How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Thoughts on how to write an article like this, I’m having quite a long time. But the proof that it is really worth doing, become repetitive questions of our readers in the comments to the monitor.

Indeed, with such a variety of models on the market to make a mistake in choosing a very easy and direct comparison of favorite displays in a retail store, “head-on”, as a rule, it is simply impossible – for a variety of reasons. Static or dynamic scenes as a dozen different displays (mainly, by the way, those sold poorly), connected to one hub on the shelves of well-known chain stores, and make all the buyer to quickly leave the room. In this situation, tell who is better – an impossible task even for a professional.

Well, that is what exists, our test laboratory, through which passed dozens of a wide variety of displays, well, I do himself setting displays for many years, so it has seen dozens of other models – a total of about 500. So in this article I I go over each class monitor and highlight the best solutions based including on its experience.


To reduce the possible number of misunderstandings separately note the following factors:

  • in this article we do not give advice on the choice of class (represented only a brief description), diagonal and resolution of your monitor, as well as will not focus on the well-known disadvantages of different types of panels. Perhaps all this will be the topic for a future article. With the main parameters and price point you have to decide yourself. Simply put, we hope that you know about what you want;
  • we basically forgot about ordinary TN + Film-models with a frequency sweep of 60 Hz – in today’s reality, they are not worth even mentioning. Have pity on yourself, your eyes and your nerves;
  • considered the minimum screen size is 23.6 inches. Less – quite lightly for 2017: just for once get to this bar or move through it to understand it;
  • specified price – the average value at the time of introduction of the model in the list (for all proposals) or monitor the cost of Moscow’s proven online stores;
  • in some segments there are so many similarities as possible solutions (with the same matrices and even similar design), so nothing much will not change, if you will depart slightly from our proposed choice;
  • in most cases, we chose the model with the best for a particular resolution screen sizes (although on the personal opinion of the author). Therefore, in the text you can not meet more suitable for you a combination of these two basic parameters;
  • and finally, most importantly – the final choice still falls on your shoulders, and any of these models easily might not like because of your individual perceptions and more detailed entry requirements to purchase.

Now you can safely proceed. And we’ll start, perhaps, with the largest segment of the liquid crystal display – standard with a resolution of Full HD (1080p), and has not lost its popularity over the past 10 years.

Standard Model FHD (1920 × 1080 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

The standard, which still focuses most manufacturers of monitors, but it seems to us, simply because of the availability of such devices. We consider a model with a diagonal of up to 28 inches, with the usual, not curved arrays, because for this size Curved-panel – no more than a marketing ploy: no visual and practical benefits you get.

Best choice (IPS-type)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

This class – that, where possible and necessary to start, if you look after yourself available “to monitor all at once” and you are completely satisfied with the resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Pretenders: AOC i2475Pxqu and AOC i2770Pq.

Two high otsenёnnyh copy of the AOC of the company, famous for not only monitors available, but also good quality of their performance, coupled with a decent factory setting and the absence of unnecessary “fishechek” for which others sometimes asking too much. The first 23.8-inch model – the new product line with the renewed attractive design, but the 27-inch i2770Pq remind you of many other solutions of this manufacturer.

Average price: £153.99 and $317.95, respectively.

Why Buy: nothing better ergonomic stand for the money you still can not find.

What can stop: the appearance of the brand.

Alternative: in fact, there are many other good options for every taste and color. Here are some of them: Dell P2317H for $171.39 – for those who can not stomach the AOC; LG 24MP88HV for $259.00 – for fans of the maximum “frameless”; 27-inch ASUS VX279H for £201.21 – for the beauty on the table.

Best choice (* VA-type)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

We know of the existence of adepts * VA-technology with its advantages and disadvantages, so I just could not pass by Full HD-monitors, where it is represented as widely as possible. The main player here is the company BenQ – for more than 10 consecutive years.

Pretenders: BenQ GW2470HM.

Excellent monitor for little money by today’s standards, with high-quality assembly and adequate set of technologies and capabilities. Family GW itself long been familiar to consumers and deservedly retains top position in its segment. In this case, given the particular used A-MVA-matrix and a simple stand, a diagonal of 23.8 inches – just what the doctor ordered.

