How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 – Complete guide

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

The article describes the principles of choice available modern computer, priorities – high reliability and low price. You will realize that “more” does not mean “better” and “very expensive” does not mean “very reliable”, and references to the visual test results and information on the statistics of failures of computer accessories will help you choose the best computer on price, performance and reliability.

At the end of the article shows the typical configuration of the budget, and universal gaming computer, which expectedly very reliable, quiet as possible and still have a reasonable price

Choose Computer manufacturer.

Computer assembly on order. In this case, the main thing – never in a hurry, so you do not have to regret, it is better to wait a few days than to get something “from the fact that it was.” The assembly is advisable to order in the shop, which has a good reputation. If the collector asks the first question is on how much you want and not what you expect from your computer, then this should be alerted – probably, you just want to squeeze to the maximum, because if you buy a computer for the girl in class 2, then it need not last very expensive graphics card model and 16 GB of RAM on top, enough affordable universal solutions based on AMD’s, for example.

Ask the collector to tell you why he chose those or other settings on your computer, and if he can not do this clearly (so that you believed in it), it’s likely that he’s not quite in the right place and it is better to choose another store because assemble a computer to be able to pile half the students, but to make an informed choice of components and assembly quality can only one person who really understands this. Even the most reticent, but always a good specialist wll be able to logically explain their choices.

Self assembly. It is not recommended to do this if you are not confident in their knowledge and basic skills, as a person who does not have even a minimum of experience, a very large room for error – from the wrong or not entirely accurate to select a combination of components and ending with accidents such as “screwdriver fell on the motherboard and repelled a couple of details.” Mistakes can easily wipe out the savings of 5-10% cost of the computer, in addition to return wrongly ordered or defective goods to the seller after opening the package could be problematic.

Pros – the lowest price, the choice of design and specifications of your computer to fit your needs and taste.

Cons – the build quality can be higher factory and below, depending on the qualifications of the collector and used parts.

Factory assembly (or the world famous domestic brand). In this case, it would seem, everything is much easier, and selecting a computer problem reduces to the question of cost, as in this embodiment, the performance is almost a linear function of price – the higher it is, the more powerful computer. To further simplify the task, often stores give some models of labels such as “Best gaming computer,” “computer for work or school,” “The best computer for the home”, “Best multimedia computer”, etc. And to the potential buyer does not have to think, can add a label such as “Hit winter 2016/2017 year” – ie, select and buy! Naturally, for such marketing pieces are not worth paying attention to, and preferably before going to the store a little bit to figure the device of the computer.

Pros – easy choice, build quality, very often – quiet operation and good reliability.

Вetermine the objectives and financial capabilities

As we all know, happiness is not in money but in their numbers so that computers are divided into 4 groups:

  • Up to $300– Entry level (low cost computer). Computers in this group are designed for simple tasks – word processing, internet, watching videos and simple game, but it’s worth noting that usually even the weakest of them allow you to play the latest games on the minimum quality settings, though the full game is called it will be far always. Usually used in office work, but in recent years have increasingly preferred more convenient low-budget notebook.
  • $300-700 The average level (universal gaming and computers). The most mass segment, as the computing power of processors and video card capabilities of computers of this group is enough not only for simple tasks, but also for the more powerful resource-intensive programs, they allow in most cases to run modern games at medium and sometimes the maximum quality settings. The optimal choice for most home users.
  • Above $700 – The highest level (powerful gaming computers). Personal computers of this group have the best performance, they are tough for any current problems and the heaviest latest games at maximum quality settings, but the price paid for it – the high cost and very often – increased noise of the cooling system. It makes sense to buy only if the games at maximum quality settings occupy a very important place in my life.
  • Specialized computers. This group includes personal computers for the engineers, video editing and enthusiasts that are individually matched to the specific task, although often all a brilliant idea of the customer is to ensure to install the computer the best of the commercially available processor and graphics card and RAM to take all free slots – “just in case that was not enough.”

Choose case and computer power supply

The power supply is very often comes with the body, so choosing one, we choose both at the same time, though no one stops to buy a power supply and computer case separately.

