Genius SlimStar 130 Review: simple keyboard for daily use

Genius SlimStar 130 Review: simple keyboard for daily use


Genius SlimStar 130 is a fashion thin keyboard quickly aroused and fashion for a reduced key travel. The reasons are purely technical: if the body is thin, it has no place in the “move deep.” However, it soon became clear that such an option has both fans and opponents – last longer liked keys with a soft and long stroke. If the laptop owners had no option, the desktop users, in principle, no one bothered to continue to use the keyboard “archaic” type. However, many have wanted a change. Or interesting innovations such as the “island” (t. E. Spaced apart) keys. Or the normal protection against dust and especially liquids, because computers at this point firmly spelled out in the homes of citizens, not only in the office (although it is a shame to pour a cup of coffee on the keyboard).

In this product today, it seems to us, the Genius designers tried at the same time to kill several birds with one stone: make an original and compact keyboard, but with key travel and a good degree of security. Let’s see how they did it.

Genius SlimStar 130 Review: simple keyboard for daily use

When viewed in a perpendicular direction it seems to us that one of the now familiar thin “island” keyboard in the same profile can be clearly seen that the keys protrude high above the surface of the body.

Genius SlimStar 130: Design

In this course they have a surprise: as much as 3 mm, which takes us back to the days of two decades ago – that’s when it was the default value for desktop keyboards. However, the visual thickness and the device has anything with the decisions overall. And the key, in spite of the big move, pressed without distortions typical of some models of the “classic” design – even when you press the space bar on the edge of “going down” vertically along the entire length. As this has been achieved?

Genius SlimStar 130 Review: simple keyboard for daily use

In fact, Genius SlimStar 130 – Keyboard small on the outside but spacious inside. The keys seem to be very high, but in practice they are twice thinner than they appear and have a “U” -shaped profile. The very same upper surface of the keyboard is not “flat with holes”, as usual, and studded with “stumps”, is printed as a single unit with it, and on which “put on” key. It is clear that such a structure leaves a lot of space for the mechanism, and the imbalance in the deep mine occur nowhere.

Along the way, solved the problem with moisture protection – and completely: natural, liquid spilled on the keyboard with a drain between her “stumps”, not getting inside. To fully flooded with this model have, perhaps, be immersed in water completely. Crumbs from any of cookies and other debris, of course, behave similarly, keeping the device always neat appearance. For all the surfaces are made opaque so that no dirt on them too late. In general, the keyboard will look good anywhere in the office – on the condition that the employee uses it is not necessary to print hundreds of pages of texts: all the same for a very reduced speed dial key travel has its advantages.

Home also supports keyboard printing speed will be more than enough – after a little getting used to the size of the keys. The keys in this case – only 13 × 13 mm, and not the “typical” for the classic 17 × 17 mm, which, incidentally, is a feature of most notebook and desktop “island” keyboard. So the first time past the keys, you can sometimes “smear” – up to neighboring grazing. But soon it passes, and the keyboard begins to please mild stroke, and quiet operation.

Genius SlimStar 130: Using

Gamers, however, Genius SlimStar 130 not appreciate due to the low number of simultaneously processed keys: have a combination of the type «W + A + S» and «W + S + D» (while pressing) are not recognized. Again, this is a common problem of office and multimedia models, which, however, should be considered mandatory.

Genius SlimStar 130 Review: simple keyboard for daily use

Another interesting feature of the keyboard, which (judging by reviews) did not go unnoticed by users, is the range of colors symbols on the keys: a contrasting (unlike the vast majority represented on keyboards market) here are the Cyrillic characters. On white keyboard they are black, and Latin – red, and not vice versa. On the black, as is easily seen from the photos, the white Cyrillic and Latin pink. It is clear that in our area the most relevant Cyrillic (with what is likely to agree to programmers and system administrators, but a poor programmer that does not mastered blind ten-printing method), but the keyboard manufacturers is usually ignored. ” In most models, so it goes and Genius, but the Genius SlimStar 130 is an exception to the rule – especially enjoyable for novice computer users and / or working with the keyboard occasionally.

Genius SlimStar 130: Conclusion

So, to sum up. Genius SlimStar 130 is not a specialized solution for anyone who is typing in hundreds of pages. It is also not suitable for hardcore gamers. But it has a number of advantages in terms of “normal users” (who were darkness and darkness) – from quiet operation and non-marking key to increased loyalty to consume the sandwiches and coffee at the computer. In addition, the keyboard original appearance, in the era of the triumph of individualism is highly valued. But it is worth it is so inexpensive that it is unlikely to buy someone badly disappoint, even if the device is not suitable for some personal reasons.

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