EKWB presented waterblok EK-FC Titan X Pascal

EKWB presented waterblok EK-FC Titan X Pascal

EKWB introduced the first water block EK-FC Titan X Pascal for NVIDIA Titan X – the flagship graphics card in Pascal architecture. Thus, it is possible to use this model with a much more efficient and quiet cooling system. Apparently, EKWB hardly changed in comparison with the water-block model for the GeForce GTX 1080, so set it to be quite simple.

EK-FC Titan X Pascal cools the GPU, memory chips, as well as the basic components of the power subsystem. In the area of GPU manufacturer uses the so-called technology «inlet split-flow cooling engine», which is a set of thin plates with reduced resistance to fluid that allows the use of water block even a relatively weak pump. In addition, fluid can flow in the opposite direction without reducing the cooling performance.

Features EK-FC Titan X Pascal

Ground water block is made of copper. The buyer can also choose nickel-plated version. The housing can be made of Plexiglas or acetal. In the first case, the casing can be installed more LEDs 3 mm diameter.

EKWB presented waterblok EK-FC Titan X Pascal

Using a water-cooled overclockers enjoy not only because GPU temperature reduction allows the graphics card to work at higher frequencies Boost. In addition, water-cooled graphics card will run quieter. What is capable of Titan X, we learn after we obtain a test sample. We also try to test the card with water cooling.

Price EK-FC Titan X Pascal

EKWB start selling waterblock EK-FC Titan X Pascal on 16 August. Depending on the price range from 112.15 to 122.15 euros. The kit can also include a back plate for the price of 29.95 to 37.95 euros.

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