Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor


Quite often in our lab we began to appear representatives of the Chinese company’s products Doogee. A prolific producer of lightning throws on the market more and more new models, providing the ability to satisfy any user’s needs. Not so long ago, for example, we tested the most visited real flagship Doogee F7 Pro on a powerful platform desyatiyadernoy MediaTek Helio X20, it is for a small Chinese manufacturer of almost a breakthrough.

As for the hero of today’s review something about it most eloquently say only one epithet of “survivor.” Smartphone called Doogee T6 Pro, visited our lab differs incredible battery capacity, which significantly distinguishes it from the crowd of average modern smartphones. Read more about this and other features new items read in this review.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Doogee T6 Pro: Contents of delivery

Doogee T6 Pro goes on sale in unexpectedly small for such a bounding box of the machine, especially considering it is quite rich content. Packaging made of matt cardboard with unpretentious decor, has an additional inside the box for a piece of content and the soft pallet for a smartphone.

The kit includes a powerful network adapter with a variable output voltage (9/7/5 V, 2 A) with rapid charging function, connection cable, OTG-adapter, a transparent elastic rubber cover, protective film on the screen and the key to retrieve the card.

Doogee T6 Pro: Appearance and usability

Doogee T6 Pro received a rather unusual body, not only in size but also in appearance. The outer part of the body is entirely plastic, metallic elements is not here. There are gleaming chrome bezel side, but this is not real metal.

Headband – it is the most conspicuous part Doogee T6 Pro enclosure. He received a concave shape, and even the whole is cut rather large longitudinal stripes. Strips, because the curved shape of the rim, assorted shimmer in the light, it looks unusual and rather sloppy. But connoisseurs of Chinese special taste, they expose it as a designer finds. In any case, the dirt in these recessed hollows will accumulate necessary.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

The matte surface of the plastic cover stylized oshkurennuyu. However, it varnished and quite slippery to the touch, and the prints on it are clearly visible.

To assemble no major complaints, but these metallic strips, as practice shows, quickly peeling or even behind the plastic. Doogee T6 Pro was very heavy, very thick, because this machine will appeal to a few customers. It’s pretty uncomfortable to wear in the pockets of clothing, although those who primarily need a very large battery, all of this is unlikely to stop.

The hybrid connector for cards is located on the left side, it hides two slots for Micro-SIM card format, one of which can be replaced by a microSD memory card. It supports hot swapping of cards. Runners are well part of the nest, but for some reason taken out bad back. Cover comes in addition to hook the key, as it is put forward a couple of millimeters and jams. In general, as always, Doogee some minor misunderstandings.

Mechanical buttons on the opposite face, of course, fall into the hollow concave rim, so they practically do not protrude beyond the surface and bad grope blindly. In addition, the progress they have though and quite deep, but some are too soft, not as clear as we would like. The very location of the key causes of discontent, all in their places of a button.

The rear surface of the body is almost flat, the smart phone is not rocking, lying on the table. The camera got pretty bright two-section LED flash.

The main speaker is displayed there, on the back side, but covering his grille got to bend, so the sound output is always a open area and the sound of the device lying on the table little muted. However, the direct sound in the opposite direction from the user – it’s always the wrong decision.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

The front panel is covered by a flat transparent glass without skirting and sloping edges. It is absolutely nothing spoils without 2.5D-fashioned glass is quite possible to do, but there is no backlight at the touch buttons can not be forgiven. For studio photography when they appeared well right light, but in real life painted silver paint icons already in the shadows are not visible at all.

Why save electricity when the battery so the volume – is unclear, but every time I try to discover these keys blindly on a large front panel is inconvenient. Moreover, the LED at the top of the events there, about his creators have not forgotten.

Micro-USB connector is installed in the middle of the lower end, it supports the connection of flash drives, and other devices into the USB OTG mode, and also allows them to charge. Immediately I must say that on the iPhone 6s Plus practice of Doogee T6 Pro can not be charged, but is easier to charge smartphones from Micro-USB review hero succeed.

3.5 mm audio jack for headphones is embedded in the upper end. The opening of the second, auxiliary microphone has not been found – a smartphone, most likely, is not equipped with a noise reduction system.

The device is available in two classic colors: black and white.

Doogee T6 Pro: Screen

Doogee T6 Pro features unpretentious screen: the large-scale 68 × 121 mm with a diagonal of 5.5 inches of its resolution is only 1280 × 720 pixels with a density of 267 ppi. The frame around the screen is also quite wide, about 5 mm on each side, all this as a whole looks pretty archaic.

The display brightness can be adjusted manually or use automatic adjustment based on the ambient light sensor. AnTuTu test diagnoses the support 5 simultaneous touches multitouch. At presentation to the smartphone to your ear the screen properly locked and unlocked using the proximity sensor. There is a function of awakening the screen by double-tapping.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

To summarize: the screen has a high maximum brightness and has good anti-glare properties, so the device once it will be possible to use outdoors even sunny summer day. For the conditions of total darkness, you can set a comfortable brightness level. There is also an automatic brightness adjustment mode, but it works poorly. To screen the merits should be attributed to the absence of an air gap layers and screen flicker, as well as close to the sRGB color gamut. By the significant shortcomings we have ranked low stability in the rejection of black eyes from the perpendicular to the plane of the screen, a disgusting color balance, and can not be disabled dynamically adjusts the brightness of the backlight. The screen quality is low.

