Apple has come true for the Face ID failure in iPhone X

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Apple explained why during iPhone X presentation the smartphone did not manage to be unblocked from the first by means of the scanner of the person. Writes Yahoo Finance about it. According to the representative of corporation, Face ID during the presentation I worked correctly.

The reason for which the high vice-president for software development in Apple Craig Federigi could not unblock the smartphone consists in features of system operation of safety. So, after two abortive attempts to scan the face of the user the smartphone will demand to enter the PIN code. The same restriction is also by operation of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, however the password needs to be entered after five mismatch.

Why FaceID in iPhone X hasn’t worked?

“During preparation of a scene for iPhone X presentation by means of Face ID tried to identify workers. After several abortive attempts the system made that, as shall — I demanded to enter the PIN code” — the journalist David Pogue after communication with the staff of Apple told.

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During demonstration of the new Federigi smartphone I tried to unblock the smartphone with the help of the scanner of the person. However he did not manage to get from the first access to the device because of what it was necessary to change phone in a hurry.

The hitch caused heated discussions in networks and assumptions of users that Face ID works incorrectly. Apple showed the new system of protection Face ID on iPhone X presentation on September 12. It is based on a method of infrared scanning for creation of volume model of the face of the user.

According to representatives of the company, Face ID works in the dark and even if the owner of the smartphone will put on a headdress. Function rather serious and the modern, and shall work ideally. In general, Apple was not made and interested potential clients!

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