DJI Mavic Pro: New Folding drone

DJI Mavic Pro: New Folding drone

In recent years, the company DJI has taken a leading position among manufacturers of consumer drones. The manufacturer is constantly developing new and follows current trends in the market. So, lately gaining more and more popularity compact solutions, which nevertheless technically no way inferior to larger models. On this wave DJI presented Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Pro: Features

New drone, like the recently presented GoPro Karma, a folding quadrocopter that fits into a regular backpack. New six times less than 4 Phantom, but it does not mean that the company has made a compromise in technology. Like the Phantom 4, Mavic’s can avoid obstacles automatically take off and return to the point of take-off and fly in a limited space and / or in the absence of GPS signals.

DJI Mavic Pro: New Folding drone

Built-in camera uses the same sensor as in Phantom 4. It allows you to shoot video in 4K at 30 FPS or in Full HD at 96 FPS. Pictures with a resolution of 12 MP You can save the RAW format, the DNG the Adobe. However, the viewing angle is reduced from 94 to 78 degrees. The camera is mounted on a mechanical suspension with a three-axis stabilized.

New offers impressive performance of the flight. The fully charged battery DJI Mavic Pro can stay aloft for up to 27 minutes. The maximum speed is 64 km / h. With regard to the data, there Mavic even surpasses the latest version of the Phantom, working at a distance of 7 km, while the larger drone is limited to a distance of 5 km. When connecting to the Internet a video in 1080p resolution can be passed directly to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

The software component of the camera allows the pilot to communicate with drone using gestures. All you need to do – is to put a control on the ground, while in the zone of visibility drone and raise both hands up and wave a drone. After that Mavic starts to track the movements of the pilot. The pilot can show his fingers frame around her face, and the drone would make him the photo.

DJI Mavic Pro: New Folding drone

DJI Mavic Pro is compatible with the sunglasses DJI Goggles, which allows the pilot to see anything that removes drone in Full HD resolution with a viewing angle of 85 degrees. Thanks OcuSync technology, glasses receive data directly from the drone, bypassing the control panel, which significantly reduces latency. The special design points, the user can switch between views of the first and third person in less than one second. In addition, the glasses allow you to control the drone with the help of head rotation.

Changed and control panel design, which has become more compact. Built-in display shows all of the basic parameters of telemetry. These include altitude, speed, distance and position. The unit can be set to track a smartphone that takes the camera and other data.

DJI Mavic Pro: Price and release date

A set of drones and remote control, it is worth 1,199 euros. Additional batteries are at 99 euros each. Advanced DJI Mavic Pro Kit Fly More Combo Set, which includes two additional batteries, car charger and carrying bag, worth 1,499 euros. Make pre-order DJI Mavic Pro may be the manufacturer’s website. Sales will begin in October.

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