Fall Creators Update coming soon!

new look of fall creators update, fall creators update

Fall Creators Update in October.

New up-dating for Windows 10 is planned in the fall. We will see the full-scale and expected product — Fall Creators Update. It goes after the Creators Update updating provided in the spring.

Fourth Feature Update for Windows 10 it is already. On IFA Terry Mayerson from Microsoft designated date of an output of new up-dating — on October 17, 2017. Not support of the mixed reality is in the last place among developers. Lenovo, ASUS and Dell provided the appropriate devices on IFA. Microsoft includes the added and virtual reality in the concept “the mixed reality”.

Fall Creators update, win10 update, creators update 2017

New technologies of protection will be integrated into Windows Defender. Utilities for detection of exploits and programs extortioners will become them. There will be new “settings of protection against viruses and threats”. They will provide access to folders only to familiar safe programs. To unknown programs access it will be denied. But the user can independently include them in the list of exceptions.

Also it will be possible to set up use of a network manually. For example, the user will be able to distribute throughput for updates of system and applications. OneDrive will receive the new function “Files on Demand”. It will become the useful to those who saves many big files in a cloud. Big files will be excluded from synchronization process. They will remain in the local OneDrive folder only if necessary.

new look of fall creators update, fall creators update

Not the so considerable improvings in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will concern the Information center. Shortcut menus and scaling of a desktop it will also be changed in up-dating. All users of Windows 10 will be able to get acquainted with innovations on October 14, 2017. We hope that all our expectations will be met soon. The new product shall become really interesting and popular.

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