Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

One of the biggest sensations in the market fitness bracelets became Xiaomi Mi Band. A simple arrangement of the Chinese producer did not have any unique features, but it copes with its tasks, and most importantly – cost only $ 13. Of course, buy it for the money was very problematic, since sales were only within China, and resellers sell more expensive, but still came out significantly cheaper than any analogues of any well-known companies.

Seeing the success of the Mi Band, Xiaomi promptly released “successor” model – Mi Band 1S Pulse (as is evident from the name, its main feature – the heart rate sensor), and then appeared in time, and a major upgrade – Xiaomi Mi Band 2. There is no longer just an additional sensor, but the new body design and a mini-screen, which displays the time, heart rate, pace, and calories. Selling its steel for $ 23, but, as in the case of the first model, buy a bracelet for the money right now is problematic.

We decided to test the new product and to understand how it is qualitative, and if she has inherited the competitiveness of the founder of the line.

As we can see, on the characteristics of the new product is very similar to the Sony SmartBand 2. However, their pulse sensors work in different ways, and additional extensions have no Xiaomi bracelet. At the same time, the price of Xiaomi bracelet is more than four times lower (if you count on the official price), or about half, if we compare prices from local retailers.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Equipment

Packaging Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the same as that of the first model. It is a square cardboard box, it is very compact and easy to transport and storage.

Inside we find a band shell itself, strap, very short charging the USB-cable and a leaflet-instruction (in Chinese, but with visual images).

The same equipment was also in the first model. You can complain that a short cable, but apparently, the manufacturer is trying to save on everything.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Design

bracelet design in general remained the same. The device consists of two parts: the electronics unit (it has an elongated oval shape) and the silicone strap, which is to be inserted into this block. Note that it is not inserted without effort.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

At the same time, as we have already noted, the design of the unit has undergone some serious changes in comparison with the first version. Instead of the aluminum surface with LEDs we see the glass, which is a miniature screen and touch the circle area. Finger touching it, we can pass on information from one screen to another.

The back of the base unit in contact with the hand, is made of plastic, as well as rounded edges (they are completely closed strap when the bracelet is worn).

On the back of the unit is a pulse sensor. It is smaller than on devices such as the Garmin vivosmart HR, Apple Watch or Mio Fuse, and works he is not always the case.

The side of the device, the two contacts are visible – with their help Xiaomi Mi Band 2 charges. To recharge it must be inserted into the cradle on the bundled cable these contacts forward.

Bracelet standard of pretty black elastic silicone. Round holes a lot, so you can adjust the bracelet length for any hand.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

In general, summing up our impressions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, we would say that the band did not look better – rather the opposite. Bracelet lost individuality: thus looks half faceless Chinese bracelets. While Xiaomi Mi Band with its aluminum body looked just very recognizable. Should the deterioration of the appearance of the opportunities that have emerged due to the screen? This is discussed in the next section.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Software and functionality

As we remember, the first version of the Mi Band did not work with the iPhone, and in the Android-version of the application Mi Fit had many flaws. But pretty quickly Xiaomi sorted out with the “childhood diseases” software, and now Mi Fit well localized and is compatible with Android, and with iOS.

To use we need to create a bracelet Mi account, and this requires the mobile phone number (it will receive SMS in Chinese).

Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to enter basic information about themselves (gender, age, weight) and set targets for the number of steps or calories.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

Then automatically start firmware update bracelet, and here you are, at last, on the main screen. He called Status. Here in a big circle, we see the number of steps (and less small – distance and dropped calories), below – information on sleep, weight (of course, it does not measure himself bracelet, scales need Mi Scale), the last measurement of the pulse and achievements.

The next screen – Play – contains settings for notifications and alerts. So, you can turn on the bracelet vibration for incoming calls, set the alarm (only a fixed time, a smart alarm clock is not), set a reminder when the long inactivity (and specifying the period in which you can not be bothered). In addition, you can allow the bracelet to notify you of new SMS and letters, as well as on the achievement of objectives.

There is also a notification settings from the third-party applications. This Mi Talk, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat. If you move the levers in front of them in an active position, when you receive notifications from them, too, the bracelet will vibrate.

Unfortunately, the range of applications is very far from the realities of Russian (in fact, under the Russian bracelet nobody optimized). There is not the most popular Russian applications, and from the set, that is, with respect to relevant only to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Moreover, in the case of supported Facebook FB only from the notification (ie publication groups where you belong, have a mark other users, and so forth.), But is not supported FB Messenger.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

The third screen (three-core) called Profile. There really can edit your profile (weight, goal), to change the units of measurement, etc., but the main thing – it’s two interesting settings:.. Heart rate sleep assistant (to use a heart rate sensor for more accurate measurement of sleep phases) and Mi Band Display Settings . The last setting is needed in order to select what information will be displayed. In addition to the default on-time, the number of steps and the pulse can display the distance traveled, the number of calories dropped and the remaining battery life. Moreover, the time will be displayed in any way, but the other options remain on the user’s choice.