Average price: £119.89 .

Why buy: affordable nowhere, BenQ ability to squeeze all the juice out of the * VA-matrices, a good factory setting.

What can stop: stand customization possibilities are virtually absent – only the slope in a small range.

Alternative: the good old BenQ GW2760HS for $175.39 – the most hassle-free * VA Full HD-decision with increased up to 27-inch diagonal screen. Recommend to buy a new one, but more problematic series GC, we will not. If there is a desire to obtain such a monitor with an ergonomic stand, you should look at the XB series model manufactured by Iiyama.

For gamers

Relatively affordable Full HD-gaming solutions with a TN + Film-matrices – is the minimum that should be able to afford any gamer with a claim to professionalism. At the time, it is for these people and come up with such monitors produce. By the way, IPS-type models in this segment are not available, and * VA only on the way – and still do not understand what happens.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: AOC G2460PF and AOC G2770PF.

Oddly enough, and then we have “twin brothers” from the AOC of the company with different diagonal, but both with support for AMD FreeSync adaptive synchronization technology. Why do not we put the solutions here more eminent manufacturer? It’s simple: we see no sense to overpay for a bunch of software bloat in OSD Menu, which you still can not make a better picture on the screen, as well as makes no sense to give a lot of money for the old matrix in modernized buildings.

Average price: $209.99 and $412.04 , respectively.

Why buy: all that is required from the monitor of the class, there is in them.

What can stop: do not look as stylish as competing solutions; brand attitude.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: the latest ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q with support for NVIDIA G-Sync for crazy for this class of $549.95 – for those who really want to rasprobovat 180 Hz sweep. Similar as the 27-inch Full HD-enabled solutions with G-Sync at the time of this writing.


Apparently, the professional Full HD-monitors – a dying segment of the market: producers recently is given preference with displays used on lshim work permit. However, this does not negate the fact that the demand for such models is still there, including by lowering their prices.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: NEC SpectraView 232.

SpectraView 232 production of the famous NEC – the only really affordable monitor with a serious list of possibilities, so necessary to many professionals or simply people who are accustomed to getting the most for your money. The model is not new, but it can offer much more than the current trends of other manufacturers in other segments. In addition, this is a real SpectraView – with perfect factory settings and the license application for the SV hardware calibration / verification of results and the creation of LUT-presets.

Average price:

Why buy: high quality.

What can stop: so much money for a 23-inch panel is a standard Full HD, in addition to the standard color gamut.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: recently we considered Viewsonic VP2468 for $249.99 , which can not boast of features such as the NEC presented above, but it has a modern “frameless” design, small size and ample set of features and technologies, typical of Pro-segment solutions.

Models UWFHD standard (2560 × 1080 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Models UWFHD standard – fairly narrow segment of the market. His strength 3-4 years ago it tried almost all vendors, but in the end he was left behind from LG. Everyone else seems to sell unsold remnants of previously issued 29-inch models, and produce new 25- and 34-inch displays with a resolution of 2560 × 1080 pixels is not yet gathered.

Best choice

When there is a real need to work simultaneously with multiple windows / programs at the same time do not want to forget about the game and the graphics power of the PC is already at the limit, the UWFHD monitors – this is a good way out. Including due to the availability of simple models with a frequency of 60 Hz.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: LG 29UM58.

LG is at least semi-annually updates its range of products, therefore submitted the monitor can not stay on the market. However, now it is possible to recognize the best buys in this class on price, quality and opportunities – for not very much money it offers a quality setting and decent build.

Average price: amazon .

Why Buy: among competitors   You can find the monitor and better, but it will be much more expensive.

What can stop: simple design, the body quickly dirty limited ergonomics stand.

Alternative: Acer XF290Cbmjdprz for  – if you want to get practical matte casing and an ergonomic stand. Or the 34-inch LG 34UM58 for $349.00 – in case the “fat” pixel does not hurt your eyes, and you want to get as large a computer monitor with a minimum acceptable for this budget, without sacrificing quality.

