How to choose low-cost budget laptop 2016/2017

How to choose low-cost budget laptop 2016/2017

When choosing a laptop buyers who are not well versed in the technical specifications, usually use a simple universal rule of life “cheap thing cannot be good” and therefore to the low-budget laptops are a strong distrust. Although this rule is often wrong, nevertheless it actively support managers in the stores because they accrued premium from sales directly dependent on the cost of the laptop. In fact, among the modern low-cost laptops, you can choose many worthy models, but for the reasons stated above, the buyers often make out a loan or simply overpaid for what they do not need.

In this article we understand how to choose a good and at the same time very affordable budget laptop, and in the end of the article – the recommended model mid-2016.

Laptop to 400 USD – Inexpensive reliable assistant

So, you have a small amount of money to buy a laptop, but really want to have a modern attractive look, worked quickly and was reliable as a Swiss watch? All this is quite real, but “Swiss watch” will not work for any money, because the modern world is bogged down in the quagmire of the so-called “planned obsolescence”, which does not allow for a truly robust laptop, even very expensive. It is necessary to immediately accept the fact that not just any budget laptop, but also the most expensive laptop from any manufacturer will last 5-7 years, maybe a little more, if you do not die prematurely of violent death from a fall or spilled juice on the keyboard.

Why is that? Because all manufacturers beneficial to you as often as possible to buy their laptops. They produce them – you buy them, more purchases – higher profits, it’s just business. But isolated laptop a few years of life can be lived in different ways.

Budget laptop – choose manufacturer

Currently, a very good choice of budget laptops, but the highest sales at Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Lenovo and Toshiba, so the first thing you should pay attention on them, as the build quality and materials of these low-cost laptop manufacturers is enough- still good for its price. We would like to highlight the Asus, which cost laptops characterized by excellent design, high quality, reliability, durability and adequate price.

Oddly enough, but the statistics and practice show that budget laptops is much less likely to get in for repair, the more expensive and solid models. The reason for this confusion – the temperature, as in inexpensive laptops are always installed is not the most powerful processor and no discrete (separate) video card, they are always cooler than generic and game models, so even completely clogged with dust cooling system does not lead to a fatal overheating laptop. It recommended later to read about how to protect the laptop from damage and repair and how to choose the most reliable laptop.

Budget laptop – choose specifications

Is it possible to save on the processor? Do I have the presence of high-capacity hard disk? How much RAM you need? Do I have the presence of a discrete graphics card for gaming? Try to understand what we really need, but from what we can and refuse.

Screen. Technology does not stand still, and most manufacturers are set to their cheap cost laptops HD LED-screen on the TFT-matrix is ​​quite satisfactory, although inexpensive or sometimes even frankly cheap matrix still significantly inferior to some of the characteristics of a solid model. For example, can be very poor viewing angles or low maximum brightness, so before buying the online store, it is desirable to find a selected model in any supermarket electronics, or at least a detailed overview of the Internet to make sure that the quality is the cheapest laptops the image is at least satisfactory. If the specified characteristics, it is highly recommended that the viewing angles are not less than the 170/160 and the maximum brightness is not less than 200 cd. / M. It is also desirable that the screen surface is matte, rather than shiny.

CPU. It is important to make the right choice, because it is on the CPU performance largely depends on the laptop and upgrade it in the future will be very difficult.

How to choose low-cost budget laptop 2016/2017

Cheap AMD processors series E1 (2100, 2500, 6010, 6015, 7010) have a very low speed, which will be enough only for office work, Internet and the most simple games; Series E2 (3800, 6110) allows faster and more or less comfortable to work with most programs, as well as some modern games run on the most minimum quality settings, even on low-cost budget notebooks, but increasingly will be felt a lack of performance in the future.

AMD A4 processor series quite a bit faster than the E2 series, but the speed of processors and embedded graphics capabilities in AMD processors, the A6 and A8 not only allow you to work comfortably in almost all popular programs, but also to play most modern games at the minimum quality settings.

