Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

Smartphones – “centenarians” firmly established on the market and are not going to take positions. In this segment, offering their models almost all manufacturers. Some of them are trying to achieve autonomy through the development of smart software to save battery, intelligent control and other work SoC. Others come much easier, acting on the principle “the more the battery, the longer it is discharged.” In general, the way it is.

Company Doogee went exactly on that path, releasing a smartphone, with the creation of which did not begin to think about the weight or size, but become generous on the battery capacity. It is already considered the heir to Doogee T6 laboratory.

And since the battery capacity of 6250 mAh smartphone with display 5.5 “it is not as common, it is necessary to find out how effective was this decision and whether it is inferior predecessor.

Given the price range specifications can be called good. Compared with the previous model, the manufacturer has improved the hardware platform, adding more memory. And if you remember the positioning of the review of the hero, you can forgive and low resolution display, and not the most modest weight.

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

Packing and equipment Doogee T6 Pro

Doogee smartphone comes in a cardboard box of medium size. Structurally, it is a traditional box with a lid. The quality of material used, no complaints – for content safety can not worry.

The decor is dominated by white color, taken as a background. The obverse depicts the unit itself, at the bottom in the blue zone contains the model, as well as the diagonal of the display and the battery capacity.

On the back side you can see the main characteristics of the device. As usual, many Chinese brands, box deprived of factory seals.

Inside we immediately meet the unit itself, he drowned in a cradle-shaped and firmly locked in place. The display is pasted conveying protective film, which is provided under the regular.

Below is a small flat box with the delivery. In addition to the standard accessories are added a few more items.

The package includes:

  • Power adapter:
  • USB-microUSB cable;
  • USB-OTG cable;
  • Protective case;
  • Replacement film for display;
  • Clip to open the tray SIM-cards;
  • Technical documentation.

Packing perfectly fulfills its function without any problems provide the contents during transportation, and more of it is not required. The nice thing proved the presence of additional accessories included, thanks to which not have to buy a separate cover or film.

Now pay attention to the review of the hero.

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

Appearance and design Doogee T6 Pro

Doogee T6 Pro – is a standard piece with a touch screen, no innovation here. Housing plastic and molded, assembled with high quality. No backlash or scratches are not seen even under load on twisting or bending.

The manufacturer offers two color modification of the device – in black and white, as in our case, the performance.

The front panel is covered by tempered glass. Fashion lately 2.5D edge processing technology is not applied, and the glass itself belted small plastic lip to protect against rubbing. The side of the display frame in broad measure, although it does not cause discomfort.

Above the screen is a standard set of elements – the earpiece, front camera, ambient light sensors and proximity, as well as LED indicator events.

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

On the lower frame there was nothing other than the three standard Android keys. They touch and devoid of illumination.

Along the edges of the housing surrounds a single plastic frame, simulating a painted metal with beveled edges.

The top end is equipped with a AUX port for connecting a headset or headphones.

The bottom – microUSB connector and a microphone spoken.

On the left side is placed slot for two SIM-cards and memory card. A power button / lock and “rocker” volume found its place on the right side. they are comfortable, you do not have to get used to are located.

The possibility of removing the rear cover is not provided (as well as the battery). The plastic used as a material. Above and below it is made rough, and the center simulates brushed metal. It turned out pretty, and collects fingerprints surface is not too eager.

At the top of the lens placed in the main camera and a double (but one-color) LED flash.

In the lower part there is a paper label with the information in this instance, the manufacturer’s logo, as well as the slot of the main speaker. The latter is not equipped with any number of stops and “deaf” on a flat surface.

Supplied with attached transparent soft case. By itself, its presence is already pleased by eliminating the need to search for and purchase separately.

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

Cover fits snugly housing, reliably protecting it from scratches and rubbing. Note, however, that such protection quickly collects dust and fine dirt that starts to work as an abrasive. So it is better to regularly clean or wash the inside cover.

There were no complaints about the smartphone’s design does not arise. Of course, the modest price of making some adjustments to the type of materials used, and count on the metal is not worth it. However, the plastic quality and comfort, and the assembly housing thorough and reliable.

Hardware platform and performance Doogee T6 Pro

As the CPU chip is used, for a long time studied the length and breadth – MediaTek MT6753. It comprises eight cores, each of which is capable of operating at a frequency of 1.3 GHz.

On the RAM is not stingy, it is 3 GB. Taking into account the resolution of the display there is an idea that is unnecessary, although in some cases, may be useful.

To speak of such a well-known special sense is not the hardware platform, it is better to pay attention to the results of testing at various benchmarks.

Indicators can neither surprise nor displease. All are absolutely standard and unremarkable. However, this unit stock performance is enough for all day to day tasks, and most games do not have any problems.

Now pay attention to the stability of the housing and the heating rate under load.

Despite periodic manifestations throttling, it is the exception rather than the rule. And the heat was modest.

In the end, we face a familiar hardware platform, which in this case turned out to be out of place. The performance is enough excess energy there, and a bunch of poorly heated so. There is a balance of all components.

Software and firmware Doogee T6 Pro

Doogee smartphone runs on Android 6.0 operating system.

There is support for wireless update feature. However, to say anything about its performance in practice can not all be seen.

There are no global differences in the interface is not there, we have almost a standard Android Marshmallow interface.

