Essential Phone: five thousand units is sold…

Essential Phone, smartphone, phone, android, Andy Rubin

That not so with Essential Phone?

Andy Rubin created the Android mobile operating system at which billions of smartphones work now. But here new phone of the businessman cannot brag of impressive sales yet. It is reported that ambitious Essential Phone was sold out in circulation only five thousand units.

The research company BayStreet Research in the environment reported that Rubin’s startup managed to realize only five thousand phones which went on sale two weeks ago. It is remarkable that more iPhones buy from Apple in 15 minutes, than Essential sold Essential Phone for all the time.

Essential Phone, Andy Rubin, essential, phone, smartphone

If to assume that all smartphones were sold for all-round price, the company earned only $3,5 million. Venture capitalists who financed Essential and whom the Taiwan production giant Foxconn is among estimated Rubin’s project more than at $1 billion.

What led to a problem?

But the company faced a number of problems. Among them — delays in delivery of smartphones, limited distribution and ambiguous reviews. On May 30 the businessman promised that Essential Phone will become available within 30 days, however deliveries of devices began quite recently.

Essential Phone, smartphone, phone, android, Andy Rubin

Essential Phone has the 5,7-inch curved screen, 128 Gbytes of the built-in memory and the casing from titanium and ceramics. At the moment the company sells the smartphone directly via the website at the price of $699 for the unblocked version.

Also sales are carried out through Sprint operators in the USA and Telus in Canada. Nobody expected such sales, the smartphone is actually ideal. Many critics gave the smartphone an appreciation for quality. Phone also received the lowest ball of maintainability that is very strange. In general, the device very good and easily competes even with top smartphones!

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Source: Fortune

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