Dream Machines DM1 PRO S review: gaming mouse, which you can dream?

Dream Machines DM1 PRO S review: gaming mouse, which you can dream?

What is the ideal mouse for gamers? Dream Machines Company has tried to answer this question by presenting Dream Machines DM1 PRO S. Mouse Features of the Polish producer is really interesting. New high-end optical sensor, flat shape, focused on righties and lefties, surprisingly light weight. The mouse should be of interest, first of all gamers in the first-person shooters. But can it be called Dream Machines DM1 PRO S mouse dreams?

In Poland, it has made a good reputation, collecting gaming notebooks based on Clevo barebone-platform. In addition to notebook Dream Machines produces more and mouse. And not the usual pattern, and the mouse-oriented enthusiasts.

Dream Machines DM1 PRO S review: gaming mouse, which you can dream?

Unlike many big-name competitors, Dream Machines do not become overloaded with all sorts of mouse functions. Manufacturer focused on the basics. Dream Machines has established one of the best optical sensors, for housing the mouse can take any grip (Palm, Claw, Fingertip). We should also note a very small mouse weight – only ’85 Dream Machines abandoned the heavy materials, the modular structure of the system, or weights. Form Dream Machines DM1 PRO S is relatively simple. For comparison, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and Corsair M65 PRO RGB we get a weight not less than 121 or 115 g, and it can be further increased by using the weights of the system.

Normal mouse DM1 PRO uses the time-tested Pixart sensor PMW-3310, the new model S – sensor PMW-3360. This sensor at 12.000 dpi long been an exclusive feature of the Logitech mouse (in the PMW-3366 version). Another manufacturer became Corsair Mouse M65 PRO RGB, which also uses a high-resolution sensor. Now the manufacturers of mice on the sensor PMW-3360 joined Dream Machines. Dream Machines Company is focused on export to the US market in Russia Mouse have to order from Poland. Dream Machines indicates the price of PLN 219 (3.6 ths. Rubles), in the US it is $ 49.99. It is on two levels and competitors Logitech Corsair price can be called fully justified. The mouse can be ordered with a matte or glossy finish. We chose the matte option.

Dream Machines chose a modest design of the box, on a white background shows a mouse DM1 PRO 1. On the back side of the mouse shows the specifications in English and Polish.

Package can be called pragmatic. With the test sample we received three self-adhesive feet in the retail version adds another information sheet. The mouse is well protected during transportation foam.

Dream Machines DM1 PRO S: The mouse in the details

Mouse could hardly make a more modest and stylish than Dream Machines DM1 PRO S. Dream Machines chose a symmetrical and rather flat shape, except that on the one side there are buttons for the thumb. But the length of the mouse body is sufficient, even users with large hands will be able to put on the whole body whole palm (Palm grip). Also, the mouse, you can keep half the palm (Claw) or fingers (Fingertip).

In variant matte side surfaces and the top cover covered with rubberized layer. As a result, the surface of soft and pleasant to the touch. However, such a coating may get off with time, but we tested Dream Machines DM1 PRO S for a few weeks, everything was normal. It is required to work with a mouse or two years. The two main buttons used Omron switches, the switching point is well palpable, it is accompanied by a loud click.

We shine a matte version of the mouse, only two side buttons. What switches manufacturer used here – is not entirely clear. But in the course of the thumb buttons for more than the basic.

Dream Machines DM1 PRO S review: gaming mouse, which you can dream?

Dream Machines refused Software Support. Therefore Dream Machines DM1 PRO S is no possibility of any configuration, unlike most competitors. Highlighting the logo and the mouse wheel can not be changed, always active breathing effect. Backlight color depends on the chosen level of DPI.

Mouse Dream Machines DM1 PRO S connects the USB-cable 1.8 m long, braided. If the cable is too long, you can tighten the Velcro part. Gold-plated USB-plug of nominally covered by the protective cap.

Practical tests

As a few mouse tested with sensor PMW-3360 (or a variant of the Logitech PMW-3366), Dream Machines DM1 PRO S convinced us completely. The point here is not so much in high or low resolution sensor (about the practical value of high resolution can argue), but in a fast and accurate response to mouse movements. And it concerns extreme speeds and accelerations. Separation distance (LOD) is very small, 1.8 mm, which also affects the accuracy of movement when moving the mouse.

Three main sliding legs (in the photo they are covered with a protective film) and light weight of only 85 g lead to the fact that the Dream Machines DM1 PRO S is literally “flies” over the carpet (we used the SteelSeries Qck Heavy). Strengths mouse Dream Machines are especially noticeable in fast and dynamic shooters. Even in the most intense battles of the mouse allows you to quickly take aim, almost the enemy appeared in sight. But even in a quiet environment, requiring precision sniper, mouse Dream Machines DM1 PRO S fails. In contrast to the widely used sensors PMW-3310 model PMW-3360 subjectively give the feeling of a more responsive and direct control. However, the preferred sensor – matter of personal taste gamer.

Dream Machines DM1 PRO S review: gaming mouse, which you can dream?


We tested three mouse on the sensor PMW-336x, it can be said that the Logitech models, Dream Machines Corsair and pursue different goals. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and Corsair M65 PRO RGB positioned as a versatile and ergonomic mouse. They can be equally convenient to work many hours in the office or play. Both manufacturers serious efforts personalization options. This also applies weights system and adjustable lighting. Together with mice, you get a pretty functional utility, which is available in abundance of various options and settings.

The Polish company Dream Machines decided to do without such luxuries. Dream Machines DM1 PRO S – gaming mouse in its very essence. The form may seem simple, but it allows you to comfortably hold the mouse in any of the three will suffice. Because functions are left only the most necessary. The mouse is very light, the manufacturer was clearly inspired by minimalism. You do not have to think about the backlight color, weights or location settings in the utility – all decided for you manufacturer. The advantages of Dream Machines DM1 PRO S include a magnificent optical sensor, as well as good management dynamics. Mouse was a very “brisk” and “mobile” than can not boast of both competitors.

36.000 dpi in one photo: the mouse with the sensor PMW-336x – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, Dream Machines DM1 PRO S and Corsair M65 PRO RGB

By design, three manufacturers went their separate ways. Logitech chose a futuristic appearance, the Corsair was allocated aluminum components, and industrial design. Dream Machines stopped on simple forms, although you can choose and more eye-catching glossy finish instead of matte option. The quality of manufacture, all three mouse on top. Mouse Dream Machines DM1 PRO S looks simple, but at the same time noble. It should be noted that our first test sample wheel a little rattled that could be heard during fast movements of the right / left. Dream Machines responded quickly and sent a second sample, which has a similar problem was observed. Dream Machines assured us that the defect is not of a mass character. Let us hope that we were just unlucky with the first sample.

Dream Machines Company Mouse has worked well in our tests. Easy Dream Machines DM1 PRO S is perfect for dynamic games and first-person shooter due to the masthead sensor. Compared to its competitors a list of features is not as impressive, but whether they are needed in the game? We believe that many gamers prefer a simple but good mouse, without all the excess. For their quality we award our Dream Machines DM1 PRO S awarded “Excellent iron”!

Benefits of Dream Machines DM1 PRO S:

  • Excellent optical sensor
  • Light and agile, well-suited for FPS
  • Adjusting the DPI in six steps, on the exhibition level indicates the backlight color
  • Mouse Plug and Play, no tools required
  • The set includes replacement feet

Disadvantages Dream Machines DM1 PRO S:

  • Hull form symmetrical, but the side buttons are designed for right-handers
  • Fine adjustment (backlight levels DPI) is not possible, there is no setup utility

Source: tomshardware

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