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Desktop (horizontal). Suitable for budget and partly for general purpose personal computers. They are compact and emit minimum noise or even completely silent, usually installed on the table, as a kind of stand under the monitor. With proper selection of body and components can be assembled compact computer is completely silent at a relatively low price – ideal for office or home media center PC (HTPC). But silence and compactness have a downside – poor cooling, so powerful processors and graphics cards installed in such housing can not be. This type of PC cases usually do not produce the best ultrabudgetary manufacturers, so the quality of the manufacture of shells and the power supply is at least average.

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Tower (vertical). Classic, the most common type of case, which is great for all types of personal computers. Quality is very diverse, ranging from frankly slipshod models and to the elite. The number of producers is too wide to call everyone.

Cases at a price of 20-40 USD with existing power supplies – usually a frankly poor quality products from the metal case, connectors, buttons and ending very cheap power supplies in them. The term stable life a couple of years, many more instances are simply beginning to crumble (sink USB and audio connectors on the front panel, clearly operates the power button, seizes the DVD drive cover, hard noise / vibrating cooler, etc.), by the same power supply units very often do not correspond to reality (eg, 330-350 watts instead of 450 watts indicated on the label), it is not recommended to collect the computers in such cases.

Classically it is considered that the best case and computer power supplies produce Chieftec, Cooler Master, FSP, Thermaltake and Zalman – it is really high quality, reliable, and designed model, although much more expensive. Naturally, they also sometimes get into repair for internal reasons, but it is many times less than the cost of the device.

Cons – the inability to change the initial configuration, the modest performance of compact computers and high price. From personal experience was more openly incorrectly collected a decent computer manufacturer (overheating in compact system units).

Most buyers choose the first or second option.

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Power and features of the power supply. Do not chase the expensive redundant power supplies, experience, and online calculators (eg, from CoolerMaster or MSI) confirmed that only the most powerful computers at a price above 700 USD require power supply unit is more than 500 watts, enough for most of 400-500 watts and this is a notable margin, as modern processors and video cards simultaneously with the increase in computing power consumption reduces active. If the voltage is unstable, and the front of the computer is no UPS or stabilizer, it is strongly recommended that the power supply has been active PFC-module, since it allows you to confidently operate at a reduced voltage and unstable.

 The noise of the system unit. It is important to pay attention to the noise of the power supply unit – equipped with an exhaust cooler 120-140 mm, set at the bottom of the power supply unit (pictured above), usually less noise than the cooler 80 mm on the rear of the power supply (see photo below). Even less noisy power supplies, which have intelligent control of fan speeds (usually on the body there is a word or Silent Noise Killer). But still collect a powerful computer, which is a reasonable price would be very quiet or even silent, almost impossible, as additional noise creates exhaust fan on the body, as well as the processor and graphics card. It is very important – it is not necessary to sacrifice for the sake of quiet cooling, as it is a direct path to an early computer glitch and early retirement.

Temperature. It is critical that the temperature inside the system was in the normal range, this depends on the life of your computer life. If computer performance is low (eg, dual-core processor with integrated graphics), the cooling system as a whole rather cooler in the power supply, more powerful computers must be installed as high as possible exhaust cooler on the back or top of the housing to further remove the heated air. At heavy load the upper part of the computer case should be cool, if it heats up significantly, then the cooling system is not doing its job and the good it will not end.

Choose Computer CPU – Intel or AMD?

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

The Internet is an endless “war” between fans and foes Intel and AMD, as because the first and second producers have both strengths and weaknesses.

Among the processor to 40 USD for the most inexpensive cost of computers and compact media center present AMD only, even though their performance is sufficient for office applications and the Internet (for example, AMD A4-5300 and AMD A4-6300). It is worth adding that Intel processors with motherboards hybrids generally have slightly more modest performance, but allow you to collect absolutely silent, compact, reliable and very cheap computers.

For the price of $40-120 you can choose a good processor as Intel, so and AMD, as the first and usually cooler and quieter, while the latter have a faster integrated graphics, but to call it a full game is still impossible. Especially good combination of performance and price have Intel Celeron G1820 and G1840 (quick cheap office computers); AMD Athlon X4 840, 845 and 860K (gaming computers of the budget and mid-level discrete graphics card); Intel Pentium G4500 and AMD A8-7600 (mainframe computers, with good initial gaming features built-in graphics card).
AMD holds strong positions in the range of $120-250 ( “Hot” 6-8-core processors series FX-xxxx), but similar in performance Intel processors while more expensive and a half times, but the cooler and have a much higher speed of each core so that computers based on them are usually quieter and work significantly “more alive” (eg, Intel Core i5-4590, or DDR3 for Intel Core i5-6500 for DDR4).

