Gaming devices from Acer at IFA 2016

Gaming devices from Acer at IFA 2016

Taiwanese companies, such as Acer, have traditionally used IFA 2016 to announce immediately 15-20 devices, and then have to deal than 5 differs from the Swift Spin 7. To make it easier to navigate, I shared all the news from the booth into two parts: the game and everything else. Now go to the hardware device.

Acer Predator 21C

Gaming laptops – one of the few areas of the computer market, bringing stable profit companies. That is why there is no any kind of stupidity glossy displays, circumcision keys or touch screens. Gamers – people are picky and conservative, so all the innovations added very carefully. And yet, every year among gaming solutions constantly appears something interesting. For example, yesterday at the presentation of an Acer laptop big presented with a diagonal, not inferior to some stationary monitors. In this screen Predator 21X also curved.

Gaming devices from Acer at IFA 2016

It looks very impressive. But these dimensions have to pay and payment in gaming notebooks is always the same – size and weight. This monster weighs 8 kilograms! Poor videobloger, who shot a novelty to me, barely able to lift it.

Another interesting innovation is the whole five fans for cooling Predator 21X. The Acer decided to add some fun to design and added two transparent inserts, with which you can see, work is now cooler or not.

Powered by the mechanical keyboard with a full Numeric Pad, as well as a small surprise. You can get the numeric keypad, turn it and turn it into a traditional touchpad.

Other characteristics are also at a very good level, below – table with the specifications of the model.

You know, although I’m far from the world of computer gaming, but even I was very impressed Predator 21X. It’s nice that in such a conservative field of Acer were able to create something new.

Gaming Monitors Eye Tracking Technology

Acer boasted that hold as much as 37% of the market among gaming monitors. I even wondered how much it in pieces, given the small size of this market.

Gaming devices from Acer at IFA 2016

Acer Monitors New game made in collaboration with Tobii, which, if I understand correctly, is engaged in devices to track the movement of your eyes. Why do it in games? Acer and Tobii demonstrated for three good reasons.

In games, we spend a lot of time trying to control the viewing angle of the character before the aim, it is necessary to turn around with the buttons. With new monitors Predator you just turn your head a little bit, or even to see with his eyes on the sides. Sensors note the movement and automatically deploy the image. I was not lazy and specifically sat behind the monitor to test how well this technology works. To begin, I turned the entire head and the monitor correctly read out my movements in 90% of cases. Then try to use only the eyes, the accuracy decreased to 70-80%, but still remained high. this functionality for me – it is a huge plus and a reason to give a chance again popular toys like “The Witcher”. When the last time I tried to play it, I was just too lazy to deal with management.

The second use case – sight. You just look at the right of the enemy and press the mouse button. To implement such a scenario is more complicated, because the difference in eye movements much less. And yet, 70% of the goal was determined correctly.

To add realism, depending on your view changes and lighting in the game, for example, if out of the shadows in the bright sun, then for a few moments muted colors, as well as in reality.

Currently this technology is only in the last part of Assasin’s Creed, but I think it will add other popular developers in the near future its time. In my view, support such functionality is becoming a serious advantage for gaming monitor. A problem will be solved within a few updates.


Together with StarBreeze Acer come and VR market. The main feature of these points in a much larger viewing angle, thanks to activated peripheral vision and you get the full effect of the dive. While the technology does not work very smoothly, for example, I have the picture was a little fuzzy, partly to blame poor eyesight. The developers note that, perhaps, in the future, the image will be optimized taking into account the peculiarities of your eyes (but no guaranteed promises traditionally do not give). The presentation talked a lot, and that the use of peripheral vision is perfect for movies with support for VR.


This project is fully Acer acquired, talk about it just a few words. Pawbo essence is quite simple: Gadget with laser light on the floor, animal (cat, dog or rabbit) tries to snatch the red dot, when it gets a paw on it, poured out Pawbo any vkusnuypirogek. I decided to mention about this project in the article about gaming solutions, because in the end, it’s the same game, only for the animals. I can not dream up on this topic in the next generation will be branded Predator-design achivki animal from your smartphone, and, of course, Predator-hat for a cat or dog in the kit!


Watching the game achievements Acer (and watch them often have, no matter how you come to the presentation, some laptops Predator’y yes!), I can not fail to note the progress of the company. Lots of interesting collaborations, unique solution among gaming laptops, buying toys for pets, after all. Let’s see how well all this will be reflected in sales and profits.

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