For gamers

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Work at the monitor with a vertical scanning frequency of 60 Hz and 120 – two big differences. But for those who are at the computer in the main game – and even more so.

Pretenders: LG 34UC79G.

The most that neither is currently playing in the decision-making UWFHD-segment with almost maximum diagonal for him – and recently sold. Monitor lost in the wide range of products, they say little about him, but that he does not lose its relevance. When compared to 35-inch * VA-models with the same resolution, the IPS-version of the Koreans, with increased up to 144 Hz vertical refresh rate and support for AMD FreeSync, clearly bypasses them in speed, which in addition you get without obvious artifacts Pictures.

Average price: $699.00 .

Why buy: a huge, 34-inch curved handsome man with a good game IPS-panel, high-quality assembly, materials and support for AMD FreeSync.

What can stop: deep rack, low uniformity of illumination on the black.

Alternative: if you still like the game A-MVA-option for the sake of the deepest black to the same resolution, you should look at the AOC C3583FQ for $582.68 – among several similar displays that has the most delicious price. But do not forget about the artifacts on moving objects and other features like * VA-matrices.

Models standard WQHD (2560 × 1440 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Models WQHD standard, according to our observations and impressions, are beginning to adopt popular with Full HD-making. Moreover, they, first of all, cheaper – when viewed with respect to the other segments of the market, and secondly – there are options with a diagonal of 27 inches excellent: you can find displays from 23.6 to 32 inches – for every taste.

Best choice (IPS-type)

The models, which are suitable for most applications, especially designed for those who want to forget the standard Full HD, like a bad dream. Someday these will be the majority!

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: AOC Q2577PWQ.

Again the king among the available monitors – a model of the AOC. To save money and at the same time indulge in a higher density of pixels, we offer a look at the 25-inch Q2577PWQ with a thin outer frame, ergonomic stand without intimidating its menu options and decent appearance. The display on the average quality setting, which can be corrected with the help of some software test / utilities or by a full calibration.

Average price: £264.92.

Why buy: if you want to buy their first WQHD-monitor, not overpaying for a name, better materials and design.

What can stop: the brand, not the highest build quality – should be chosen carefully instance.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: BenQ PD2700Q for $359.99 – as the most affordable among the classic 27-inch WQHD without obvious shortcomings. Or Dell U2715H for $458.97 for those wishing to pay a premium (and why not?) For the “frameless”, more modern design in general, and high-quality assembly.

Best choice (* VA-type)

Among the models with matrices of type * VA in WQHD-segment represented only 32-inch monitors, which is quite strange, if we take into account not the best viewing angles and other features of the technology. But due to its adequate cost and larger screen sizes such displays still managed to gain popularity among a certain class of customers – the majority of them gets to work, surf the Web and watching movies.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: Philips BDM3270QP .

This monitor has been tested in our laboratory, and left a good impression. The model uses successful from all points of view, A-MVA-panel production AUO, which is the only negative – Black Crush-effect, inherited from the most * VA-technology. In this decision, a huge list of advantages and very short – shortcomings. Besides, at the moment it is almost the most affordable 32-inch WQHD of those who do, it makes sense to consider.

Average price: $626.74

Why buy: a large diagonal, along with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels for the least money possible in this class.

What can stop not the highest pixel density (ppi), appearance, workmanship.

Alternative: BenQ BL3200PT for $378.99, if not satisfied with the Philips design and want to get a monitor, made from a high quality raw materials to a higher standard.

For the players (IPS-type)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

The most interesting, from my point of view, the Monitor class in 2016, and in 2017, too.In the last two years of its development, obviously, the desire to prevent the producers of the most rich on such models, why prices are still afraid of some consumers, while sales on the general background does not exceed 1-2% of the market volume. However, looking at the development of technology, we can come to think that someday a high frequency sweep will be the absolute norm. In the meantime, it remains the prerogative of the gaming models.