Also in the band settings, you can change the hand that you wear the bracelet, set the display on the screen during a show of hands (very useful!) And find a bracelet (by clicking on this line, he thrice povibriruet).

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Display and measurement of heart rate

We should focus on two options that differ from the first version of a novelty: it is the presence of the screen and the measurement of heart rate. The screen is very tiny, and his only task – to display numbers and icons. That there is no high-grade image can not be here.

Sony Smart Connect app app Screenshot Screenshot Sony Smart Connect Sony Screenshot of the Smart Connect application

Although the photo above figures look greenish, in fact, they are white, and with a noticeable grain. The screen is turned on only when you touch the sensor or area, or raise your hand (if you have activated this option in the settings). Therefore, here the bracelet gives the devices that display the time permanently (eg, Garmin vivoactive HR). Figures nice visible in different conditions, but in bright sunlight have to strain to see them, and look for the best position.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet

As for the measurement of heart rate, the situation is rather strange. By default, the bracelet does automatic measurements (for example, Sony Smartband 2, Apple Watch or Garmin vivoactive HR). But we have already mentioned the setting, allowing the use of data on the pulse during sleep. Apparently, when this option is enabled bracelet starts to make automatic measurements. But the results are not saved. And any settings that allow more finely adjust this feature, we could not find. In addition, the band is not possible to measure the dynamic pulse, that is, for example, during sports, you can not see the change in heart rate during exercise. If you want to see your heart rate, you must select the corresponding icon on the screen or run a bracelet measuring app. The result will be available in both Mi Fit, and the Apple Health (if you use the iPhone and allowed Mi Fit write to Apple Health).

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Autonomy and impressions of use

The manufacturer claims 20 days of battery life. Apparently, this forecast is realistic (to check for sure we could not, because the test period the device much less), but here it is necessary to take into account two nuances. First, if you check the Heart rate sleep assistant, the 20 days will not succeed. Second, the length of the battery can affect parameters such as the number of syncs with your smartphone and how often do you see the information on the screen. Finally, if you turn on notification of all notifications in the supported services, and you are very active in these services (ie. E. Notifications come often), it is also likely affect the duration of operation on a single charge. Including all on maximum (notice, Heart rate sleep assistant) and rather actively using like bracelet watches, we noticed that the battery is discharged by approximately 10% per day. That is, a total he will work on a single charge for about 10 days.

Anyway, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in any case, remains one of the most long-lived bracelets. But there are no miracles here. It has enough capacity battery, and there is nothing that could defuse it quickly. Pulse checked rarely screen is tiny and consumes almost nothing (but still turned off almost all the time). In general, if you are tired of having to recharge every few days a wrist gadget, Mi Band 2 will make you happy.

But that may disappoint because it is intermittent failures when you try to sync, and are not always successful measurement of heart rate. However, this is perhaps the only drawback of such a plan, which we have noticed in the course of use. As the functionality, it is possible to complain about the lack of intelligent alarm – bracelet can awaken only at a specified time. However, the very sleep tracking is implemented very well. Firstly, you do not need to manually specify that you went to bed. The bracelet itself defines it. Second, apparently, pulse measurement during sleep to help him determine fairly accurately when you do sleep, and when – no. For example, the screenshot below shows that around 8 am the author woke up, then watched for a while and then fell asleep again for about an hour.

If, however, the bracelet was wrong, you can click the Edit button and edit the data. In addition, you can view statistics over a longer period of time by clicking on History.

Detailed Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Bracelet


Releasing a sensational Xiaomi Mi Band for $ 13, the producer went for a logical way: gradually increase the functionality and as delicately increase the price. But a lot of it or a little – $ 10 for the heart rate sensor and a mini-screen? In our opinion, this is normal – after all, the presence of the screen allows you to use the device as a clock (though with clever clock Xiaomi Mi Band 2, of course, can not be compared in terms of functionality). But to pay more for it (and buy it for a price of $ 23 bracelet is now impossible), we would not have. In the end, the price above $ 40 was nothing unique there is no such device with similar parameters, it is possible to find at other manufacturers.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 The problem is that the worsening appearance, the manufacturer has added almost nothing in terms of real benefit in everyday use. Heart rate sensor is of little use, because the automatic measurements are too rare and dynamic measurement mode is not; the screen can be useful in terms of display time and type of notification (for example, it can display the Facebook icon when there is something coming – but not the message), but if you really need the functionality of smart watches, it is better to find something more advanced.

In general, strive for Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Now, overpaying for it twice, we do not see sense. If so you really need is a set of possibilities and wants to get it at a lower cost, it is better to wait until the hype subsides.

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