Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply

Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply

The lab arrives newest flagship Gigabyte – a powerful 1200 watt XP1200M, certified according to the standard 80 Plus Platinum. Let’s see how this device can handle the load, typical for modern gaming systems top-class. In addition, we found just two direct competitor for XP1200M – a “platinum” model of the same power: Cooler Master V1200 and the already mentioned EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2.

Gigabyte XP1200M: Packaging equipment

Gigabyte Power Supply comes in a large (350 x 215 x 160 mm), a colorful cardboard box.

The aggressive appearance package will be enjoyed by lovers of “extreme” iron (no wonder the series, to which this power supply is called Xtreme Gaming). Fortunately, the information content is not sacrificed to the design of the unit reports all the necessary information: provides a sufficiently detailed description, several photos, table of power characteristics and the list of connectors.

With regard to the reliability of the package, not just complain about what. The box turned out to be a double, inner box is made of durable cardboard, in addition, the block body is placed in a special form of soft penopropilena. This is a real “cocoon” that can protect the device even from strong impacts.

Cords and elements supplied folded in a special bag with zipper (by the way, it is convenient to store cables, the remaining unused during system assembly).

In addition to the usual items (user, fixing screws, power cord), the set includes fabric ties, Velcro, which can be used to secure the cords, branded sticker on the casing and wristband with Xtreme Gaming line logo.

The last accessory is somewhat unusual. However, to the manufacture of quality I have no complaints, it is not just decorative, “cloth”, but quite functional accessory that can be used even in sports.

Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply

Gigabyte XP1200M: Appearance and design features

Take a look at the device itself.

Gigabyte Designers are not limited to the aggressive design of the box, the block itself also looks very “cocky.” Note the combination of contrasting black and orange fan housing and to the unusual shape of the upper grid. Appearance model successfully complement bright stickers.

Dimensions XP1200M – 149 x 179 x 86 mm. The length is increased by 40 mm (compared to the PD versions, fully appropriate standard ATX specifications). I usually note the non-standard dimensions as a disadvantage, as the unit may not be compatible with some buildings. However, in this case, such claims are meaningless: hardly anyone would dream to establish a model power 1.2 kW in a compact system unit. In addition, the increased length of the body – a typical feature of all high-power PSU flagship.

XP1200M performed on the fully modular scheme (you can disconnect all cables, including the main – with connectors of the motherboard and CPU power).

I note that all the connectors are signed – so that connection problems should not arise, even for inexperienced users.

The rear panel has the power button is off.

The unit is equipped with odinnadtsatilopastnym fan size 140 x 25 mm.

Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply

Marking PLA13525B12H model. The design uses a double-row ball bearing with long service life (50 000 hours).

Consider the power characteristics. The unit has a single line 12 is not divided into multiple virtual channels (which is good – less of a problem with the load distribution terminals). Maximum current up to 100 A, and the power, so is 1200 W, which corresponds exactly to the declared nominal power supply. The ideal ratio!

The current in line 25 is limited to 3.3 A, and on the line 5 – 22 A. In sum, it can be submitted for up to 120 watts of power, which is enough for any modern system (even the most “voracious” build rarely consume these channels 50 -60 W). Gigabyte PSU is certified according to the standard 80 Plus Platinum.

XP1200M equipped with a composite connector ATX Mainboard 20 + 4-pin and the CPU 4 + 4-pin. And immediately provided two connectors (mounted on the cords of varying lengths – 650 and 800 mm) for the CPU power, which means that the power supply can operate in dual-processor configurations, or in conjunction with the motherboard for extreme “nitrogen” overclocking.

To power the video card is proposed to use six slots PCI-e 6 + 2-pin. Two of them are placed on individual cords 650 mm, four – are mounted in pairs on two cables 750 mm. This configuration allows you to install the PSU in a system with three “voracious” accelerators.

Using all SATA connectors, which offers this model, you can now collect data store. A total of twelve – four on three cords of 1000 mm in length (the distance between the connectors – 150 mm).

Molex connector is slightly smaller – eight (they are also available on the two cords of length 1000 mm, the distance between the slots is 150 mm). But this is a big enough margin for any modern system (today, when “molex” is not used to connect hard drives, their role is to ensure the supply fan, peripherals and some expansion cards).

Finally here are a few photos of the filling unit (although this is not provided for this test method).

Gigabyte uses high quality Enhance Electronics production platform. Also note that the design applied exceptionally reliable Japanese solid capacitors Rubycon.

So, on the basis of visual inspection Gigabyte XP1200M makes a positive impression. Exemplary power characteristics, a rich set of connectors, fully modular design, interesting design – all the characteristics of a solid flagship product. Let’s move on to the next section and see what the results of this model shows in the tests.

Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply


  • Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 Pro (BIOS v 1204);
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K (base frequency of 3300 MHz);
  • CPU Cooling System: Noctua NH-D14 (Fan TR-TY140, 1150 rev / min);
  • Memory: Corsair TR3X6G1600C7 (DDR3-1600, 7-7-7-20, 2 x 2 GB, dual-channel mode);
  • Video: 2 x Radeon HD 6970 (CrossFireX);
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital WD10EALX (1000GB);
  • Power supply: Gigabyte XP1200M;
  • Housing an outdoor stand.


  • Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate;
  • graphics card driver: AMD Catalyst 13.4;
  • Auxiliary tool:
  • MSI Afterburner 2.3.1;
  • ASUS TurboV EVO;
  • Prime 95 v.27.9;
  • Furmark 1.10.6;
  • Real Temp 3.7.

Instrumentation and test method

The test procedure was considered earlier and contained in a separate article.

Gigabyte XP1200M: Test results

In the introduction it was noted that the maximum consumption provided by our stand, is 800 watts. As expected, the PSU Gigabyte easily cope with the load.

Efficiency index was even high by the standards of “platinum” models. The modes with an average load of consistently observed 92-93%. Separately, I note that even with the value of 90% was obtained minimum consumption (many heavy-duty power supply “wake up” much later, so that in the light mode efficiency is low even among options with certified Gold and Platinum).

The modes available to us the quality of stabilization is close to ideal: virtually no voltage “sags” with increasing load, deflection is measured in hundredths of a volt.

Start the fan rotational speed is about 680 rev / min. And this figure does not change until the mode with a load of 700 watts. Next there is a slight increase.

The unit operates almost inaudibly at any available level of load. All that we have achieved from XP1200M – quiet “hum” fan, distinguishable only by the minimum distance. In most systems with air-cooled power supply completely “lost” from the crowd.

So, when working in the modes with up to 800 W load product Gigabyte shows the highest results in all disciplines of our test. This is a serious bid for the title in the overall standings, it’s time to go over.

Gigabyte XP1200M (80 Plus Platinum) Review and test power supply

Comparison of the results

In the list of devices tested by the method of mass earlier, found just two direct competitor for the Gigabyte XP1200M – is Cooler Master V1200 and EVGA SuperNOVA P2. Both units belong to the same group of cardinality (1200 W) and are certified according to the standard 80 Plus Platinum.

Also on the charts are the results of other power supply units of similar class – it is six models of 1000 W and 1250 W capacity of one, all of them are certified under the standard 80 Plus Gold.

More modern filling Gigabyte XP1200M makes it easy to beat all rivals, who are not able to show such high results with minimum consumption (this feature is most heavy-duty models mentioned above).

The quality of stabilization in this mode can only be judged on the transducer configuration features (load is too small to severe subsidence stresses could occur).

All units in our selection – a very high-end devices. Unsurprisingly, Gigabyte XP1200M is in the best company: multiple models show a very low rotational speed, and some products Corsair, Cooler Master and Chieftec and did work in passive mode.

With the noise situation is similar: the majority of units work or almost inaudibly (39-40 dB), or silent (29 dB – if not noted any “stray” noise emitted by the components of the board; for models with passive cooling on the graph is the value of the “background” ).

Gigabyte XP1200M: Conclusion

Go to the debriefing. Let’s start by listing the pros and cons of the tested devices.


  • Very high power characteristics;
  • The extremely high efficiency (90-93%);
  • Excellent quality of stabilization modes available;
  • Excellent noise characteristics in modes available;
  • Having all the necessary connectors for the productive system with three video cards;
  • Modular (fully modular) design.


  • Significant disadvantages are not found.

Can not arrange:

  • Non-standard dimensions of the body – the length is increased by 40 mm (a little less for this category of device);
  • High price.

In the introduction it was noted that the main task of testing for heavy-duty mass method blocks – to protect readers from buying a “pig in a poke.” Some models show mediocre results, even when working with a substantial margin of power. Reporting: Gigabyte product is definitely not one of them.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2 was defeated in all respects, but the fight against Cooler Master V1200 turned hard. The model CM has already mentioned ace in the hole – a semi-cooling system. On the side of the Gigabyte slightly higher quality stabilization and significantly higher efficiency.

Perhaps the only niggle to this unit – the lack of a semi-cooling system. In my opinion, it is equipped with all the latest flagship model with high efficiency. However, in light modes BP operates so quietly that it is possible to hear only fanless PC (and such are very rare, especially when it comes to assembly of multiple graphics cards).

The rest is the flagship model PSU with an interesting design, a rich set of supply and very high performance. Using a trusted platform provider (Enhance Electronics) and exceptionally high-quality element base allows you to confidently talk about the reliability of the device (not for nothing that the manufacturer gives to XP1200M five-year warranty). The quality of stabilization was close to perfect in terms XP1200M efficiency is superior to other models with a certificate of 80 Plus Platinum, who participated in the test, and the noise level is very low regardless of the load.

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