Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

Lineup of affordable smartphones from Homtom (sub-brand of the company Doogee) is regularly updated with new things. Homtom HT17 PRO was announced in the summer of 2016. His younger version is different HT17 doubled amounts of memory. Indicative prices for the smartphone, current at the time of the creation of this review, from 90 to 96 USD. The difference with the Chinese online shops, not very big: there is a device will be asked from 86 USD.

So, less than $ 100 get a phablet, which is support 4G, fingerprint sensor, new processor and the latest OS. The filling is quite solid for the money, which is traditional for “Homemove”. However, this gadget is not as rosy as it might seem at first glance.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Design elements on the body

Outside it is a typical “lobation” in the classic plastic case, with a rather big frame and solid size: 153 x 77.6 mm. the thickness is quite adequate – 7.9 mm. the Design is collapsible, however, the lid sits tightly, the buttons do not hang – Assembly is normal. Touch buttons under the screen are not highlighted. We should also mention the availability of two-tone light. It is activated during charging, or if new events.

Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

The device comes in three colors: dark blue, white, and gold. While the front part will always be black. The fingerprint scanner located below the camera and flash. If you hold it with one hand, index finger will easily go directly to the sensor.

The lower bound is only a microphone hole.

On the upper edge haphazardly scattered connectors. One headphone (3.5 mm), second charging/sync (MicroUSB). The latter supports connection of external USB peripherals through OTG cable.

The power button and volume controls located on the right side.

Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

Homtom HT17 PRO: Processor

The device is equipped inexpensive, but modern 64-bit processor Mediatek MT6737. It consists of 4 Cortex-A53, but frequency reduced from 1.3 to 1.1 GHz. In new versions of firmware developers are returned to the frequency “in place”. The performance is not particularly affected, but the result of the changes seen in the benchmarks. On the old firmware in Antuco smartphone gaining 26 thousand points, with the “tail”, the new – already more than 28 thousand

As a rule, MT6737 chipset, a graphics processor Mali-T720 MP2, that is dual core. In Homtom HT17 PRO actively only 1 core. Despite that, a trivial task, the device copes easily. And 3D games are no problem for him (if anything, you can always “tighten up” the graphics settings).

Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

On early firmware versions it is noted inappropriate behavior of the processor. Regardless of the intensity and type of load, all 4 cores are utilized at maximum capacity. Consequently, this leads to increased power consumption, and even to a significant heating of the case (heated mostly in games).

Homtom HT17 PRO: Memory

RAM – 2 GB. Thumbs up for budget, but the use of these gigabytes is not enough. The main problem is the overly aggressive task killer. He always “kills” the process, goodbye multitasking.

Homtom HT17 PRO Review smartphone: another Chinese lottery

The internal memory shortage no. Drive holds 16 GB of which 4 GB is used for system needs. The user remains 11.34 GB, plus a separate slot for external memory cards MicroSD (up to 64GB) not busy SIM cards. If you do not play games and does not ship to smartphone video, it is possible to do and built-in storage.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Battery

The battery is removable. Capacity – 3000 mAh, tests show that 2870. FIB a little, but for Homcom it is common practice, if we are talking about batteries. Each user scenario of operation of the device individual. However, on average, at moderate loads, the charge lasts for a day. In 3D games the battery runs down in 4 hours.

The manufacturer States that implemented support for fast charging. But it’s not here. With the help of regular power supply, the replenishment of charge from 0 to 100% takes more than 3 hours. Perhaps under the “fast charging” means the ability of a controller to take 1A. Charger with this power can “fill” the battery for 2.5 hours.

Photo on Homtom HT17 PRO

Photo on Homtom HT17 PRO

Homtom HT17 PRO: Camera

In Homtom HT17 PRO cameras on 8 and 2 MP, software interpolation up to 13 and 5 MP. Main camera uses a sensor from Sony IMX219. There is auto focus, weak flash. The quality of shooting is not worse than most other models in this price range. An acceptable result can be obtained only in good light. However, the pictures are excessively highlight, therefore, incorrect colour.

Purely for technical purposes (scanning documents, QR codes, creating FOTOSALON) camera is very good. But the video epic fail: only HD resolution, with a frequency of 30/s. and the quality of the rollers falls behind photos. Front camera is too simple, but the task of a mirror or webcam consults.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Display

Phablet is equipped with IPS display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and HD-resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). The density of pixels per inch is 267 ppi. They can be seen, especially if to look from a close distance. Viewing angles are good, the loss of contrast with a significant slope there, but the colors are not inverted. The display is covered with ordinary glass.