Pretenders: ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q

I – by virtue of their type of activity – managed to live to get acquainted with all the gaming WQHD IPS-type-models among those represented in the Moscow market, but to surpass the model from ASUS, none of them failed. ROG PG279Q – first released in its class, and he is still the leader. Yes, he nedёshev, but when it comes to 60-70 thousand rubles for the device that you use at least a couple of years, it seems to us that it is better to overpay than to bite his elbows.

Average price: amazon

Why buy: high quality, the best there is on the market (assuming the use of NVIDIA graphics card in the PC).

What can stop: the high price, low uniformity of illumination in the black in almost all instances (like trouble monitors).

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: in many respects similar to the above model ASUS MG279Q for $549.00 – for owners and fans of the company’s GPU AMD, but with limited features to increase the smoothness of the image (no ULMB mode).

For the gamers (TN + Film)

Game TN + Film with WQHD resolution standard, in my opinion, the segment is very ambiguous. If not that strong price difference with respect to IPS-type-options you get a slightly higher rate of the matrix, but lose the quality and stability of the pictures (we about viewing angles). Play comfortably, but to work – not very. It can be a long time to convince myself that the TN + Film-panels have a significant advantage in speed, but in reality it is not so long ago, especially among WQHD-models. But if you still want to save money and receive at their disposal a large workspace, then the choice is, however small.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: Dell S2716DG

Dell monitor first game – and immediately a clear target hit. The company’s engineers have worked on glory, and the new left without any serious flaws. The manufacturer has established a high-speed, 144 Hz TN + Film-panel familiar from other models of the body, all this arch support NVIDIA G-Sync technology and mode ULMB, as well as excellent acceleration setting matrix. The result was quite a decent display.

Average price: $558.00

Why buy: I want to save money, but to get the game 27-inch WQHD standard.

What can stop: well distinguishable crystalline effect, poor factory setting and average build quality.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: we dare to suggest that, as an alternative can only be viewed will be on sale BenQ ZOWIE XL2735 for the same $549.00 . The technology of adaptive clock G-Sync does not support, which is an obvious disadvantage compared to Dell. But you can rely on high-quality factory settings and get dimming shutters included.

Professional League

It monitors with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, it seems to me, in his time began the rise of the interest of producers and consumers to professional models. In addition to NEC and EIZO, their production began in ASUS, BenQ, Dell, HP, LG, Viewsonic and other companies. Now the choice is very wide – as a display with a standard color gamut, and with the advanced. But since we are primarily talking about a true professional, then the following models without exception are equipped with arrays spread spectrum illumination and, accordingly, have a wide CO.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: BenQ PV270 .

A year ago, we would never have thought that this place can take the product BenQ’s, but the reality is that the new monitor PV270 won us a combination of its features, build quality, customization, and of course, price. He can not compete on equal terms with alternative models, manufacturers are easy to guess, even without our tips, but it fulfills each ruble invested in it and offers almost all (or at all), it takes 99% of the buyers of such displays.

Average price: $899.00

Why Buy: you do not want to overpay for the brand.

What can stop: distrust of professional monitors BenQ, a real need in the exclusive features NEC and Eizo displays.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: «coffin» NEC MultiSync PA272W-SV2 for amazon – to the ideal factory setting, ambient light sensor and the software license for SV2. Or Eizo ColorEdge CG277 for amazon with integrated colorimeter, automatic calibration system, and other amenities.

Models UWQHD standard (3440 × 1440 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Models UWQHD standard – this is for those who want a wide screen at the main diagonal, and that while the picture was beautiful. Such displays are on sale right now are found only in 34-inch form, and for the most part – with curved AH-IPS-matrix LG Display with different kurvaturoy (degree of curvature). Solutions with a few more diagonal should appear on the market within a few months.

Best choice

Models with this resolution are excellent programmers, financiers and people whose work is related to the large flow of data. Acquire them and gamers will expect a wide viewing angle and image quality at 27-inch WQHD without creating unnecessary problems (they appear when buying a 4K / 5K-models – starting with scaling torment). Most monitors are available – the standard rate of 60 Hz vertical refresh. And that they do the basic rate manufacturers UWQHD-making.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: Dell U3417W.

