How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

In this article we understand how to buy a used computer, laptop, printer, MFP, or tablet.

Why would someone sell computer equipment at a very attractive price? How to determine whether it is worth the money that asked for it? How can trust the ads such as “used laptops are cheap” and how to protect themselves from the slop? What to look for when buying art on the secondary market?

The main thing you need to know – it is not necessary to compare the market of used computer technology to other markets, because progress in this industry is much faster than the other, respectively, moral and physical obsolescence of equipment is also much faster. If the vehicle is a decent European model released 7 years ago, the majority of motorists say that it’s just over his youth, and he still trains on our roads for many years, but even the best used from a laptop of the same age may be almost slower inexpensive smartphone in your pocket.

The majority of home appliances in the passport contains the phrase “The life of 7 years”, but computing manufacturers usually do not lay such a large margin of safety, as it is believed that its rapid obsolescence, and production of new models with slightly better performance or design will cause the that you buy a new similar device much earlier – after only 2-4 years.

What should be the price for used devices – general rules

The longer life expectancy of the device, the slower drop its price, so modern LED-monitors, high-quality model which expectedly will live to 10 years or even higher, as well as laser printers and MFPs are impaired is not as fast as gaming computers and laptops, which are aging much faster and can be called “firewood” in 4-6 years, depending on the characteristics, but the most rapidly falling price of tablets and smartphones, which may already be in 2-4 years out of date. Due to the fact that the new version of today’s popular applications do not usually require higher processing power than older versions, the recent obsolescence of non-gaming computers and laptops is much slower than a few years ago. Naturally, the traces of the autopsy and the known information about the carried out repairs further reduce the price of any device.

Falling prices for used laptops and computers, depending on age:

  • Immediately after the purchase, and up to 1 year (even with a guarantee) – the market price will be lower by approximately 20% from the original just because the goods are no longer new. Potential buyers are waiting for some hidden catch on a quick sale and are inclined to buy a little more expensive, but new. The meaning of this is, as indeed most of the factory defects and shortcomings comes up in the first months of work, and not always possible to return the warranty;
  • The service life of 1-3 years – the market price is lower than the original 30-40% depending on the appearance and performance;
  • Operating 3-5 years term – the market price lower than the original 40-60% depending on the appearance and performance. In this category fall massively hot powerful laptops that have lived hard hard life and died from overheating. After repairs are unpretentious rapidly sold (warm or chipset graphics chip), and then usually in 2-3 months spent on a major road repair;
  • The service life of more than 5 years – the market price is lower than the original 60-80% and even more, but the price paid for the low price – poor performance by modern standards, assembly problems, hinges, DVD drive, battery, etc.

The actual value can be completely different in real life was a case where the client has sold its neighbors 6-year-old and cheap computer for the same money ordered a brand new modern and more quality. Is it then to torment the conscience – is unknown, but the fact remains that, so you have to be ready for this, because the money is known, does not smell. Conversely, once an old 8-year-old laptop in excellent condition, bought at the time for 3000 USD, cost satisfied customers in ridiculous 80 USD and for a long time encouraged their young child.

How to buy used computer and laptop – general advice

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

When purchasing a used a computer or laptop is required to ask for at least a minimum guarantee from the seller (usually 1 month from the date of purchase), as if there are hidden defects in the device ( “brake”, hovering, unstable operation), which can not be detected during the inspection and initial testing, they become visible in the first days of operation, and it is quite reasonable to bring back to the seller.

It is advisable to conduct a memory test (. Eg, MemTest program), video (. Eg, program ATITool, for Ati and NVidia video cards) and hard drive (eg, HDDScan program -. The SMART attributes of view). If you do not have the right programs or knowledge – invite a friend who for a symbolic or not payment can make the necessary diagnosis, usually all procedures takes no more than an hour, but even without these tests the internal problems will almost certainly manifest themselves during the warranty month as freezes, “blue screens of death” or the defects of the screen image.

If you skimmed over the Internet, we found a profitable ads and plan to buy a used a laptop or computer is there, it is strongly recommended to buy in the city or the surrounding area and to require a guarantee for at least 1 month. Especially carefully it is worth buying used gaming notebooks, because of their huge amount sold in a dying condition, and after a few months of operation require their complex and expensive repairs.

Features buying a computer

The most common cause of computer sales – not “pulling” of the game, at least – part of the repair, so do not buy a used a computer to play games seriously heavy – it will be almost guaranteed money thrown away on the wind. Do not expect the computer then something added or improved, it is usually too special effects will not, because most of the new components are not compatible with old equipment and buy nothing new to improve the old – not the best idea.