How to choose low-cost budget laptop 2016/2017

Intel is much more energy efficient than AMD’s, so the cooler and more economical than comparable competitor in speed processors. Performance Celeron N2805-N2840 processors is very low (at the level of AMD series E1), CPU Pentium N2910-N2930 and N3510-N3540 can also boast high-speed characteristics (they are on the AMD the E2 series level), and even the presence of the Pentium 4 cores operating frequency above 2 GHz not save the situation – this is the price paid for a low price and efficiency. Newer dual-core and quad-core Celeron N3050 Pentium N3150, N3700 contains a more advanced video card (an AMD-level series E2), although its performance is not enough to run most modern games even at the minimum quality settings. The slowness of these processors in normal operation is not too noticeable, but based on the prospect of still better to buy a laptop with a high-spirited processor.

A little bit faster than the Celeron and Pentium with a TDP of 10W, for example, 2957U, 3205U, 3558U, 3215U, 3805U, but still the best combination of performance, economy, initial game features and the prices at Intel i3 processors of the last generation (14 nm), for example , i3-5005U and i3-5010U.

Since Intel processor energy efficiency significantly higher than those for AMD’s high-speed performance, and the performance of integrated graphics in a variety of new models is on the intimate level, it is highly recommended to choose a low cost laptops to Intel i3 processors (14 nm) (or significantly weaker Intel N3150 / N3700 when the hard money limit), as based on their device can operate cooler and longer battery life, and the expected quieter and more reliable.
RAM. Normally installed and garbage cluttering Windows 7/8/10 with all the necessary services and antivirus software takes in the memory a little more than 1 GB, so for budget laptops with weak dual-core processors (AMD series E1, Intel N28xx series and Intel N3050) will be enough 2 GB of RAM to work comfortably in the office programs, the internet and play games unpretentious. For laptops at faster processor is recommended 4 GB of RAM, but the presence of a larger amount of memory in low-cost laptops almost does not make sense, as for normal work with heavy programs and play games at high quality settings will not be enough processing power and / or video card, instead of memory size.

HDD. If we take into account the speed of today’s networks, where information is often easier to download from the Internet than to keep at home, then the minimum amount of hard disk HDD (currently it is 500 Gb) is sufficient with plenty of storage for all your personal data. Moreover, the smaller the volume of the disc – the easier it is design, lower operating temperature and reliability expected above. With regard to the manufacturer, then from 2014 at the major manufacturers of hard drives (WD-Hitachi-HGST, Seagate-Samsung) there was a very positive trend of increasing the reliability and now the number of failures for all producers is only around 1% in the first six months of work.

Since at present the price of HDD 500 GB SSD is close to 120 GB price, some manufacturers have begun to install SSDs such scope and in its low-cost budget notebooks. It may seem that 120 GB – it is very small, but if you use your laptop primarily for Internet and office work, and 60 GB is sufficient, with any laptop on the SSD is much more responsive and more comfortable to use than on the HDD, especially when performing minor operations, such as opening a browser, start programs, and so on, and for storing large amounts of data easier and more reliable to use an external hard drive. If the notebook will not be used to store large amounts of data and allow you to warranty or guarantee is not important, it is recommended to immediately change the HDD to the SSD hard drive, for example, Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB. It is worth noting that the cheapest laptops with pre-installed SSD-drive has its volume is only 32 GB, which clearly is not enough and the problem of lack of free space will be constant.

Periphery. It is quite acceptable quality Wi-Fi adapter, card reader and BlueTooth have almost all budget laptops, camera and microphone is always too low-end, but to communicate over the Internet quality is enough and take a photo or shoot video laptop at least silly. Since the use of the optical disc is almost a thing of the history, the presence of DVD-RW drive is not necessary, moreover, that without the laptop price will be even lower.

