Globalfoundries will release 2017 first 7-nm chips

Globalfoundries will release 2017 first 7-nm chips

Contract manufacturer Globalfoundries produces, among other things, a 14-nm chips for Polaris AMD. The company announced that in 2017 it can move to a new process technology. Globalfoundries will miss the intermediate 10-nm process and immediately proceed to 7 nm. That is, the chips on 10-nm process will not, you can expect just 7 nm.

Features Globalfoundries 7-nm chips

The first move to a new process Fab8 plant in Malta. Globalfoundries will invest several billion dollars in the transition to 7-nm process technology. The first chip samples have to get off the assembly line in the second half of 2017 and the first major contracts for the production will be performed at the beginning of 2018. Due to the 7-nm process chips should provide a greater level of performance, while consuming less power. Demand for the new 7-nm process technology is available so that no orders GlobalFoundries is unlikely to remain.

Direct competitor TSMC plans to release 7-nm chips in early 2018, but as an intermediate step, the Taiwanese manufacturer has chosen the 10-nm process. He is in high demand for the production of SoC.

Release date Globalfoundries 7-nm chips

However, it is not known whether the GlobalFoundries will introduce a 7-nm process to the end of 2017. In the past, chip makers repeatedly encountered delays for various reasons.

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