choice indicated in more detail in the article Choosing Laptop.

Contrary to popular belief, wandering over the Internet, your laptop battery working continuously on the network, removing it is not necessary, no overcharging it receives as recharged periodically (the charge to fall to 95% – is included charging 100% – off completely charge), that the maximum prolongs its life.

Laptop Death by old age (8-10 years)

The most noble, comes to all, and it cannot be avoided in any way.

Compliance with the above simple guidelines will help you extend the life of the notebook and save your nerves in the service center

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