Doogee T6 Pro: Sound

Sound possibilities of the hero at the average level review, and, as usual, the headphones sound a bit more interesting than the main speakers. Speaker outputs monophonic sound dim, especially on the high notes, but the sound quality in the headset may be characterized as quite soundly. The sound in the headphones is quite rich, there are low frequency, lack of volume in reserve there. For better sound familiar, you can use the standard platform MediaTek improve BesAudEnh system and BesLoudness, although noticeable benefits they bring.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

The earpiece sound is muffled, but the caller’s voice is distinguishable. The microphone is not very sensitive, and noise reduction is most likely at all. The smartphone has a built-in FM-radio with recording capability to the broadcast of the program. Vibrating alert power below the average, he will feel not very good.

Doogee T6 Pro: Camera

The smartphone is equipped with two units of digital cameras with a resolution of 13 megapixel and 5. Front-end module removes a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels, created by interpolation. It has optics with aperture f / 2,8 with fixed focus and without its own flash. About nothing special recording quality can not say it even for the level selfie undistinguished.

The main camera has a 13-megapixel Sony IMX214 sensor and a lens with an aperture f / 2,0. Autofocus unhurried, has an electronic stabilization. Dual flash is quite bright.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Control Menu is standard, familiar devices for a variety of Chinese on MediaTek platform. It is simple in appearance, but everything you need in it. You can manually adjust the exposure and display, ISO (up to 1600), white balance, brightness, contrast, you can choose additional modes such as Night and sports, has HDR mode. Transfer control using the camera settings Camera2 API to third-party applications can not, in RAW recording capabilities are not.

The camera can shoot video at a maximum resolution of 1080p, no 4K mode and 60 frames / sec. The function of electronic stabilization is present. Suddenly, with the video in overall camera copes well, to smooth visuals, detail and color reproduction no major complaints, the picture is clear and juicy. For low-cost Chinese smartphones is the video quality can be regarded as a rare success. Sound recording microphone as well, about the noise reduction system is silent, but the sound is quite clean and pleasant to the ear.

The camera looks pretty average. Even on a sunny day it is not always cope well. At deterioration same lighting program processing is enhanced, and the image begins to look like passed through the graphic filter.

Often suffering sharpness at the edges and parts of the middle ground. In general, the camera can be recommended only for documentary photography and only in good light.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Doogee T6 Pro: Phone part and Communications

Networking opportunities at Doogee T6 Pro standard or even modest: Only one supported by a range of Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz), NFC is not, Bluetooth is version 4.0, LTE standard is implemented Cat.4 category with a maximum speed of up to 150 Mbit / s download. However, the smartphone can work in all three used 4G bands, which is less common than we would like. In practice, the device is registered and operates confidence in networks LTE Moscow region. The overall quality of the cellular network signal reception raises no objections, the device communicates with confidence on the premises and does not lose the signal in areas of poor reception.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Navigation module supports two satellite navigation systems – GPS and GLONASS, the Beidou without support. There are Chinese analogue of NFC technology – HotKnot. By the navigation module no major complaints, the first satellites at cold start are found within the first ten seconds, the position is fixed with minimum error. But the magnetic field sensor, based on which usually operates a digital compass navigation software, smartphone, unfortunately not equipped. And indeed: in Doogee T6 Pro were only three sensors: light, proximity and accelerometer.

Telephone application supports Smart Dial, ie when typing a phone number and immediately carried out a search on the first letter of the contacts. The nominal keyboard does not support the default input stroke type Swype.

Smartphone supports two SIM-cards. The standard interface allows you to assign functions to each of the specific card in advance or at the moment of connection. Working with two SIM-cards organized by the usual standard Dual SIM Dual Standby, when the two cards can be in the active standby mode, but can not run at the same time – there is only one radio.

Doogee T6 Pro: OS and software

As the system in the machine using a 64-bit software platform Google Android version 6.0, has the ability to update over the air (OTA). High-grade alternative interface is not here, the design and structure of the operating system interface has not changed, but adds broad support for gestures, both contact and contactless. You can even invent and represent any own unique sign and attach to it the challenge of any program. In general, the Chinese are much wider than the Europeans use gestures, it is always evident.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Additional applications minimum quantity and entertainment is not at all. Manufacturer limited to installing a file manager, manager of system management, memory and energy saving, office suite, as well as specific programs for work with two parallel accounts. All applications can be transferred and installed on the memory card.

Doogee T6 Pro: Performance

The hardware platform is built on the basis of an eight single-chip system (SoC) MediaTek MT6753. In the SoC configuration includes eight processor cores Cortex-A53, clocked at up to 1.3 GHz. For graphics processing accelerator meets the Mali-T720. The amount of RAM is 3GB, which is not bad, room for files and applications – 32 GB, and are initially available to user needs 25.5 GB. It is possible to install a microSD card, but will have to remove one of the SIM-cards. In practice, our screening card Transcend Premium microSDXC UHS-1 128GB confidently recognize the device. Supported connectivity and charging external devices from the Micro-USB port to the USB OTG mode. According to the test results we can say that is not so very different from the timeless SoC MT6753 fresher MT6755 (Helio P10). At least, Yu Yunicorn smartphone that has not demonstrated, both platforms are virtually equal.