Before the advent of the new model U3417W in the segment of ultra-wide 34-inch variants of the struggle for the buyer was weak. Several companies offer similar solutions to the close price, so people often preferred a little more expensive Dell U3415W due to its more serious filling. Now, however, it was its improved version for most parameters, sell for the right price and not leaving rivals no chance of winning. A half increased the degree of curvature of only adds to the feel of the work for him.

Average price: $801.37

Why buy: because it really is the best in its class – forget the previous model, and all such solutions from other companies.

What can stop: the huge diagonal and price.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: no such. Some models are only beginning to be seen on the horizon, but is unlikely to be able to make a real competition Dell display.

For gamers

The real game UWQHD-monitors, which can compete on equal terms with WQHD-decisions – one more tidbit for companies, but so far to go in this segment of the venture unit. It seems that you can make more money by selling the same matrix as in the non-game models, but with acceleration – but there are nuances. Otherwise I would have filled up the market such monitors, but this is still far.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q

ASUS has released its response to the Acer, speaking here first, after a few months, but with fewer disadvantages. ROG PG348Q turned out the way it was waiting for: great design, good quality materials and workmanship, large diagonal, high-resolution, easy operation, fast for two main parameters (response time and frequency vertical scan) curved array, the lack of software problems and support of adaptive technology sync NVIDIA G-sync. The bulk of the disadvantages inherited from the monitor set AH-IPS-matrix LG Display, to correct the deficiencies which it is hardly possible for a monitor manufacturer.

Average price: amazon

What can stop: the price and the restriction in the form of 100 Hz instead of 144-165 Hz in WQHD-models.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: poluigrovoy LG 34UC88 for $707 to AMD FreeSync and conventional vertical scanning frequency – 60 Hz. This is a good choice for owners of GPU from “red”, preferring to use the technology of adaptive synchronization on a regular basis.

Models standards UHD 4K / 5K (3840 × 2160/5120 × 2880 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

UHD (Ultra HD) standard has entered more than 2 years ago in our lives. It was then that appeared the first model with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels – and computer geeks immediately rushed to sweep them from the shelves. Hysteria was held together with an awareness of the shortcomings of new products and an understanding of the problems and had to have another encounter.

Best choice

In this category we will not consider a model with a small diagonal, because until now zooming in OS and software is done very badly, and the larger the screen size, the better in this case. On a slightly different reason, will not be represented, and TN + Film-model. If you want to play 4K-resolution, it means that at high speed and on expensive accessories for your PC you have enough money. A combine is, in our view, high-definition with the most affordable and primitive in its parameters TN + Film-technology – is not the best idea. Worth the wait, dig and buy just a normal IPS-type-display. No additional disadvantages in comparison with TN + Film you will not get, but the advantages will be much greater.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: BenQ BL3201PT .

Of course, we have chosen the model is not perfect. However, this is probably the best-UHD monitor with wide screen, 4K standard and IPS-matrix type from those that are sold in retail. Despite the fact that the model in its class the least expensive, at its creation from the manufacturer clearly had the task to save on everything, on what is possible. This can be seen in the approach to detail, deep customization capabilities, built-in functions, quality materials and workmanship. In short – we recommend!

Average price: $791.49

Why buy: because it makes little sense to pay more for other similar models – get the same thing for a lot of money.

What can stop: average quality factory setting is not the fastest in its class matrix (poorly adjusted acceleration).

Alternative: if you really want IPS-type 4K-display cheap, it is worth paying attention to the 27-inch BenQ BL2711U for $459.00.

For gamers

True 4K-gaming solutions has just been announced at the last CES, 2017, and yet have to settle poluigrovymi models – with a frequency of 60 Hz, and support for NVIDIA Adaptive synchronization technology or AMD (depending on the model selected).

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: Viewsonic XG2700-4K .

Among these monitors the most interesting and unique in its kind, we tested seemed XG2700-4K company Viewsonic. Monitor has left a positive impression and greatly surprised detected in it a system of compensation of non-uniformity of illumination – for gaming solutions segment is new. Supports AMD FreeSync technology, and the number of deficiencies found just fade against the background of the merits.

