GoPro Karma review: Drone with folding mechanism in practical test

GoPro Karma review: Drone with folding mechanism in practical test

US company GoPro is known for its action-cams. Now Californians wants to conquer the sky- with the first own drone GoPro Karma. The rumors about a GoPro drone were drifting in the winter of 2014 through the net, now the drone really takes off. On board is – in addition to optional GoPro Hero cam – also cleverly folded. Whether the last stumbling camera manufacturers can take off in this way into a successful future and to prevail against threats Size DJI? These and other questions clarifies in practice test.

Drones are above all: controversial. Groundings here, invasion of privacy because – the popular high-tech toys have truly not easy. Nevertheless wake leader DJI (with the Phantom 4) and Parrot (their latest flagship is the disco) not only the child in man. The new mini-drone GoPro Karma may seem insignificant with its four propellers at first glance, but hidden behind a small packaging miracle: thanks to the folding system allows the already compact device combine to backpack size.

Den provide Californians with the same. The big advantage: Unlike the often bulky competitors can the GoPro easily transported and quickly make ready. The simple operating principle held convinced the first practice test. Thanks to the quick to learn and operate, and the quiet flight behavior arrive very first visit stunning images that make just for newcomers to the drone world a spontaneous trip interesting. In the following video you will get a first taste – the first (and successful) landing

GoPro Karma review: Drone with folding mechanism in practical test

Good flight characteristics, but unmistakably

GoPro Karma weighs just over 1 kg, making it a true flyweight. Yet she could not bring the strong wind in the California mountains of Squaw Valley from the rest. Well, that was in over 2,000 meters. Nevertheless, the new GoPro drone likely survive at sea-level at the Hamburg continuous wind – only grumpy neighbors there could be problems. The position of the drone is not only thanks to the built-in GPS sensor easily recognize: When lifting karma is clearly perceived and relatively loud. In first appetizer videos before the performance the drone flew quiet through a library where it is usually quiet. To compare the advertising times with reality: In the educational institution, GoPro Karma would have disappeared very quickly from the radar after angry protests.

GoPro Karma review: Drone with folding mechanism in practical test

GoPro Karma: Images of compact drone

Unlike the rival no camera is built into the GoPro drone. For a gimbal device is integrated, movable in three planes Camera suspension. This demonstrates both the newly presented GoPro Hero 5 Black Action cam and the two year old GoPro Hero 4 mount. A flight without necessarily required Action Cam is technically impossible! This makes GoPro Karma package with at least 870 Euro (without a camera!) Just not inexpensive, but ensures also a particularly high photo and video quality. Aside from the standard motion picture GoPro Karma offers additional modes. So the drone moves at “Dronie” initially for users to then davonzubrausen in a long shot. In “Orbit” mode, GoPro Karma rotates like a satellite circling and in the “Reveal” setting it covers a predetermined distance from A to B.

The GoPro drone does not have a camera on board, instead uses the Hero 5. The is attached to a gimbal, which can also be used without GoPro Karma.

Clever solution: The gimbal allows amazingly quiet liquid images not only in the air but also on the floor. Finally, the little helper is only clipped, can also be detached from the drone with the Action Cam use. Speaking of use: The included remote control-style game controller has a built-in touchscreen, which dissolves in HD (1280×720 pixels) and with over 700 Candela even under the hot California sun is still easy to read. The little too chunky helper displays what the camera sees under GoPro Karma – even without the otherwise mostly requisite smartphone or tablet. But there also play an important role. In the Passenger App can fly up to three passengers, ie more users. While detached from pilots knipsen airy photos, the co-pilot may even lend a hand and for example control the gimbal.

GoPro Karma review: Drone with folding mechanism in practical test

Technology: Good start, but there’s more!

Up to 20 minutes, GoPro Karma is on the air before it arrives back at the earth. An expensive crash is virtually excluded: Three minutes before the drone out of air, it will send a warning message to the controller. Adventurous users can ignore the warning, but not later than two minutes later, GoPro Karma brings itself from heaven. After the automatic landing she sends her current position, which it relates from the built-in GPS sensor of Hero cam.

Annoying Web games are excluded. Unless GoPro Karma makes acquaintance with obstacles like an army of trees. In an obstacle detection GoPro has namely also waived as the ability to track the pilot. Since the Phantom 4 of DJI’s nose has a clear lead. Maximum speed: approximately 56 kilometers per hour

  • Maximum possible flight distance: 975 meters on a roll
  • Flies to wind speeds of 35 kilometers per hour
  • Wireless network wireless standard with 2.4 gigahertz
  • Dimensions: 303x411x117 mm (complete) and 365x224x90 mm (folded)
  • Length of the blades: 25 centimeters

GoPro Karma: Price and Release

GoPro Karma debut is on October 23, 2016 appear – at a price of 870 euros, but without a camera. The Session bundle costs $ 999 (around 895 euros), the set including Hero 5 Black kicks with 1,200 euros. This is between the popular drones of DJI and entry-level models of about Yuneec or Parrot. For the new top model GoPro Hero 5 in the powerful Black Edition GoPro about calls to 430 euros.

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