Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Today we review Elephone S7 which is considered one of the most interesting Android smartphones in 2016. We look at specifications, design, features and so on.

Specifications Elephone S7

According to the characteristics before us confident middle-upper segment on a top MediaTek platform. However, it is the top-end of 2016 and soon arrives the new Helio X30 on the new process technology, but de facto is now Helio X20 (aka Helio X25) – the maximum that can offer MediaTek. Elephone The smartphone is available in versions with balanced 2/16, 3/32 and 4/64 GB of RAM and ROM respectively. Given the price difference is small, it makes sense to pay attention at once to the last. Her we have ordered a test.

Noteworthy device width – slightly more than 73 mm. This is one of the most compact 5.5 “smartphones. We should also note that there is a mini version with 5.2” screen, which is routinely combined in many Chinese shops with a full version Elephone S7, but it has a more modest performance. If you will order – make no mistake.

Well, we begin to review.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Elephone S7: Packing and equipment

The manufacturer positions Elephone S7 smart phone as an image, but the packaging is more similar to the old box cooling Thermalright.

On the back of a minimum of legal and trade information. Quite unusual for such products.

Packaging consists of the following elements:

  • Documentation;
  • Cover;
  • MicroUSB cable;

It’s nice that the manufacturer has put a rubber boot, because the device design promises to be fragile.

Charger vertical type, it is compact and does not take up much space.

Its characteristics are somewhat redundant for a gadget with a battery 3000 mAh. Fast Charge Technology does not support.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Elephone S7: Appearance and design

The most interesting part of smartphone is design. Even a person not in the subject is easy to guess what the manufacturer suggests, giving your model S7 index. It looks like a really smart phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But this is only if the distance.

The other side looks interesting. The back cover, covered with glass, received a special texture, which allows light reaching gather in lines and beautiful sparkle. It Looks, admittedly, not bad.

It depends on the angle and the light absorption layer.

Housing smartphone is made of metal and glass. The classic “sandwich”, parse it will not work.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Arrangement of elements of the standard: MicroUSB connector is at the bottom, next to the ringing speaker and microphone, and on top there was a place for the 3.5 mm jack.

All hardware buttons are to the right, and the SIM card tray on the left.

In addition to the modification of black green available, blue and “gold”.

Judging by the sensations, the keys are made of metal, but they play a fairly strong. Fringing is provided with a matte finish, so in the hands of gadget slides are not strong and to use it comfortably.

Following the fashion trends of the past year, Elephone S7 installed SIM card tray, which is one of the places universal.

Trying to put in the ground off a sim card better not. The format used SIM cards – Nano.

Overall build quality and fit elements imperfect. Plastic inserts are felt tactile antennas, SIM card tray is in the seat unevenly.

But the processing of materials is high, edges do not cut your fingers, and the joints are made uniform. But here we must remember that this is a budget gadget and there are flaws in the order of things.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

On the front side we are waiting for the earpiece, the usual set of sensors and events LED-indicator, which operates in multi-mode and has excellent viewing angles. ambient light sensor copes with his work, changing the brightness smoothly, although the brightness of the fork is small, but it is very display of wine, rather than the sensor.

On the reverse side we are waiting for the rear camera and LED flash.

Safety glass covered trim.

In the lower part we are waiting for a hardware button “Home” on the Samsung way. Beneath it is hidden fingerprint reader, as well as the sensor layer. Here it is necessary to dwell as Elephone S7 did not get the usual touch navigation keys.

The situation is about the same as in the Meizu smartphone. It’s not the most comfortable layout, which some users may be surprised, especially if you have extensive experience in owning android-devices. How to open the context menu in some applications – that is still a mystery for the beginner. Personally, I conducted an experiment with a variety of people who have not met with a similar layout, and no one has been able to achieve deposition context menu.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Fortunately the manufacturer has provided on-screen activation keys.

Compared Elephone S7 with “inspiration”, the back cover is really like. How appearance and level of rounding. However, remembering Xiaomi Mi5, we can see that the approach we have seen in the past. But rounding the front glass is not similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

But Elephone S7 can rightly be called a frameless. He really narrow body with respect to the diagonal of the screen. Yes, and the top and bottom of the field not too great.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Quick verdict: smartphone looks great, it does not take away from him, and is designed so that it is comfortable to hold and use as a whole. Moreover, the gadget looks more expensive than the money that is, and it can be a powerful argument for some potential buyers.

Elephone S7: Display

Elephone S7 is endowed with 5.5 “LCD IPS matrix with a resolution of Full HD. The manufacturer claims about the use of protective glass Corning Gorilla third generation. Oleophobic coating is present.

And now for the fun part.

Manufacturer directly indicates that the smartphone screen is curved: «5.5 inch 3D curved screen … » However, I, like a man who has seen a number of models with this type of display, there is a question.

The fact is that when you look at an angle on a smartphone with a curved screen curving plane is lighter than the basic matrix area. Conversely, if we look at this gadget from the front, the edges will be darker, as they will the viewer be located at a more acute angle.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

It is perfectly illustrated by the same Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However Elephone S7 this does not happen – at different angles brightness remains uniform.

Moreover, if we look at Elephone S7 screen at a very acute angle, it turns out that by the end he was obviously darkens, then how should brighten when the curved design:

As the photo above, which shows a display Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

However, a visual screen does seem a little bent. This is achieved by relatively primitive means:

Yes, the very 2.5D rounded glass. The only difference is that it is thicker than the competition, and strong bending causes this illusion of a curved screen.

