HDMI will be transmitted directly through USB Type C

HDMI will be transmitted directly through USB Type C

USB Type C interface is increasingly beginning to resemble an alternative to the Thunderbolt, as an increasing number of reports that can be transmitted via the 24-pin connector. And the regime for DisplayPort Alt Mode now add HDMI. All the same interface Type C will be much more widespread among the smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Features HDMI through USB Type C

HDMI Consortium has prepared a standard HDMI transmission via USB Type-C and announced some technical details. Of course, earlier on laptops with Type C connector could transmit an HDMI signal, but that used DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter. Like all the other protocols on the USB interface, HDMI is transmitted via Alt Mode. It uses redundant contacts (or a combination of pins) which are not used for data transmission. In the case of DisplayPort used eleven contacts, they also apply for HDMI. In Type C connector 24 pins are available, in the case of Alt Mode have used the mentioned eleven (plus another four for screening). The HDMI interface is generally open from 15 contacts, probably, some of them turned away.

HDMI will be transmitted directly through USB Type C

A Type C connector will work interface HDMI 1.4b. However, the old standard is limited to a resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels with a refresh rate of 30 Hz. HDMI 2.0 uses the same connectors, but with higher bandwidth, which allows you to reach even the permission of Ultra HD with a refresh rate of 30 Hz. Why HDMI consortium decided to limit the support HDMI 1.4b on the plug Type C – is unknown. Frankly, given the prospects would do well to support the HDMI 2.0b standard. But otherwise through Type C HDMI supports all functions. Among them – channel audio, CEC and Ethernet interface.

HDMI Via Type C connector for direct connection of HDMI devices. In the notebook should be a support for Alt Mode, through the update of its firmware can not be added. Therefore, the first devices with HDMI support via the Type C will appear on the market in the coming months and years. If you already have a laptop with built-in Type C, and you want to connect to a monitor, check, maybe it supports the DisplayPort standard in the Alt Mode. Matching monitors already on the market, for example, LG 27UD88.

Source: arstechnica

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