Test results show that a higher price segment $250 Intel’s processors are no competitors for performance – here they are the best, so when building a powerful gaming computer is definitely choose the Intel processor (eg, Intel Core i7-4790K for DDR3 and Intel Core i7-6700K for DDR4). Prices for high-end models simply sky-high, so do not forget that to get maximum performance in games is more important than the video card, respectively, it is better to save the processor to the graphics card.

In an article about choosing a processor can determine the specific model or a more detailed understanding of how to choose the best processor for the computer in terms of price and performance, including hybrids with motherboards.

Choose Computer motherboard

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

There are several manufacturers of motherboards (AsRock, Asus, Biostar, Intel, Elitegroup, Foxconn, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.), But the largest and most influential of them – the Asus and the Gigabyte, so it’s best to choose a motherboard of these brands, especially that the prices of different manufacturers on the same level models differ insignificantly. We can not say that motherboards from other manufacturers “die packs”, and Asus and Gigabyte have only 100% reliable and will never fall into the repair – unsuccessful model across all (especially expensive “heaped” model), but in general, these two producers better monitor the quality of their motherboard BIOS updates are released regularly to support new hardware or correct the identified deficiencies, so the problems with them several times smaller than with other manufacturers. Especially different reliability Asus motherboards that last years release rarely get repaired.

When the computer is assembled it is worth remembering that the motherboard – it basis, and how it is more complex and “fancy”, the lower its reliability. Here’s how in a situation with laptops – low-end models (! Not to be confused with cheap) work for a long time and without problems, and top often stand in line for repair service center, so it is not necessary to choose a motherboard for connectors heap memory, drives , video card, various types of screen is unnecessary chips, LEDs in all possible areas and multi-channel audio outputs, which in 99% of cases, no one ever uses. As is known, the simpler the design – so it is more reliable.
What is important:

  • power processor socket must comply with the processor or higher;
  • desirable chipset heatsink high (profile higher than 1 cm), and for processors with TDP above 80W – and the CPU power supply system;
  • the presence of at least two connectors USB 3.0 / 3.1, and preferably a USB Type-C;
  • the presence of SATA 3.0 in the case of now or in the future planning of fast SSD-drive;
  • all or most of the capacitors on the motherboard must be solid (solid capasitor).

In the photo: a more reliable solid-state condenser (left) and the older less reliable electrolytic capacitor (on the right).

The other parameters are of little value – enough memory slots 2, Sound 2-channel codec is also sufficient number of SATA 2.0 ports do not matter, since they are usually put at least 4.

The motherboard is better to choose with video outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI) whether to use the built-in processor and a discrete graphics card, as in case of the last down (about 20% of all faults), operation of computers can not be broken, though significantly reduced performance in games.

Before installing the operating system or ask a collector yourself, update the BIOS to the latest version, as very often its version is strongly outdated and can not support the full functionality of the processor or have already corrected the error.

Choose Computer graphics card

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Video – the first component of relevance to computer gaming, as it lies on it’s main load.

Office computers and home media centers enough of any modern video card, as even the weakest integrated solutions have satisfactory performance for non-gaming tasks.
Built-in hybrid video processors. Currently, there is no sense at all to buy a low-cost graphics card at a price of 60 USD, since it is already almost free of charge as a part of many of today’s hybrid processors (APU) as low as 70 USD Until mid-2015, a recognized leader in this area was AMD’s, low-cost mainframe computers based on their quad hybrid processors have good performance of both the processor and integrated graphics, and a relatively low energy consumption and noise level. But at the moment (winter 2016/2017 year) more Intel processors in the same price level are closely integrated graphics performance, but based on them can be collected computers that are cooler, quieter, and even in some of the tasks faster. As part of the built-in graphics card is used the computer’s memory, they are, by definition, can not be very fast, so be sure to need a powerful discrete graphics for a good gaming computer.