We repeat what we already knew from previous reviews of devices on this platform: at the level of MT6753 is not a top, but pretty sure the average. Smartphones such a platform – it is confident in their abilities solid middling, which do not subside in the main tasks usually tasking mobile assistant, and where you can even play. In the case of Doogee T6 Pro game World of Tanks is a fairly brisk, high-fps to 50, periodically gray up to 45 fps. In the more demanding games sometimes there are short braking, but in general they do not affect comfort. Although significant headroom for the future in such a platform there.

Doogee T6 Pro: Video Playback

To test the “omnivorous” in the video playback (including support for various codecs, containers, and special features such as subtitles), we used the most common formats , which make up the bulk of the content available in the web. Note that mobile is important to have support for hardware decoding videos on the chip level, as modern versions handle by mere processor cores often impossible. Also, do not expect from a mobile decoder of everything, as the leadership in flexibility belongs to the PC, and no one is going to dispute it. All the results are tabulated.

The test results turned out to be not subject equipped with all the necessary decoders that are needed for the full play of the majority of the most common multimedia files on the network, in this case, the sound. To successfully play them will have to resort to using a third-party player – for example, MX Player. True, it is necessary to change the settings and manually install additional custom codecs, because now the player officially supports AC3 audio format.

The MHL Interface, as well as Mobility DisplayPort, we have not found this smartphone, so we had to limit ourselves to test video image display device itself. To do this, we used a set of test files are moved to one division per frame arrow and a rectangle. Screenshots delayed 1 to help determine the nature of the output video frames with different parameters: varied resolution (1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and 3840 to 2160 (4K) pixels) and frame rate (24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames / sec). In the tests we used the Video Player MX Player in the “Hardware” mode. Test results are summarized in the table:

Note: If in both columns uniformity and skips exhibited green estimation, this means that, most likely, when viewing artifacts films, caused by uneven interlace and frame dropping or not be visible at all, or the number and visibility will not affect comfort view. Red markers indicate possible problems associated with the reproduction of associated files.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

On the criterion of the output frame quality video playback on the screen of the smartphone average, but in most cases, if we restrict the typical movie frame rate, frame (or GOP) may (but need not) be displayed with more or less uniform alternating intervals and without gaps. Note that in the case file 60 frames / sec at least 5 frames per second are skipped, and typically several consecutive frames. The reason – in uncharacteristically low refresh rate of 55 Hz.

When playing video files with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels (720p) on the screen of the smartphone video image itself is displayed right on the border of the screen, one to one pixel, that is, in the original resolution. The displayed brightness range corresponds to the standard range of 16-235: In the shadows of all colors couple merges with the black and the lights appear in all shades of gradation.

Doogee T6 Pro: Battery

The fixed battery installed in the Pro Doogee T6, has a very large capacity of 6250 mAh – in fact, it is the most important and the most noticeable feature of the considered smartphones today. However, the 6250 figure is only confirmed by the Chinese manufacturer promises, and they have been known to love to embellish the moment. But in any case, this smartphone with a low screen resolution and not too powerful hardware platform able to show a record level of autonomy. In real-world scenarios use the machine safely home to two to three days without recharging, and can, of course, stretch and longer at economical operation. The manufacturer promises up to 40 hours of talk time and up to 39 days of standby time. And only 15 minutes of charging gives smartphone power to be up to 8 hours of standby time.

Testing is traditionally held at the usual level of energy consumption, but the smartphone has a full-time and power saving mode.

Uninterrupted reading program Moon + Reader (standard, bright theme) at the minimum comfortable level of brightness (brightness was set to 100 cd / m²) with avtolistaniem lasted until total battery discharge more than 27 hours, uninterrupted video viewing in high quality (720p) with the same level of brightness through a home Wi-Fi network device pulls all the 20 hours. In the mode 3D-gaming smartphone functioned 8.5 hours.

This smartphone supports fast charging, and by his own powerful power adapter charges pretty fast, just over 2 hours and 40 minutes, a current of 1.75 A at a voltage of 9 V.

Doogee T6 Pro Review Smartphone: Chinese-heavyweight survivor

Doogee T6 Pro: Conclusion

The device has no overt defects, failures in its functionality have been identified, though without minor flaws, as usual, have not done Doogee. Extols Doogee T6 Pro for the technical part no particular reason: the screen is weak in quality and resolution, sound and camera at the middle level, the body design is not amazing, networking opportunities, too average. However, if you select the latest full support LTE frequencies and add to her ultimatum autonomy, then the smart phone has to look different: it is a true survivor with low price that meets the basic needs of the average buyer, not preoccupied with the status of his cell mate and the number dialed points in the benchmarks. So buyers should be paid to smart Doogee T6 Pro the most attention, especially in the current economic conditions.


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