When purchasing be sure to open the case to see what is happening or going on inside. It is important – on the motherboard should not be bloated capacitors (for example – on the left), or unstable work and close repairs are guaranteed. The order in, when all the wires neatly assembled and fastened to the body – an extra plus. Huge reserves of dust or traces of liquid and insects indicate heavy previous life and the uncertainty of a stable future. Cooler on the case, chipset, graphics card (if any), in the power supply, the processor must work evenly, without the characteristic hum of worn bearings, otherwise there is a risk of stopping with consequent overheating and failure of the device. Note that graphics card with passive cooling less tenacious and often for 3-4 year of age die from overheating, so if it is possible, it is preferable to choose an active cooling or later to attach the cooler to the radiator graphics cards.

It is necessary to carefully examine the seal power supply (initially it closes one of the 4 screws to secure the housing power supply) – if it is broken or missing, the computer is already clearly been repaired, and all that has been repaired when often inclined go to repair again.

Substandard housing and tough operating conditions may be the cause of the fact that the connectors on the front and back of the motherboard can be in poor condition. Repair or replace them, in most cases it is difficult or impossible.

Features Buying Laptop

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

If you are planning to buy a used laptop, the situation is different from buying a computer, as the fashion for laptops as replacement of stationary personal computers began 5-6 years ago, so the vast majority of laptops at the moment can be called at least conventionally modern they quite successfully cope with the tasks for which purchased – the Internet, work with text documents, videos and simple games, so very rarely laptops are sold because they need the money, or to buy new, more powerful laptop usually cause sales of laptop are available or ” zaremontirovannye “problems in his work.

One of the most popular “stories of life” laptop that suddenly decide to sell: “Bought a powerful gaming laptop for 3 years of life without pauses passed on it at all levels of all the popular games and not cleaned even once, even when he started off from overheating . When he ceased to run, the service center said that the repair cost 100-200 USD, and will take some time. he warmed burnt chip and put up for sale. ” Naturally, the new owner of happiness will be short-lived, as the laptop again asked for a couple of months in the service center, and this time it was cheap podremontirovat it may not be possible. Presumably at least half the laptops that are sold online, sold for reasons of unstable operation or after repair, the problem of laptops among the least affordable budget laptops without a separate video card.

Often, the cause could serve as a common need for money, but more often it is still “excuse”, so it is best to look at the low cost new laptop for a pretty price, you pay almost the same amount of money for the old, but the “fancy” laptop, which according to the seller when- it was bought for huge money.

Be sure to check the battery – pull out the charging and load something serious (play or backup a couple of films) – a fully charged laptop is in this mode is to hold out for at least 1 hour, otherwise the battery life is running out. You do not have to wait long for a couple of minutes, Windows will show the scheduled time of battery life, but it is better to hold for 15 minutes at least, to see how hot the laptop in general. Very hot laptop – a potential customer service center, and there are such cheap repair does not happen.

Start any text editor and try all the keys – they must be pressed accurately and not get stuck on the keyboard and in the spaces between the keys should not be a trace of liquid. Ports and connectors (especially power and USB), must not be broken. If a careful examination of the laptop body traces of blows, the bolts on the bottom have the scars of the hands or substandard curves screwdriver in the gaps at the ends of the housing and above the keyboard tracks of unskilled opening, it is better to abandon the purchase of the laptop or demand reduction of price.

How to buy a used printer or MFP

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

Inkjet printers and MFPs. It is not recommended to buy second hand cheap inkjet printer and MFP, even at very low cost, as their safety margin is low – usually no more than 10-15 thousand printed sheets. In addition, sales are almost always the cause – faulty cartridges or dried ink in them, the cost of replacing each about 25-40% of the cost of a new device.

More expensive inkjet printer and MFP (with separate cartridges for each color, often manufactured by Canon and Epson) is much more reliable and durable, but they are buying is usually only those who are planning their active use (small and medium-sized studio, a variety of small firms, which need color printing at a relatively low price), so often they are sold already quite poor, or even dying condition. Maybe for the same money it is better to buy expensive new device than good old battered life?

If you do decide to buy a used an inkjet printer or MFP, be sure to print a test page (or ask her to provide a clear scan, if you buy via the Internet) – it should be no gaps or excessive distortion of the image. It is also necessary to look inside – the availability of abundant traces of ink indicates a sloppy operation or seriously lived life. If you need color printing only occasionally, from time to time, it is recommended to look at the laser devices, which are much more durable.

