Google Pixel 2: what we know about – release date, specs, price

Google Pixel 2: what we know about - release date, specs, price

The announcement of the first Google Pixel left conflicting feelings for me. On the one hand, as an old HTC fan, it was pleasant to me that the Taiwanese attached a hand to the novelty. Immediately remembered the joint work of Google and HTC over the very first Nexus, the rapid development of Android, stunning HTC devices, full of bold and very bright ideas the shell of HTC Sense.

On the other hand, it was clear that you did not enter the same river twice. And the current cooperation between HTC and Google from the very beginning resembled the relationship of Motorola with Lenovo or Microsoft with the former Nokia than an equal partnership. Unless Google did not need even a brand from HTC – just the right hardware at the right price and by a certain date. In fact, on the site of the Taiwanese company could be any manufacturer of the second echelon, and this would not have changed anything.

At first, a lot of questions were caused by stories about an amazing camera with a bunch of innovations. The benefit of all the same HTC, we’ve heard it from year to year, and on the way out each time we received some four UltraPixel, giving out a normal result only in strictly specified situations. Very embarrassed design, which was far from typical and clearly tried to claim something … but it was, to put it mildly, controversial and personally I did not cause absolutely no response. Unpleasantly surprised by the price, which is much more suited to the new iPhone, than the spiritual heir of Google Nexus. In general, the controversial moments were very, very much.

In fact, everything turned out to be much more fun. The camera actually turned out to be very interesting, the design is not as terrible as it seemed on the first pictures, but the high price was due to the fact that Google did not initially seek to mass sales. Pixel became a showcase of new technologies, a piece of a possible future, which (albeit for a lot of money) could be bought and held in the hands of absolutely anyone. And now the main question – what conclusions will make in Google from its first attempt. What will be Google Pixel 2, what will the company show us and how will other manufacturers react to it?

Google Pixel 2: what we know about - release date, specs, price

When Pixel 2 will be released?

Many people hoped that the new Google Pixel 2 will be announced at the Google I / O conference, but this did not happen. And this is quite logical. The first generation of Pixel was introduced in October last year, so before the fall, new devices should not be expected to wait. Yes, and Android O is now far from the final release.

Most likely, the announcement Google Pixel 2 will be held again in October, after the traditional autumn presentation of Apple has broken off. The beginning of sales can be expected by the end of the same month.

How many models Pixel 2 will be?

If you do not take into account the options with different memory configuration, then at least two – the standard (Walleye) and XL (Muskie). And recently, there are rumors about a third smartphone, code-named Taimen, which people have already christened XXL.

Google Pixel 2: what we know about - release date, specs, price

How justified this nickname is not yet clear, because among the leaked network characteristics of the screen size Google Pixel 2 just was not. But the name XXL really fits perfectly into the current lineup, and Google’s unhealthy love for large screen diagonals has long been known. In due time, Motorola engineers, who wanted to make Motorola Nexus 6 much more compact, complained about it.

What about design Pixel 2?

The first generation of smartphones received a rather controversial design. On the one hand, smartphones did not try to hit the user with super thin casing, premium materials or unusual shape, once again stressing that the main thing in them is software. On the other hand, at first glance they made it clear that they were special, “not like everyone else.” All this was clearly Google’s conscious decision and I do not think that at the time of the announcement of Pixel 2, there’s something dramatically changing here.

But you should not discount the fashion for curved displays and frameless design. Which (after the announcement of the conditional iPhone 8) can finally become mandatory attributes of any modern flagship. And although Google does not particularly pursue the fashion, release on the new Android “obsolete” the device may not want to.


If you believe South Korea’s Electronic Times, the search giant is ready to conclude an agreement with LG, which not only acquires a large batch of flexible OLED screens, but also invests $ 880 million in their further production.

What about chipset Pixel 2?

First of all – to the new version of Android, known at the moment as Android O. And although the times of explosive growth of the “green robot” have passed, this in any case guarantees a lot of pleasant improvements.

As for hardware, there are rumors about switching to Snapdragon 835 and increasing the screen resolution of the younger model to QHD. That, in turn, hints at the emphasis on Daydream VR – a platform of virtual reality, first shown on Google I / O in 2016.

Google Pixel 2: what we know about - release date, specs, price

Many journalists believe that Google Pixel 2 will be protected from dust and spray. Given the price of smartphones, it would be quite logical – to “drown” the flagship by simply answering the call during the rain is very offensive. However, on the first Pixel, there were no complaints from the owners, and the lack of IP certification does not mean that the smartphone will fail after the first drops of rain.

A lot of expectations are related to the quality of the cameras. Moreover, the representatives of Google have already mentioned that they plan to work on the camera further. No details yet, but it is very likely that all the changes will concern first of all the software, not the hardware. That is, double cameras or innovative camera modules are better not to wait.

And there are rumors that Google may refuse to support 3.5 audio connectors.

What’s the price Pixels 2?

Alas, most likely – strongly. What Rick Osterloh (head of the department dealing with “iron”) honestly told in an interview with AndroidPit a few months ago. According to him, the Pixel brand will remain premium, and this clearly indicates that price reductions should not be expected.

In my opinion, the statement is very controversial. Of course, Google has every right to sell the novelty at any price. And it is clear that the goal to set records of sales is not put in the company initially – the Pixel line generally has other tasks. But there is no “premium” in the current smartphone in any case. Regardless of what exactly you put into this word – a fashionable brand, a bright design, unique “chips” or something else, the first Pixel can not be put on a par with the Galaxy 8 or the iPhone 7. The high price does not yet make the product a premium, Otherwise the most luxury goods should be considered Chinese consumer goods, which some enterprising sellers are trying to resell with a thousand-percent surcharge.

Although there is a positive moment – no one said that Pixel will remain the only line of Google in the new year. It may well be that in the future these smartphones will have younger brothers.

Google Pixel 2: what we know about - release date, specs, price

Should we wait for Pixel 2 or not?

Smartphones are worth waiting for, because these are devices from Google with the new version of the OS. And for sure they will again have several unique solutions on the alloy of hardware and software that can interest not only potential buyers, but also manufacturers. For example, it’s very curious that even Google engineers can come up with a camera in their phones. Which, as it seemed a couple of years ago, there is simply nowhere to develop.

In this case, a successful purchase in terms of price / quality devices are unlikely to become. And official sales in our market are hard to believe, and this means problems with the guarantee, additional difficulties with the purchase and other annoying problems.

And what do you expect from Google Pixel 2? Do you like the Pixel line and do not you feel sad for the Nexus at times?

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