Average price: $539.99

Why buy: a very interesting 27-inch 4K IPS-display with an eye toward gamers.

What can stop: low accessibility and design.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: If you are not interested ergonomic stand, Uniformity Compensation System and other useful things in the Viewsonic model, then pay your attention to a very worthy machine from LG 27UD68 for $429.99.


In the 4K-making, when the question comes to models for professional color selection is sharply limited. Of course, you can remember about the 31.5-inch Samsung’s PLS-matrix, but they have completely disappeared from the market. Therefore, we will start from the fact that there are mentally said goodbye to a few thousand dollars.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: NEC MultiSync PA322UHD-2-SV2.

Once again, our “professional league» NEC. Replace it in the price range up to 200 thousand simply could not be found. Can long list advantages and features of this monitor, but it is easier to go to the official website of the manufacturer and the long and dreamily looking at the list of available functions. Separately, we note that PA322UHD – the case where there should be no doubt about the need to pay a premium of 10-20 thousand rubles for a version of SV2. If we are to walk, then to the fullest!

Average price: $2,999.00

Why buy: It UHD from NEC – one of the best arrays on the market and maximize opportunities.

What can stop: unfortunately, it is the same coffin as the NEC and all of the professional, and of course, its price is poor …

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: when the family fed, my wife bought a fur coat / car, and children are provided in the coming years, we can look at the Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K for 400,000 rubles . The other monitor you will not want to buy a long time, and the resolution is higher than the nominal 4K (4096 × 2160) can look and feel.

For the future

To this class we include a model with a resolution of 5120 × 2880 pixels, in which even more problems with the software than the 4K-monitors. Reason one – the efficiency and scaling algorithms embedded in Windows, plus the reluctance of the majority of developers to solve these problems. Add here that a DisplayPort cable for connecting the monster often enough (not all cards support DP 1.3 and 1.4) and the high load on the main components of the PC, which leads to a drop in productivity and reduction in comfort operation. Do I have it for you?

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: HP Z27q.

If you look at the market, it becomes obvious that in this class HP Z27q – the golden mean. Good matrix plus the excellent quality of HP monitors – dissatisfied should not be, especially for the price indicated below. Of course, if you’re willing to put up with common problems such displays.

Average price: $893.58.

Why buy: excellent color rendition and very a clear, crystal clear picture on the screen.

What can stop: the shortcomings noted in the description.

Alternative: it does not even make sense to look for something like that.

Models 16:10

Under these monitors, we have decided to allocate a separate section. The reason on the one and only – manufacturers are beginning to forget the ratio of 16:10, as they did in his time with the 4: 3 and 3: 2. But adherents of this format and wish to continue to use it a lot, so to get around their side, we just could not.

Best choice №1 (1920 × 1200 pixels)

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Plus 120 pixels height and a greater ease of use – so buyers justify their choice of monitors with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. This, of course, misoneism, but to work for such monitors still do a little more comfortable, but for movies and TV shows they fit than their modern counterparts.

Pretenders: Dell U2412M (latest versions).

It seems to us that everything would be surprised if in the list there was no absolute leader among 24-inch monitors with a resolution under consideration – Dell U2412M. The model presented in late 2012, soon conquered all, not only their characteristics, but also set the price that has put competitors in a difficult situation. Later, of course, and they presented their solutions, but quit at the top of sales they still failed.

This monitor output Dell experienced a large number of versions – were first used only matrix LG Display, and later began to apply options for Samsung (PLS) and AUO (AHVA), that only exacerbated the problem of choosing a better copy. Still worse from this monitor is not, but because of its price and capabilities continues to hold the lead in its class until now.

Average price: $247.88

Why buy: a decent option, not just for the past 4.5 years to prove that he – the best choice.

What can stop: like buying a long time, but just want a better monitor.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: ASUS PB248Q for $386.46 – I’ve seen more than a dozen copies of this model, and I can safely admit that the ASUS solution – the perfect monitor, with a first-class factory setting, very high-quality housing, a wide variety of interfaces and unparalleled control. It is for that love, and it is an overpayment in the 6-7 thousand rubles about Dell display.