The amount of memory and the GPU (graphics chip) card. When choosing a graphics card is worth remembering that the main thing – it is used by the GPU, as it had been directly computing work, and the importance of graphics memory is often greatly exaggerated, because it only stores data, but does not itself involved in their treatment. According to the tests, the amount of video memory 6-8 GB is required only some of the most modern games at maximum quality settings in resolving the UltraHD, for games released in the FullHD resolution of 4 GB is enough with a good margin, but for the average person-level graphics cards and below does not make sense to have more than 2 GB as chip power still be insufficient to handle a larger amount of data. For this reason, it is not necessary to pay special attention to a pretty figure on the cheap 4GB cards, since this is a BMW logo on the VAZ 2101 – like and looks good, but no good there.

Currently, most of GeForce cheaper than AMD, as the best combination of performance and value in its price range video cards on GPU Radeon R7 250, GeForce GTX750Ti, GeForce GTX1060, GeForce GTX1070 and GeForce GTX1080.

The cooling system and the reliability of graphics cards. Due to the low durability is not necessary to select a video card with passive cooling – after several years of operation, many of them fail, mainly because of the crudity of the system unit cooling system. If, however, you are very important silent work computer, it is necessary to choose a graphics card with active cooling and the largest possible size of the radiator and the cooler, because usually the more their size – even quieter working card. Also not recommended to select for overclocking graphics card (in the model there OverClock, OC, O), which, although they are more productive than working in standard mode, but work on highly inflated frequencies in extreme and poluekstremalnyh modes, so much more often fail .

The best video cards in terms of reliability is deservedly considered the Asus, which has an elaborate structure, good element base and very reliable cooler. If you want a turnkey solution, which choose the model of video card in its capabilities, it can be obtained at the end of the article Choosing the graphics card.

Choose RAM

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

According to current statistics of failures of memory and personal observations, the most reliable Kingston memory modules, also rarely a problem with Crucial, Samsung, Transcend and Hynix. It is an important parameter that affects the reliability and durability – the memory frequency. Memory modules, running on conventional frequencies (DDR3 – from 1333 to 1866 MHz, DDR4 – from 2133 to 2666 MHz), it is much safer than the overclocked overclocking expensive models with sky-high rates. As the tests show that the memory frequency growth slightly accelerates the entire system, then install the RAM operating at increased frequencies, it makes sense only in the case of the assembly of a powerful high-performance computer, otherwise we get only a very small increase in productivity and reduced reliability of the collected computer.

DDR3 and DDR4? Do not rush to write off DDR3 retire and collect your computer for the new standard DDR4 memory, as the system gains speed as a whole will not grow. As shown by tests, RAM DDR4 2133 MHz practically has no advantage over DDR3 1600 MHz, although later, with the development of technology, everything will fall into place. In addition, currently (winter 2016/2017 year) computers DDR4 is still a bit more expensive than similar in speed of DDR3 on, and, quite possibly, not without some “childhood diseases”. Only approximately spring 2017 it will be possible to fully assess the main advantages of computers DDR4 – speed, reliability, efficiency and price.

The required amount of RAM. It is not necessary to install 32 GB, since the benefits of this will be virtually no much wiser on the saved money set as a system separate SSD-drive, which really adds to the speed of any computer. Since the operating system Windows 7/8/10 with all the running services and antivirus software requires about 1 GB, office computers enough 2-4 GB a versatile 4-8 GB 8-16 GB game and the last is even with the stock only because the demands of some of the latest games – 16 GB, although tests show that in real terms the difference between 4 GB and 16 GB is virtually absent. With the future in mind to install more memory is meaningless, because as soon as the computer is morally obsolete, than there is a game or a popular program, which is critically needed will be the 16 GB.

It is worth mentioning that the 32-bit Windows is not able to work with more than 3.5 GB, so the more RAM you need 64-bit Windows.

Dual-channel mode. It is advisable to use two identical memory modules smaller volume, more than one, as in this case turns on faster dual-channel memory access mode. This is especially important for computers with built-in graphics core processor (APU), as it greatly affects the performance of integrated graphics in games.

More details can be found in the article Choosing RAM for computer and laptop.

