Google tablet from Huawei will be presented October 4

Google tablet from Huawei will be presented October 4

It is expected that in October, Google introduced LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P. According to the latest information, the new smartphones do not come under the Nexus brand. It is said that Google chooses the name Pixel and Pixel XL. Why does the company waives its famous brand Nexus, no one knows. Google does not provide comment on the rumors. They also say that, in addition to the smartphone, Google tablet will be presented. The situation in this segment is composed today is not the best way – in the tablet market has long been stagnant. This is especially true of models with a small diagonal, and this is due, not least, the growing smartphone diagonal.

Google tablet Features

However, the leaked information that even in 2016, Google will introduce to the market 7-inch tablet with 4 GB of RAM developed by Huawei device. Unfortunately, other details are unknown -.. It touches the screen resolution, of SoC, the internal memory capacity and functions, . as well as the price range is possible, Google tablet from Huawei will represent Huawei MediaPad M3 smaller version known under the Google brand will introduce a tablet on the market -. maybe it will be one of the Pixel models.

Google tablet Release date

Presentation of the two smartphones is expected on October 4. But it will at the same time shows a tablet, not reported. In addition, Google may provide a new generation of 4 October Chromecast and virtual points Daydream platform. It probably would be overkill if the Google tablet at the same time held the premiere. On the other hand, show the new equipment would be more complete, if the novelties added tablet. Therefore, its appearance should not be excluded.

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