Professional League №1 (1920 × 1200 pixels)

It is necessary to add a few technologies and use the matrix to GBr-LED-backlight, as directed from the usual multimedia computer display monitor turns professional, designed for users with slightly different from the standard tasks and greater requirements for the quality of the picture on the screen.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: NEC MultiSync PA242W-SV2.

Having considered all available monitors on the market, we quickly decided on the best solution – it has once again become NEC model. This is the case when overpay about 15 000 over and above the cost of the new BenQ PG2401PT it’s worth. Pile technology, features, ambient light sensor, factory setting is excellent, perfectly working system of compensation of uneven illumination and, of course, gorgeous in quality housing (albeit for such a gigantic diagonal) – all NEC PA242W version SV2. However, measures are mainly for the status, because in fact, 60-70% of the space of today’s professional monitors for a long time simply empty.

Average price: EUR 1.058,77

Why buy: if you want the best among the “last of the Mohicans.”

What can stop: body-tomb and fear do not understand all the points of the OSD-menu.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Best choice №2 (2560 × 1600 pixels)

Such monitors at one time dreamed of by many, but because of the prices they were in pieces, and the screen size of 30 inches was seen as something very big and frightening. Pervosti models equipped with CCFL-backlit, which is distinguished not only by high heat (he really felt, even if just to bring his hand to the screen), but also the energy consumption level. Later, there were models with modern LED GBr-LED-backlit, which we’ll talk.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Pretenders: Dell UP3017.

Monitor ghost that sort of had to be the first OLED-display with a resolution of 4K standard, but Dell plans suddenly collapsed. UP3017 – slightly updated external 30-inch display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and LED backlighting, allowing to achieve an expanded color gamut. The novelty differs from disappearing from the market U3014 design and modified program stuffing. As for quality, then, knowing Dell, it seems fair to say that the new version worse than its predecessor should not be. You can safely take.

Average price: $879.99

Why Buy: Proven filling in the updated package with new features. By the way, if we consider them, the monitor marks in the “professional league №2».

What can stop: the desire to save, and to consider alternative with fewer opportunities.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Alternative: Iiyama ProLite XB3070WQS-1 of $1,953.00, of course, is not so beautiful and austere, probably configured worse, can not offer a system of compensation for illumination non-uniformity, access to LUT and more, but the matrix it is the same, and worth it is 25-30 thousand rubles less.

Professional League №2 (2560 × 1600 pixels)

Ends Today our guide to choosing very rare class of monitors, interesting units and buyers presented a single model, which is still found on store shelves.

Pretenders: NEC MultiSync PA302W-SV2.

How to Choose Monitor in 2017: Guide for all the segments

Yes, it is again NEC monitor from the professional PA line, represented only models with an extended color gamut. Again, we propose to consider the version of the SV2, which asked for a little more than usual. If you want a truly professional monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio and you have the money – there is no time to think, you have to take! From the sale of these displays are gradually disappearing.

Average price: £1,438.00

Why buy: because there is no other option.

What can stop: nothing, except that you did not plan to get the best and the last monitor that level.

Alternative: none, because other manufacturers no longer produce these professional models of the standard.


Here we come to the final. Considered in the article monitors must not lose relevance for at least the next year. It is clear that by the middle of 2017 in the top segment will necessarily more interesting offers, but the current device will be slightly more accessible – and not lose in attractiveness.

Those who are not going to spend on a new display of more than $350-500, do not worry at all. You can buy with peace of mind now and liked suiting your monitor – and without thinking about the need to update them to use up to 5 years. Nothing new among the available solutions for this time should not come out.

Well, in general, remains to wait for better performance processors and graphics cards, as well as the happy moment when software developers finally pay attention to HiDPI-monitors (aka UHD 4K / 5K / 8K) and make sure that their products such displays looked normal and did not lose in usability. Then, perhaps, the market monitors serious change, and this guide will become irrelevant. But before that, unfortunately will likely still far.

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