Video. The budget laptops are no powerful discrete (separate) gaming graphics card, since its price as part of a gaming notebook are very high, but the technology is not standing still and is now built-in graphics card in many modern processors virtually free makes even a cheap budget laptop shareware game and allows you to play in most modern games at the minimum, and sometimes higher quality settings. Especially good combination of price, speed of the processor and the initial game features integrated graphics in Intel i3 latest generation (14 nm), but the video card in the Intel Pentium and Celeron processors are weaker and can afford to play only in the most simple and not the most modern games, especially Nxxxx series. Built-in video card inexpensive processors from AMD are similar in speed for the same price from Intel, but the laptops based on these hot, shorter working on battery power and expected less reliable, so not recommended for purchase.

If you still want to play occasionally, and financial capabilities are very limited, it is recommended to choose notebooks with Intel i3 processors of the last generation (14 nm) without a discrete graphics card (for example, i3-5005U and i3-5010U) – they have a close game, and significantly higher computing power than the same at the price of laptops with weak processors and discrete graphics cards of the entry-level (GeForce 710M / 820M / 920M). It is worth mentioning that there are no miracles and all budget laptops are not able to fully play heavy games at high quality settings, for this purpose designed gaming computer (strongly recommended), or gaming notebooks.

Best budget laptops in 2016

  • Laptop manufacturer Asus;
  • Strong housing, preferably not too dark in color and texture (to be less noticeable fingerprints);
  • The bright screen (200 cd / m and above.) With good viewing angles (170/160 or higher), on the mat as possible;
  • Intel i3 processor is the latest generation (14 nm) or any other i3 / Pentium / Celeron, except for the relatively slow series Nxxxx, which are only allowed under strict limit of money;
  • The amount of RAM 4 GB (2 GB is allowed);
  • Hard: HDD drive – 500 GB, SSD – 120 GB;
  • DVD-RW – not necessarily;
  • Lan, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and HDMI included.

Inexpensive laptops with such characteristics is not much, it will be necessary simply select the one you like in appearance. Performance selected budget notebook will be guaranteed enough for the next 5 years for work, study and many modern games at the lowest quality setting, and the probability of failure is minimal for internal reasons.

Examples of good affordable budget laptops

It is important – as the notebook manufacturers are constantly updating the software to correct errors or improve productivity, and between the laptop manufacturing date and the time of its purchase always takes some time, it is strongly recommended before installing the operating system update the BIOS to the latest version and install only with the official driver site. If you plan to install Windows 7, the new notebook models in the BIOS need to change some or all of the parameters: Launch CSM to Enabled, Secure Boot Control to Disabled, XHCI Pre-Boot Mode to Disabled and OS Selection in Windows 7. Most of the drivers for Windows 7 come with drivers for Windows 8/10.

  • CompactAsus E202SA – quiet, easy, very comfortable, although a little slow netbook that will cope with most modern problems, in addition to all the “heavy” games.
  • BudgetAsus X540SA, Asus X553SA (recommended on Intel N3150 / N3700 processor, Windows 10 only), Asus X553MA (recommended on Intel N29xx / N35xx processors, Windows 7/10) – cheap laptops that though they have modest performance, but yet it is sufficient to work, study, and all simple games like “farm Frenzy”
  • Optimal – Asus K555LA, Asus X554LA, Asus X540LA (recommended on i3-5 *** U processors) – fast laptops at the right price, which can easily cope with the work on the Internet, office software and most modern games at the most minimum quality settings . For X554LA used drivers from X555LA, as it is actually a copy in black.
  • LargeAsus X751LAV (model processor i * -5 *** U) or much slower Asus X751SA – large, but affordable budget laptops, which are ideally suited to people of the older generation and to all lovers of big screens.
  • Gaming Asus K501LB – inexpensive gaming laptop budget, which capacity is enough for most modern games at the minimum and sometimes medium quality settings. To prevent overheating, it is strongly recommended to do periodic cleaning of dust (and can own).

Of course, that still will be different from the more expensive models (weak processor and graphics card, smaller connectors, lower viewing angles, lower-quality camera case made of inexpensive plastic, limited upgrade, etc.) at the low-cost laptop, but most cases, it’s just the little things that are not very noticeable on the background of the main benefits of budget laptops – is low cost, reliability, and availability.

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