Supply of brightness is small, the screen is not OGS. Therefore, if you use the device outside in clear Sunny weather, the picture dims noticeably. But still readable. Accordingly, indoors or in cloudy weather stock brightness is more than enough for comfortable use.

The touchscreen works 5 full touches with the responsiveness of the sensor is no problem. A lot of people complaining that the colors faded. Nothing of the sort. Colors pleasing to the eye and rich is to change the launcher or just open any color photo. In extreme cases, to adjust the picture settings you can use the embedded tool MiraVision.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Networking opportunities

The device provides 2 separate slots for the microSIM. It is possible to work in networks of 2G, 3G and 4G. WiFi module surely catches the connection, and with Bluetooth no problem. For navigation, provides a GPS module. For some reason, to search for satellites and geo-location you can’t use the Internet via WiFi and mobile network. GPS works lousy, to put it mildly. Cold or hot start – in the search for satellites takes time.

Even if you were able to determine the location, it will jump around the map like a grasshopper. Although, someone navigation works more or less tolerable, after dances with a tambourine for its setting.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Sound

It will be normal or not, as anyone lucky. There are unsubstantiated speculation that, depending on the parties, used different parts. In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that both speakers (spoken and multimedia) will be quiet. If you put a smartphone anywhere with the screen facing up, the sound becomes even more muffled, as the overlap of the lattice dynamics.

Adding fuel to the fire is the weak vibrate. Being in a noisy place, the chance to hear, or at least to feel an incoming call abruptly tend to zero. During a conversation I like to ask again that meant the source. Because the manufacturer was too difficult to fine adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, the person will also complain about poor audibility.

In fairness, we note that these problems are partially solved, even without replacing the speakers and microphone. Experienced users increase the volume and adjust sensitivity via the engineering menu. Alternatively, you can use a wireless headset.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Software part

Camera out of the box running on Android 6.0, and supports wireless OTA update. The system has undergone minor changes: added a third-party launcher, the graphical icons of the interface, supports all kinds of gestures and smartphone functions. Individual buttons on a menu, all shortcuts are on the desktop.

Firmware itself – initially raw, and unpolished. Because of this, occasionally there are minor shoals. For example, the WiFi switches itself on at its own discretion. A native alarm clock is not fulfilling its only function: in the morning to Wake “forgets”. The standard Music app refuses to run in the background. We should also add here the work of the CPU cores at full capacity (unnecessarily) and uncontrolled unloading processes from the RAM.

Firmware try to bring to “condition” at the moment the latest versions are more or less tolerable. However, certain shortcomings and “bugs” will have to correct yourself, or put up with them.

Homtom HT17 PRO: Features

Because it is a budget smartphone costing up to $ 100, I would like to praise him for his nimble, and very accurate fingerprint scanner. Put a finger – and voila, the screen is unlocked.

The pros and cons Homtom HT17 PRO

Pros Homtom HT17 PRO:

  • fresh OS;
  • great job fingerprint sensor.

Cons Homtom HT17 PRO:

  • many software defects, and related problems and “glitches”;
  • poor performance of the GPS;
  • problems with sound and microphone;
  • low resolution and quality of recorded videos.

To fit smartphone

Just as “smartphone” it’s hard for anyone to recommend this device. Marriage and defects are everywhere, but in this case it is a real lottery. Another thing, if you treat the device as a mini tablet with the fast 3G/4G Internet. Then, perhaps, it was adequate for viewing photos and videos, surf the web, run various apps. Well for games, unless the user expects the greatest graphics in the “tanks” and other things.

Our review Homtom HT17 PRO

Its characteristics are almost identical to the smartphone Doogee X5 Max PRO. But not on the quality of performance: a lot of minor flaws spoil the overall impression about the device, despite the attractive ratio of price and performance. And okay, if the company first released a budget gadget. It’s already the eleventh …model for the last couple of years, but Homem with enviable persistence comes on the same rake.

When ordering Homtom HT17 PRO online store, the buyer automatically becomes a participant of the “Chinese lottery”. When buying in store, or with hands, careful testing of the device will not be excess.

Source: doogeemobile

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