G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

Fortunately, gone are the days when the word “computer headset” called silent horror. The era of a wide choice – everyone can try to find a product suitable for both requirements, and on budget. Gaming peripheral manufacturers are trying their best, and often they manage to surprise the users nice. In this time to our office was a very rare and all the more interesting specimen – Gaming Headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 from the company G.Skill.

In order not to mislead clarify immediately that this is representative of the virtual area 7.1, in contrast to his older brother – SR910 model. However, recently I had to listen to a virtual environment in headsets from different manufacturers, so it is very interesting to be seen whether G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 please the high-quality sound.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Contents of delivery

The front of the box has a viewing window through which you can see one of the phones, as well as part of the arc. In addition, we may see a short description of the main features and the four mentioned 7.1.

The back of the packaging is even less informative, but the most important thing you should pay attention – this is an indication of the technology Dolby Pro Logic IIx, which allows to simulate surround sound from a stereo source.

Something special for the accessories of the headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 is unlikely to please his master. Except the headphones included only two thin paper booklet.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Appearance

But look G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 will not leave indifferent. Visually very large headband separate, in the style of the monitor, the arc and the suspension is not really much different from the size of their counterparts from other manufacturers. There probably affects it a little unusual form and method of attachment to the phone arc. Immediately I want to note that the design inspires confidence for their reliability.

Phones can perform a U-turn on almost everything 180 degrees. This means that they will take the correct position on the head and it does not become a problem during the descent to the neck.

Part of the suspension, which is adjacent to the head, has five soft pads. Eraser is so well adjusted that initially even doubt – not too little? One gets the impression that the headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 will literally hang on the ears. But a few hours later you realize that absolutely do not notice its presence, despite the size and considerable weight.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

The arc headband is made of hard plastic with a sufficiently pleasant soft-touch surface. But do not worry – phones will not shrink back to back this hard arc, and therefore will not push. And, of course, will not name the manufacturer:

Ear pads are made of imitation leather, and have a fairly soft texture. I want to mention their high profile, make it a little push back from the ear speaker, and thus create more space for the creation of surround sound. This technique really works perfectly! In addition, the headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 provides excellent sound insulation.

By the way, although the ear cups and removable, but to remove them without damaging, it will be difficult. And the mounting structure will not find a replacement among the well-known models.

Outer edge of the phone are made of dark translucent plastic.

While working through it can be seen illuminated by red light dynamics and G.Skill logo. Very interesting view, but I’m afraid the glossy surface, initially protected film, quickly covered with scratches network.

The cord has a good three meters in length. Probably for this reason it did not do in the braid. But the remote control was a disappointment. It looks awfully clumsy, has a very large size for a device that can only regulate one volume. The blue glow of a huge plus and minus (again incomprehensible color) easy to create an atmosphere of a disco in a dark room, if you do not find what they cover. Profile of buttons just above the surface of the console, because enough something to put on it, like you suddenly begin to change the volume. Thanks at least for the present volume mute button microphone – the truth will find it on the side edge, it is absolutely not a stand-out in any way, or just a very considerate person, or read the instructions.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

Speaking of the microphone. Of the non-critical remarks – is that a microphone just hanging out in his chamber, as an assembled and extended. Again lacks indication of its activity. On the other hand, it is flexible and allows you to adjust the position for themselves. But the recording quality is also upset. Perhaps the case in a specific instance, but the sides heard me very badly, even after twisting at the maximum all the possible sensitivity settings and volume. The level of ambient noise is too high.

As I said at the beginning, you will not see here a discrete 7.1 system. The headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 is based on a large 50-mm speakers with neodymium magnet, and the surround sound is achieved with a built-in audio device virtualization.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Ergonomics and usability

Overall ergonomics G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 headphone test can only praise and praise again. All distances, contact force and flexibility chosen just perfect. Perhaps they may be too loose for the younger generation of people because of its design, but everyone else will appreciate the feeling of complete freedom and unloaded. I easily spent them 3-5 hours at a time, and not encountered the slightest desire to take a break from the headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710.

A nice cup full rotation allows the most convenient place and headphones on his head, and neck, and even on the desktop.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

The long cord allows free to move away from the table and stretch their legs. Even the remote control, in spite of the disadvantages described above still has the minimum required functionality.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Software

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

Frankly, literally nothing to write about the software of the hero of today’s review. From the first glance at him to mind the design of the harsh 2000s. On the other hand, all the functions are present. It is possible to switch the playback modes: Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic, Virtual 7.1. We can rotate the scene to change the location of all the elements of a virtual sound system, adjust the volume and adjust the equalizer. It is a pity not done so in a more presentable form.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Impressions of sound

We now turn to the immediate listening and evaluation of sound quality. Headphones were tested in the following games: Battlefield 1, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, Counter-Strike 1.6. Also produced diverse listening to music and sound rating in films and serials.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 Review gaming headset

As has been repeatedly noted, unfortunately, quite a small amount of game projects natively supports surround sound and the last part of Battlefield are among them. To say that I was pleasantly surprised – to say nothing. Excellent speakers, perfect sound processing integrated audio codec and the same, due to the increased height of the lip, the space created a miracle! We got a real volume and a great presence. The sound is so real, that I want to stop, twist his head and looked for flying at low level flight attack aircraft. Add to that the virtual reality glasses, and off becomes impossible.

But the surprise does not end there. Software virtualization processing and volume of a stereo using the Dolby Pro Logic IIx performs its functions best. Even in games that do not support surround sound initially, it appears.

Appreciation can be supplied and playback movies. Even the stereo tracks to listen with rapture.

With music, of course, everything is more complicated. We used to say that gaming headset – a device that was not originally focused on music playback, and in 80% of cases this statement is true. But you can pull quite a good musical sound of G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 with the equalizer. Largely due to the fact that they do not try to jump over your head. It has a nice transparent bass that will not mumble and turn to mush if you’re not going to force him to do it. Perhaps there is a certain homeliness medium and high, but the fact that I am talking about is gaming headset makes a satisfied smile.

G.Skill Ripjaws SV710: Conclusions

The first impression is often deceptive. It happened with the G.Skill Ripjaws SV710. Initially they seemed too bulky and unsightly, and declared virtual 7.1 sound always makes us think about how many manufacturers will place the sound source at a distance of 2 cm from the ear the next time.

But in the course of testing this headset G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 did not stop to surprise. Well-designed and verified design allows for many hours at work or play, without noticing the weight of the device. A perfectly tuned surround sound virtualization solution user plunges straight into the heart of the action.

If the microphone recording quality does not play a big role for you, then this headset can really become a very pleasant purchase, fully justifies all the inscriptions on its packaging.

Source: gskill

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