Laser printers, copiers and MFPs. Today even the cheapest laser printers and MFPs – very reliable devices, their life before major repairs usually 100-200 thousand copies, and the most common problem in laser printers and MFPs – do not take paper from the tray – is not a malfunction and is treated very simply by wiping rubber video capture normal paper with a wet cloth.

Professional and semi-professional copiers have a much higher value, more solid resource, but at the same time are very costly to repair and maintain. Calculations show that, very often more profitable to work on an inexpensive printer or MFP (about 100 kDa copies without major repairs) than to buy expensive copiers with expected long service life (about 200 thousand without serious repair), but much more expensive refueling, repair and exclusively brand service, so buy expensive used copiers is not recommended as it they are often sold for the reason that matures or it is time to expensive repairs.

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

The most mass-spread laser printing machines HP, Canon, Xerox and Samsung at a price of 250 USD When purchasing such equipment is first necessary to make a printout of the test sheet, or find information about the number of pages printed menu as the main criterion of wear.

Naturally, the operating conditions are very different, but in most cases the optimal price depends on the number of printed pages:

  • up to 20 thousand – excellent condition, 60-80% of the initial price;
  • 20-60 thousand – good condition, 40-60% of the initial price;
  • 60-100 thousand – satisfactory state, 30-40% of the initial price;
  • more than 100 thousand – to buy such a used a printer and MFP is not recommended, as you need to be alert to the possibility that in the near future is likely to require replacement of some stove parts (thermo, Teflon shaft, bushings, gears), the cost of work is usually from 15 to 60 USD

Professional or semi-professional printer is much hardier and neat conditions can print up to 500 thousand without repair, only one or two changes of imaging film. It is especially advantageous to take such models from Europe, as they are usually operated with the original cartridges have a “run” up to 150 thousand printed pages, sold at a price of 40-80 USD and it is very beneficial for refueling. We can say with confidence that they will print even when not less than two scheduled repairs – replacing the fuser roller and paper pick-up.

Since the original and compatible ink cartridges have a relatively high price, the main difficulty faced by buyers of new / used laser printing technology – a cartridge refilling, which is strongly not recommended to do on their own without at least a minimum of experience of similar work. Therefore, if the cartridge that comes with the printer or MFP, already dying condition (practically falling apart, spilled toner from crevices, pallor or image defects, worn look), it is better to abandon the purchase, because it was already cheaper to buy a completely new device, you buy a new cartridge on the old.

Since laser printers and MFPs cost of cartridge refilling and their durability is more important than even the price of the device, We would like to highlight the used printer and MFP, which have an adequate cost, high reliability and at the same time unpretentious in a gas station (in parentheses indicate the expected timeframe service to the first major repair, thousands of copies):

  • cheap: HP 1010/1012/1015/1018/1020/1022 (100-150), HP 1000/1200 (100-150), Xerox 3117/3122 (100-150), Samsung 2015 (100-150), Xerox 3140 (100-150), Canon 2900 (100-150);
  • semi: HP 2100/2200 (250-400), HP 1320/2015 (250-400), Xerox 3250 (200-250);
  • MFP: Samsung 4100/4200 (80-120), Xerox 3119 (80-120), Samsung 4650N (100-150), Samsung 3205 (100-150).

It is not recommended to buy Samsung 3405, and all HP and Canon models, which are filled with an HP 1005 Toner (Canon MF3010, HP 1102, HP P1005, HP M1120, HP M1132 HP M1522, etc.), as the cartridges are low volume hopper, a short life and many users complain about the print pallor after refueling, even after the replacement of some parts.

Features buying a tablet

How to buy used computers, laptops, printers and MFP

Since tablets are now on a wave of popularity, the most likely reasons for which they can be sold on the secondary market (in priority order) – it bugs the very low productivity, renovated at the service center or an urgent need for money, the latter – rarely. In addition, due to the continuous drop in prices, the rapid obsolescence of much higher speed of new models and the expected life span to buy a small used a tablet makes sense only for very good reduction of the starting price – by 30-50%, although it is not worth buying, even at very low cost with resistive screen tablets (responsive to the pressing force, and not to touch).

If you decide to buy a used a tablet, you must be sure to demand a guarantee of Seller at least a few days, as the very high likelihood that purchased the tablet are hidden defects that will come to light only during the operation.

Attention! Do not buy any equipment from suspicious people, when clearly shows that it fell into the hands of their ill-gotten gains, if you do not want then to go on to law enforcement agencies to prove that you did not know about the origin of art. Appliances purchased in this way, shall be seized without any compensation

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