Deepcool Dukase review and test

Deepcool Dukase review and test

Now we will look at next creation Deepcool engineers – model Deepcool Dukase form factor “middle tower”.

Deepcool Dukase: Packaging equipment

Review Hero comes in a good-quality box made of corrugated cardboard. Weight on it is not specified, but on the manufacturer’s website is a happy figure 7.77 kg. Net weight – 6.5 kg. By today’s standards body easy enough.

In addition, the package contains notches to facilitate transportation, and the dimensions of the “middle tower” make it easy to transport the body, even on public transport.

Color Box “natural corrugated cardboard” framed simply. Is a schematic representation Deepcool Dukase on the side wall and the basic specifications.

Deepcool Dukase review and test

However, it is worth noting that the manufacturer took care more about the reliable protection of housing during transport, rather than on the design. Inside, he is dressed in a plastic bag and foam sandwiched between two latches.

Package proved bolted to the main wiring harness to the wire, and in it were found: a handful of plastic cable ties, bag with all the cogs and speaker system, as well as an unusually modest crumpled manual.

Deepcool Dukase: Appearance and Design

Deepcool Dukase comes in two colors – white and black.

To me to test was a white version. This is a typical model of the form factor Midi Tower of average size – 483 x 213 x 504 (W x H x D) mm. I recall her weight – 6.5 kg.

Looks new case, in my opinion, not bad.

The front panel has a plastic door. Despite the fact that the picture it looks porous, it really is a dull plastic with a distinctive texture. Therefore, when the door is closed the cooling efficiency will be reduced.

And when the door is open can be seen vents closed dust filter.

At the top there are two plugs covering the 5.25 “devices and one 3.5 plug devices”. The top panel solid, but can be easily removed.

Deepcool Dukase review and test

Behind it hides two seats at 120 mm fans or 120/240/140/280 mm liquid cooling system radiator.

The photo below shows the control unit. From left to right: end of the USB standard 3.0, microphone and headphone jack, USB 2.0 port, the power and the emergency reset button and switch the fan controller.

The latter allows you to connect three case fans and give them either 5 V or 12 V. The power button is large and easy to use, combined with the power indicator, reset button can also be pressed without the use of available tools, at the same time it is difficult to accidentally touch.

From my point of view it is to complain about the presence of only two USB connectors. Four connector would be preferable and no longer seem to be something supernatural.

Behind the front of the cut under the I / O-motherboard panel mounted 120mm exhaust fan with acrylic blue LED backlight. It is also possible to install 80 or 90 mm fans.

Deepcool Dukase review and test

Under it – two holes for external liquid cooling system plugs and seven expansion slots. Use layout with lower arrangement of the power supply. It can be set up as a fan, as well as down – a set of mounting holes allows it.

At the bottom of the housing can be noted removable dust filter, which closes the ventilation hole for the power supply. It is very primitive, but it is easy to remove and wash.

Feet high enough and are able to provide not only the air supply fan installation BP down, but the stability of the system unit.

And now all the traditional turn.

Deepcool Dukase: Cooling system

The standard delivery is only one acrylic 120mm fan with blue LED light. Its impeller has seven blades, marking model does not.

With regard to empowerment, the manufacturer has provided a place for the installation of four 120 mm turntables (two on top and two on the front panel).

Deepcool Dukase: Internal structure

The compartment is located behind the motherboard on top. The power supply unit is installed underneath in a separate compartment.

Deepcool Dukase review and test

This compartment mounted slides for two disks 2.5 “, as that is now most often serve the SSD. They are firmly attached to the chassis cogs thumbscrews. Four mounting holes in the tray allow you to set the third drive 2.5”.

Plugs expansion slots are not equipped with screwless mounting system, but there are excellent thumbscrews:

Behind the basket is provided on two hard disk size 3.5 “. Not much. But by itself sled no complaints. They are equipped with vibration absorbing pads and securely fastened to the chassis cogs thumbscrews.

It’s time to move on to assembling the test bench. But first we need to list the components included in it.

Deepcool Dukase: Cusp

Mainboard in Deepcool Dukase installed on a standard six-millimeter racks, screwed into the pallet. Manufacturer established in advance by the ATX specification. there can not do, because in this case the bolts with thumbscrews not supplied without a screwdriver.

The motherboard has been installed already fixed CPU cooling system. According to the specifications of the CPU cooling system supported up to 170 mm.

Baskets performed well. They slide very simple and are not equipped with screwless mounting. The discs are mounted on the screws. Runners are pushed them easily and securely fixed in the basket cog thumbscrews.

In this case, we’ll skip the installation of the 5.25 “device, I can only say that, if necessary, install the optical drive, computer fan control or other 5.25” devices no problems are expected.

Deepcool Dukase review and test

The power supply is installed at the bottom of the chassis fan down. High housing feet ensure unimpeded air intake and supplied PSU filter protects from dust. So with no cooling it should be no problem.

On the expansion card lineup. All slots are provided with thumbscrews, allowing the installation went without any problems. Now that all the components in place, it is necessary to deal with wires. Front side in terms of the accuracy of laying cables looks good:

All cables are routed for easy pallet benefit there is enough space.

All seamed edge of the housing well. All connectors and mounting holes are made very accurately. Carving never satisfactory. The whole assembly took place without any inconvenience and left a positive impression.

This system is assembled and ready for testing. We turn it on and examine the possibilities Deepcool Dukase.

Deepcool Dukase: Conclusion

For this money, the user receives a body with a high quality of manufacturing, equipped with fan speed control and cable management system. In addition, all the elements are provided with removable thumbscrews. A very nice set of features for this price segment.

Pros Deepcool Dukase:

  • Good workmanship;
  • Expansion of the cooling system;
  • A good system of organization of the wires;
  • Thoughtful assembly process;
  • Very low noise level;
  • Attractive price.

Cons Deepcool Dukase:

  • Only two USB ports on the top panel.

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