HDD with a capacity of 40 Tbyte in 2025 from Western Digital

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In recent years vendors of hard drives managed to achieve considerable success in increase in capacity of traditional disk storage modules. But all of them fade in comparison with what appears in plans of Western Digital for not the so far future.

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The day before the company reported about the considerable progress in mastering of technology microwave assisted to the magnetic record of MAMR (microwave-assisted magnetic recording) which will allow to increase the capacity of hard drives many times.

40 Tbyte? Western Digital, are you serious?

In particular, in 2025 Californians plan to market disk storage modules with a capacity of 40 Tbyte. Unlike a method of the termoassistiruyemy magnetic record (HAMR), the MAMR technology on which specialists of Western Digital work about eight-nine years does not need plates from new materials.

It allows to involve a large number of the existing technologies used by production of disks with the perpendicular magnetic record. Key feature of MAMR is use of the spin nanogenerator (spin-torque oscillator). He creates microwave field and allows to store information with ultrahigh packing density.

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At the same time, without damage of reliability. According to count of Western Digital, packing density of information shall make about 4 Tbit per square inch. The first disk storage modules using technology microwave assisted the magnetic record of MAMR, the company plans to release in 2019.

We are waited by the next break in technologies that it will entail reduction in cost of “older” products. Due to such technological progress huge corporations are also in the lead. They spend many resources for development, and receive an excellent profit!

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