Genius LuxMate 100 Review Keyboard

Genius LuxMate 100 Review Keyboard

Today we will make a review on Genius LuxMate 100.

Manufacturer especially emphasizes the fact that the keyboard is compact and lightweight, it is true: it has the dimensions of 306 × 155 × 17 mm (at the rear with folded legs) at a weight of 285 grams. The latter is a particular disadvantage when quick printing, because the keyboard is easy to budge, but very convenient to carry it with you if necessary.

In this case, these dimensions fit the main keys 88 without any problems. We can not say that it was not necessary to go compromise: Only alphanumeric keys have the standard dimensions – other had to be reduced, too, no separation units, and in general the layout closer to the notebook’s keyboard.

Genius LuxMate 100: Design

But the latter has a few differences: first, no Fn key combinations and with it, the benefit of a full set (including even the right key Win, which many manufacturers have long disdain) and second, the main keys have a size of 17 × 17 mm and the course of 2 mm, which is typical for desktop membrane keyboards – notebooks more common 15 × 15 and 1.3-1.5 mm. It should be noted that in recent years the supporters of “minimal progress” even in a desktop keyboard becomes more and more (thanks to the “notebook’s” habits), so this point is taken into account – Genius LuxMate 100 is primarily intended for those who are accustomed to it to affordable desktop models and willing to change habits when buying a tablet.

Genius LuxMate 100 Review Keyboard

Recently at the moment they are often the cheapest of all types of “computers” with Windows, so that acquired and not only for fully mobile use. In this case, as already mentioned, will have to get used to get used to the layout and a reduction of the keys. As practice shows, the difficulty in this case, there are usually only with the Shift and BackSpace, but absolutely no loss of compact keyboards do impossible. Reducing the editing keys and their arrangement in the form of a vertical column which is better than still occasionally encountered emulation through combination with Fn.

Due to the small size of the keyboard easy to use and just laid it on his knees, but for maximum performance is desired table. As mentioned above, the thickness of the back of the device is 17 mm, but with a folding legs (element almost disappeared from a variety of slim-models) it is possible to finish up to 25 mm by changing the angle of inclination of the keyboard.

Genius LuxMate 100 Review Keyboard
Although, as has already been said, we use Genius LuxMate 100 not recommend just because of its low mass. Manufacturer, it seems, holds the opposite opinion, why staffed USB-device cable length as much as one and a half meters. On the other hand, so versatile. But less convenient for transportation.Print on the device, thanks to the “standard” of the main keys is easy, but for gamers it is of little use: type of shortcut keys W + A + S and W + S + D (while pressing) are not processed. Such we expected originally, and when using the device in conjunction with tablets it will not interfere, but the desktop computer it should not be forgotten if you wish to complement such a keyboard.

Genius LuxMate 100: Practice

It is worth noting that many mobile users choose wireless keyboard, citing the absence of load on the built-in battery last. This is so, but in the end have to follow and the state of the batteries in the keyboard 🙂 At the same time the power consumption thereof has been for many years does not exceed 4 mA that is simple, that the active print. I was no exception and our heroine today, showing exactly the same result. Or close to it – yet it is on the verge of errors of simple instrumentation.

Genius LuxMate 100 Review Keyboard

Interestingly, each of the LED state of key modifiers increases the power consumption of 15 mA, t. E. In the amount of three LEDs increase the required values ​​on the order. Thus, if and what should be “afraid” because this keyboard with backlit keys, which in some cases are convenient, but very “greedy”. LuxMate 100 as is the usual cost-wired model, which does not have a major impact even at the time of the smartphone (if someone wants to be connected and close to the standard keyboard to a device), not to mention the plates. But, of course, in this case it is important for good outside lighting – all, who does not use a “blind” method of printing. Note that the readability of the labels on the keys manufacturer has taken care, in spite of the two-color-coded: gray Cyrillic characters on a black keyboard easier to read than the often used still red.

Genius LuxMate 100: Conclusion

So, what we have in the end? Simple, moderately quiet and compact model with wire layout close to the standard. Still, only a close, but not identical to that (in combination with the compact) does Genius LuxMate 100 is not the best choice for a desktop computer. But it is well suited as a companion for a tablet, moderately conservative whose owner wants to get more comfortable working tool than a “keyboard cover” (not to mention the on-screen keyboard), but not enough to carry a full-size keyboard.

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