The main changes are to redraw labels of pre-installed applications, …

… Yes settings menu was dark. And on their own items remained unchanged.

We have not gone away traditional for Chinese machines and, of course, not Russified, menu items, designed to make life easier for users by supporting a variety of gestures.

There is an opportunity here activation of the circles on the screen to switch between different modes of operation of the apparatus. For example, in a game mode touch keys are disabled, so that they do not accidentally pressed during the game. In my opinion, the meaning of this function a little bit, but someone she can come in handy.

Perhaps the most useful course of producer can be called installation office suite Documents To Go.

Global changes and differences from not find a standard interface, and difficult to find them in the case of the Chinese smartphone in less than 10 thousand rubles. But everything is working smartly and smoothly, no glitches, crashes or the brakes have been reported, and that is the most important thing.

Doogee T6 Pro review Android smartphone: autonomy is never too much

File system Doogee T6 Pro

By the amount of memory for storing files claims arise. There is installed storage capacity of 32 GB, which can be easily solved by installing a memory card if necessary, increasing the space.

Well, if you will be a little card, provided complete USB-OTG cable to connect the common flash memory cards. In addition, it can be used to connect an ordinary mouse, keyboard, or even recharge a smartphone companion.

The speed of the file system was tested using AndroBench applications.

Despite the fact that some cheap cell phones occasionally have low memory speed, there is no such. All figures are on a good level.

File manager is standard and will please any innovations.

Under this item, the device is not no complaints, it’s the most important thing. Encouraged by the fact that at the same time with no small amount of main memory manufacturer has taken care of the possible extension of this space with the help of memory card.

Wireless interfaces and communication Doogee T6 Pro

Doogee T6 Pro has a standard set of interfaces, without any additions. Work in the fourth-generation networks is difficult to mark as a feature, this feature has become the standard.

Of course, the smartphone supports two SIM-cards simultaneously. And because it uses only one antenna module, the second during a call “Sim” is not available. By the way, here applied microSIM format.

Perhaps the only unpleasant aspect was the need to choose between a memory card or the second SIM-card, as here used the same Hybrid slot.

The navigation system has proved to be a good idea. While support for GLONASS satellites are not stated in the specifications, it is present and functioning correctly. “Cold” start takes about 15 seconds, and then found a sufficient number of satellites and the positioning takes place without any disruptions.

Review Hero is perfect for those who want to be constantly in touch, without having to worry about recharging. He easily provide the necessary quality of communication, as well as help navigate the terrain, due to the high quality work of the navigator. However, when choosing to remember about co-slot memory card and the second SIM-card.

Battery life Doogee T6 Pro

For ensuring good autonomy meets a non-removable battery capacity of 6250 mAh. Note that Doogee T6 Pro – one of the record holders among smartfonov- “centenarians”, who visited our lab. Especially when it comes to models with a diagonal display. A good foundation for the long-running solution.

The level of autonomy Doogee T6 Pro is really impressive. Even with the active use we can safely talk about a few days without charge. If you rarely connect to the Internet or talking, the charge would be enough, and for a week. The main thing is not to lose in this time the charger.

By the way, the AC adapter charges your smartphone current 2 A. According to the manufacturer, charge for 15 minutes can provide eight o’clock battery life.

From the device to the battery capacity is logical to expect such an impressive autonomy. And these expectations are fulfilled in full. If you want maximum autonomy, the Doogee T6 Pro can be a good choice.

Camera Doogee T6 Pro

Review Hero is equipped with main and front cameras. The first received permission to 13.0 megapixels and comes with autofocus, the second – only 8.0 megapixels, no chips in her case is not offered.

Share something interesting will come of these modules, as no appropriate manufacturer does not provide the information. Before us is the standard for this class of camera devices.

It did not change the staffing, and the camera application.

However, to better assess the quality of the images, examples of which are shown below.

Thus, the miracle did not happen, expect from the ordinary and inexpensive camera module something more is not necessary. For everyday shooting, and not too demanding users Doogee model features will be enough, and about the price should not be forgotten. As a detail, and the sheer quality of images corresponding to this price segment.


From the beginning, dating from Doogee T6 Pro expected more or less tolerable performance and a good level of autonomy. As a result, and the speed was slightly higher than expected, and autonomy pleased. And the body, despite the lack of premium materials, perfectly assembled and good in the hand. It should be noted the high quality of the navigation performance and a pleasant sound in the headphones. A 3 GB of memory and advanced by a cover and other details supplied favorably distinguish among other smartphone models with a similar price.

As for the comments, then we can only find fault with the display and in part to the cameras. In the first case, the problem lies not in the low-resolution, but not the highest quality factory setting matrix. In the second application of the module will go for everyday use, but, as always, I would like more.

As a consequence, Doogee T6 Pro smartphone is not perfect, but not bad as a budget solution with impressive figures of autonomy. It is safe to say that it will find its buyer.

Pros Doogee T6 Pro:

  • High-quality housing;
  • Large stock of RAM
  • Impressive level of autonomy;
  • Virtually absent throttling CPU frequency under load;
  • A good sound quality headphones.

Cons Doogee T6 Pro:

  • Not the best quality display calibration.
  • Mediocre quality of both cameras.

Source: doogeemobile

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