Choose computer hard drive

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Reliability. The main parameters of various models of hard drives can be found in the specifications, in the mass segment, they are very close, but the highlight of the best and most reliable producers of their patterns is not easy, yet it is the reliability of information storage – one of the main characteristics of the hard disk. Some confusion has been further that most major manufacturers have joined production (WD with Hitachi-HGST, Seagate with Samsung), therefore, not correct to judge the reliability of modern drives based on the actual reliability of the models issued 3-7 years ago, as they They can be made at all other plants.

On personal observations, with a good hand proved to be the WD, the vast majority of them are sold, and the number of returns using the unit guarantees; Seagate produces reliable models, although a few years ago was a very bad series, from which almost half is out of order due to a bug in the firmware; Hitachi-HGST release 2009-2011 year often begins to “crumble” immediately after the end of the warranty period, even though some studies and reviews of online consumers believe many of their most reliable hard disk drives; by Toshiba is no more or less to form an opinion.

It should be noted that since 2014 the number of failure of hard drives from all manufacturers dropped sharply several times and now stands at less than 1% in the first six months of work.

Memory Size. Since currently the archives of home photos and videos of most users occupy relatively little space (typically 50-150 GB), a stable Internet from 10 Mbit / s has almost become a standard, and a huge number of sites provide content online in high quality, it installed in computer hard drives of more than 1000 GB does not make sense. If the planned storage of large data volumes, it is desirable to select hard disks as possible deep notches on the bottom side, as this improves the cooling and usually indicates the use of higher capacity of sheets – such drives have simpler design, less heated and expectedly more reliable. Number plates can be found in the characteristics of some online retailers, but these data often go wrong, as not all manufacturers publish this information. In any case it is recommended to buy CDs with the size of a plate of 1000 GB as the expected most reliable.

Speed. Most manufacturers have 3 directions which conditionally different spindle speed:

  • 5400-5900 rpm (Eco, Green, Purple, Archive) – hard disk drives for data storage, but their performance is usually quite a bit inferior to a high-speed drives. They are usually cheaper, cooler, emit very little noise or even silent.
  • 7200 rpm (Mainstream, Blue) – hard drives for mass application, so their features and price are balanced, but often there are models that emit a noticeable sounds at work and, most worryingly, transmit dovolno-taki strong low-frequency vibration in the body (the computer ” buzzing “, in this case, special attachment must be used, which is not always convenient).
  • 7200 rpm (Performance, Black) – fast, but expensive hard disks.

What to choose – SSD or HDD? The speed of the solid-state drive (SSD) is several times higher than the classic drives (HDD), with them even slow computers felt very fast in most non-gaming tasks. But the ratio of volume / price for SSD 3-10 times lower than that of the HDD, moreover, for some reason, modern mass models are not very suitable for long-term storage, so it is advisable to use a couple of “small SSD-drive for the operating system + quiet HDD -disc 5400-5900 rpm storage “where for a reasonable price, we get the maximum performance, reliability and an almost complete silence in the work.

Choose optical drive

How to Choose Computer in 2016/2017 - Complete guide

Due to the development of high-speed channels of communication optical drive often do not need or rarely used as games, movies, drivers and other data is very easy to download from the Internet, where they are much easier to keep up to date. If the optical disk has a collection of entries catering, home videos and other valuable data, then it makes sense to install the optical drive, but it is strongly recommended that you copy the entire collection to an internal or external hard disk drive as digital recordings on the “blanks” They are not reliable and eventually lost. Blu-Ray drive, it makes sense to install only if you plan to use licensed discs, although online media resources abound – both paid and free, so in most cases drive DVD-RW “just in case” enough.

Regarding the reliability is difficult to identify a particular manufacturer – probability of failure drives well-known manufacturers (LG, Samsung, Asus) is approximately the same, but from the little-known often after 1-2 years of operation sets the laser beam, and it starts all over insecure read discs, especially with small scratches.

Typical configuration of personal computer (updated 12/04/2016)

All configurations are focused on maximum reliability, durability and quiet, you can replace some other components, but it is advisable to select the same manufacturer with the same or similar characteristics. There are options for both of DDR3, DDR4 and on, even though the computers at the last now almost do not give any advantage in speed, but loses a little in price and expected reliability. Most assemblies used power supply units Zalman GLX series, the hallmark of which is a stable operation at reduced and unstable voltage (100 V to 260 V), built-in protection against over-voltage and very low noise. In all assemblies there is no optical drive, although it is very easy to set up, if necessary.