Elephone S7 Review: Chinese phenomenon or ordinary smartphone?

Elephone S7: Hardware and performance

Elephone S7 is based on the entry-level family of SoC MediaTek MT6797. The chip operates at clock speeds a bit understated, but the number of cores should compensate for these shortcomings.

In the “open” device available to the user almost 3 GB of RAM. This is not surprising, then not even set YouTube and other Google services popular. Fortunately Play Market app store is.

Stable performance

As expected, the stability of performance indicators is low – throttling noticeable. But a slight heating of the body.

Overall productivity levels in these times the average.

Gaming performance

The main problem Elephone S7 – sensor layer with a minimum of touch points. Because of this kind of game WoT or Nova 3 become almost unplayable. The second problem – heat followed umklapp burden on other clusters, which can be seen perfectly in Real Racing 3. In the bottom line, review the hero – not a gaming machine. If you are looking for the appropriate in this price range, look for the same Xiaomi Mi5, for example.

Elephone S7: Software and firmware

Elephone S7 runs on Android OS 6.0.

The system is imperfect: sometimes podlagivaet animation, sometimes, the menu opens with a slight delay, but not the best sensor layer at low speeds finger movement creates a shake of menu items.

However, these deficiencies are the hardware features; the same delay in the drawing are the feature of the SoC Helio X20 and you get used to them quickly. In general, all critical.


Of the bonuses, we note that the manufacturer added the ability to customize the LED-indicator notifications, support for gestures and screen adjustment using MiraVision system. There is also a utility to obtain the update, which came immediately patch. Some applications are not installed on the first try, but it was solved by restarting the app store.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer did not clutter the firmware-party software products.

Fingerprint scanner is working properly, it triggered with the first or second attempt. In general, no claims to it. This is not a top-level, but above the average for low-cost Chinese vehicles.

Elephone S7: Multimedia


With sound business sector in the budget situation is getting worse and worse. The most common problem – the low-power amplifiers, and then Elephone S7 does not stand out among classmates. The strength of the output signal in the “line” was -16.5 dB, that put an end to testing the gadget in RightMark Audio Analyzer.

Subjectively, the smartphone is not well suited for listening to music, even in low-resistance, but high-quality headphones. However, in this segment there is hardly a worthy competitor with a radically different sound channel quality.

Elephone S7 is endowed with a ringing speaker sufficient volume, but expectedly low sound quality. The microphone does its job well, at the “end of the line” audibility flawlessly. The earpiece is loud enough and good reports about.

The power of the vibrating alert is average.

Elephone S7: Wireless interfaces and communication

Elephone S7 is capable of operating in the Wi-Fi networks on the protocols b / g / n / ac. It supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

The speed in the Wi-Fi network average. Online you can find reviews about problems with the Wi-Fi at the last Elephone devices. But in our case with several different access points in different locations no incidents were reported.

GPS-module starts a couple of minutes, but finds satellites GLONASS and BDS systems. Alas, their number is not high, but for the basic needs that should be enough.

Usually this is no problem, but in this case have any troubles with the sim card megaphone, which stubbornly refused to find the LTE signal. However, to get by with another operator:

So the fourth generation networks work, but clearly not all supported frequency.

To remain without a connection could not be with any operator, all on average to date. However, if you have the specific conditions that require special attention to the quality of communications, the smartphone before you book, better get a check and how it suits you.

Elephone S7: File system

Elephone S7 is available in three versions: 2/16 GB, GB 3/32, 4/64 GB. For us older version got.

In the “open” device available to the user about 52 GB.

The speed of the flash array average.

It supports connection to a PC via the following protocols: USB, MIDI, MTP and PTP. The data rate on the smartphone – 10-12 MB / s data transfer rate with the device – ~ 20 MB / s.

Elephone S7: Battery

Elephone S7 is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

The smartphone shows modest results in tests on autonomy.

Full day in most cases, the device will work. But with heavy use it quite likely will have to recharge before.

Of course, there is a standard energy-saving system, which in some cases can actually help extend the autonomy of the device.

Elephone S7: conclusion

If we take into account the fact that Elephone S7 – fashion smartphone, which is designed for a minimum price look like the most expensive and stylish, here the manufacturer managed to achieve their goal. This task gadget coping well and has almost no competitors. Yes, there is inevitably secondary design, which clearly alludes to the model of the South Korean manufacturer, but it is fully compensated by the price.

From a pragmatic point of view, to Elephone S7 questions arise. And there are performance and autonomy, and the camera. The smartphone is not enough stars in the sky, but still a full-fledged modern solution with sufficient performance for the majority. Yes, and it is designed well, serious engineering mistakes in design not.

If you look at the practical performance, the review of the hero is not the fact that before the three, but also to dozens of the best in its class. However, if we consider the image component, which is (given the price) out of competition, everything falls into place. Like all products in the low-cost segment, Elephone S7 is not ideal. But for someone it would be a good choice.

Advantages Elephone S7:

  • Quality materials and assembly;
  • Nice design, thin frame around the display;
  • Platform performance, the availability of Version 4/64 with reasonable overpayment;
  • Advanced OS capabilities;
  • Support for two SIM cards and memory cards;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • Adequate price for a given set of characteristics.

Disadvantages Elephone S7:

  • Inaccurate display sensor;
  • The low level of autonomy;
  • Not the best build quality of the camera module.
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