Google Pixelbook – the new laptop of a premium class!

google pixelbook, google notebook, pixelbook

What is Google Pixelbook?

Information on the new portable computer of Google under control of the Chrome OS operating system was at disposal of network sources. It is reported that the notebook preparing for release will enter the market under the name of Pixelbook.

Google Pixelbook will belong to a premium class that is meant quite powerful hardware component and high price. The start cost of a novelty allegedly will be 1200 US dollars. Buyers will receive the chromebook about a flash drive with a capacity of 128 Gbytes for this money.

google pixelbook, google notebook, pixelbook

For 1400 dollars the model with the solid-state module with a capacity of 256 Gbytes will be offered. At last, the version with the drive with a capacity of 512 Gbytes will cost 1750 dollars. It is obvious that these modifications will differ not only with capacity of storage, but also other hardware components.

But data on the volume of a random access memory and the processor yet, alas, is not present. It is known that Pixelbook will receive the sensor display with a possibility of a turn by 360 degrees. It will allow to use the device as a pad.

google pen, google pixelbook, pixelbook

It is told about optional support of control by means of a pen of Pixelbook PEN sensitive to force of clicking and slope angle. The price of this accessory will be about 100 US dollars. The official announcement of Pixelbook if to trust messages of network sources, already not far off: the computer can debut on October 4.

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