If you have decided on their own to collect a new computer and you have a minimum technical knowledge of how to do it, it will succeed. The main rule – for self-assembly Never use brute force, and if the case of normal quality components, all going well, like a puzzle. Two places where you need to extremely careful – the processor socket and the power connector on the motherboard.

Optimal configuration of a low-cost budget noiseless computer winter 2016/2017 year

NamePrice, USD
Housing Chieftec the IX -01 Bed and 90 watts (or equivalent silent mini-ITX chassis from another manufacturer with an external power supply 60-120 W)65
Hard disk SSD Kingston V300 120GB (SV300S37A / 120G )50
Motherboard with built-in 4-core processor, the ASUS of N 3150 I of – the C85
Memory Kingston’s ValueRAM of DDR3 4Gb 1600GHz (KVR16N11S8 / 4)thirty
in total230

For a relatively modest money you can collect a small (22h20h6sm), completely silent and quite fast 4-core computer for use in the office or as a Media Center (HTPC). Since the system is used as a fast SSD drive with excellent performance, the operating system loading occurs in a matter of seconds, and office programs and Internet simply “fly”. Such a computer can easily pull all casual games such as Zuma and some heavier, but the last – on the minimum quality settings. It should be borne in mind that in some cases much more profitable to buy is not a budget computer and the monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse to it, and an inexpensive budget laptop.

The optimal configuration of the winter 2016/2017, the mainframe computer

NamePrice, USD
Housing the Zalman A 1 + power supply the Zalman the ZM 500- the GLX (or the housing of another manufacturer with exhaust cooler + 400 W power supply unit and up)80
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 1000GB WD10EZRZ 3.5 SATA III60
For DDR3
Processor AMD A8-7600 BOX FM2 +85
The motherboard the Asus A 88 the XM – PLUS is80
RAM (2 identical modules) Kingston’s ValueRAM of DDR3 4Gb 1600GHz (KVR16N11S8 / 4)60
For DDR4
Processor Intel Pentium G4500 s1151 BOX75
The motherboard the Asus of H 110 the M – PLUS is70
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2133GHz 2h4Gb (HX421C14FBK2 / 8)70
Total for DDR3365
Total for DDR4355

Powerful in its price, but also pretty quiet, compact and inexpensive computer; cheap fast processors, 8 GB of RAM and a good built-in video allows to feel comfortable in almost all modern programs and most of the games on the minimum and some at medium quality settings. If the performance of the built-in graphics processor seems not very easily converted into a full-fledged gaming PC by adding a more powerful graphics card to the average level inclusive. In most versions of the problem on an Intel processor feels faster than AMD’s, but weaker when fully loaded and has a lower performance integrated graphics.

Optimal configuration of a low-cost budget gaming computer winter 2016/2017 year

NamePrice, USD
Housing the Zalman A 1 + power supply the Zalman the ZM 500- the GLX (or the housing of another manufacturer with exhaust cooler + 450 W power supply unit and up)80
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 1000GB WD10EZRZ 3.5 SATA III60
Video Asus GTX750TI-PH-2GD5130
For DDR3
Processor AMD Athlon X4 860K FM2 + BOX85
The motherboard the Asus A 88 the XM – PLUS is80
RAM (2 identical modules) Kingston’s ValueRAM of DDR3 4Gb 1600GHz (KVR16N11S8 / 4)60
For DDR4
Processor Intel Pentium G4500 s1151 BOX75
The motherboard the Asus of H 110 the M – PLUS is70
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2133GHz 2h4Gb (HX421C14FBK2 / 8)70
Total for DDR3495
Total for DDR4485

Good inexpensive gaming PC – a powerful, quiet and compact. Cheap fast processors, 8 GB of RAM and a powerful low-cost graphics card – the best gaming computer for those buyers who want to comfortably play modern games at the minimum, medium and maximum quality sometimes for little money options. In most versions of the problem on an Intel processor feels faster than AMD’s, but it is weaker than at full load.

The optimal configuration of the average gaming computer winter 2016/2017 year

NamePrice, USD
Housing the Zalman A 1 + power supply the Zalman the ZM 500- the GLX (or the housing of another manufacturer with exhaust cooler + 500 W power supply unit and up)80
SSD-drive system for the SSD Kingston’s SSDNow V300 240GB 2.5 “SATAIII the MLC (SV300S37A / 240G)90
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 1000GB WD10EZRZ 3.5 SATA III60
Video Asus DUAL-GTX1060-3G250
For DDR3
Processor AMD Athlon X4 860K FM2 + BOX80
The motherboard the Asus A 88 the XM – PLUS is80
RAM (2 identical modules) Kingston’s ValueRAM of DDR3 4Gb 1600GHz (KVR16N11S8 / 4)60
For DDR4
Processor Intel Core i3-6100 BOX130
The motherboard the Asus of H 110 the M – PLUS is70
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2133GHz 2h4Gb (HX421C14FBK2 / 8)70
Total for DDR3700
Total for DDR4750

The gaming computer with inexpensive processors, a very powerful graphics card in its price and fast SSD for the system, which will together allow to enjoy a comfortable and quick work of most modern games at maximum quality settings. Option to DDR4 looks better as a little faster.

Optimal configuration of a powerful gaming computer winter 2016/2017 year

NamePrice, USD
Housing the Zalman the Z 3 Plus is + power supply the Zalman the ZM 600- the GLX(or the housing of another manufacturer with exhaust cooler + 600 W power supply unit and up)110
SSD-drive system to Kingston’s SSDNow V300 240GB 2.5 “SATAIII the MLC (SV300S37A / 240G)90
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 2000GB WD20EZRZ 3.5 SATA III90
Video Asus DUAL-GTX1070-8G490
For DDR3
Processor Intel Core i5-4590 BOX220
The motherboard the Asus Bed and 85 the M – the G65
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866GHz 2x8Gb (HX318C10FK2 / 16)110
For DDR4
Processor Intel Core i5-6500 BOX230
The motherboard the Asus Bed and 150 the M – PLUS is90
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2666GHz 2x8Gb (HX426C15FBK2 / 16)120
Total For DDR31175
Total for DDR41220

Powerful gaming computer at the right price, which will cope with the most difficult of any program or game. Fast, responsive and powerful – like a computer to any user, regardless of whether he plans to open dozens or hundreds of bookmarks on the Internet, engage in video editing or play games on the highest quality settings.

The optimum configuration is very powerful gaming computer winter 2016/2017 year

NamePrice, USD
Case Zalman the Z 3 Plus is + power supply the Zalman the ZM 700- the GLX(or the housing of another manufacturer with exhaust cooler + 700 W power supply unit and up)120
SSD-drive system to Kingston’s SSDNow V300 240GB 2.5 “SATAIII the MLC (SV300S37A / 240G)90
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 2000GB WD20EZRZ 3.5 SATA III90
Video Asus STRIX-GTX1080-8G-GAMING800
For DDR3
Processor Intel Core i7-4790K BOX400
The motherboard the Asus the Z 97 the M – PLUS is100
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866GHz 2x8Gb (HX318C10FK2 / 16)110
For DDR4
Processor Intel Core i7-6700K BOX400
The motherboard the Asus the Z 170- A150
RAM kit Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2666GHz 2x8Gb (HX426C15FBK2 / 16)120
Total for DDR31710
Total for DDR41770

Expensive, but very powerful gaming computer c latest generation graphics card, all areas which are selected to the maximum, but without excessive fanaticism. Any most demanding game or program he will be “in the teeth”, a very fast-loading due to use as a system of solid-state SSD disk, high responsiveness and power – is the best choice of gaming PC for gamers who want to get the maximum for a reasonable price and not worry about that the computer will become obsolete in six months. There are good opportunities for acceleration, but it is not recommended to do so, since the crackdown – is always a risk.

As you can see, pick your own components, even with such a huge range it is not difficult for the computer, if you follow the simple tips listed above. If you have decided on their own to build a computer, rather than to entrust this matter collector to the store, do not use excess force during assembly and be sure to update the BIOS to the latest version.

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