Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

Primarily, this device is addressed to teachers, leading – Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro works perfectly paired with a wireless microphone and allows stress-free to communicate with a large audience.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Contents of delivery

  • Sound System
  • Microphone
  • The power supply and interchangeable plug
  • microUSB cable
  • Documentation

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Microphone

The main difference from the usual Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro – the presence of a wireless microphone. Or rather, let’s start with the person to whom it is addressed an interesting device. Imagine that you are reading a lecture to a small group. Recording a audience or some other room. If you give a lecture for two hours and at least a little to raise his voice, inevitable fatigue sets in. That’s “coaches” of all colors and come up with Creative Sound Blaster Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro, convenient device that fits easily into a handbag. An external microphone you have to buy separately, although in some countries things are sold in pairs.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

Thing done wondering at the front end – the joystick to control the volume and move buttons between the tracks, on the bottom – connectors for a microphone, connect the audio cable, microUSB for charging. Notice, provided all the microphone can be used as a kind of wireless transmitter, although I can hardly imagine such a scenario. On the back of – clothespin pocket, you do not need to hold the microphone in hand, hung his shirt and calmly communicate. There is a button quickly mute the microphone.

Operation is organized is very simple: you turn the column, turn on the microphone, the devices themselves find each other (you do not need to do), immediately begins to be transmitted sound. No crash tests for a couple of weeks there was no instant communication, good sound quality, I am right and imagine how overjoyed teacher, having at its disposal a tool. The sound quality is excellent, the stock volume is huge, you can not only communicate with a group of ten people in the cafe, but with a much larger audience.

Hours microphone – about 10 hours, weight – 30 grams. I hope Russia will sell to it a set of microphones and speakers and will focus precisely on the target audience, the usual “civilian” such a device is unlikely to be useful. Is that someone likes to sing and want to do it for the home? By the way, if you do not teach, but you can see the script using this gadget, send me an e-mail or in the comments.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Design, construction

The device is made on the basis of Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20, remember, it’s Roar of the first generation, one of my favorite devices at all times – announced two years ago, it aroused great interest among professionals and buyers. The unusual design, unusual features, excellent audio quality, versatility, Roar could work not only as a portable unit for a picnic, but also as a versatile home stereo. Accordingly, a review appeared on our website for a long time, so I’ll just mention here the main features. Differences between a Roar and Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro is, about the first support for the microphone, I said to the others come back.

Column comes in a box of thick cardboard, it looks good. Well Roar surprises too. Firstly, the weight of surprises, is not such a big box (202 x 57 x 115 mm), but in the hand is felt. It weighs 1.1 kg, something reminded me of H & K Esquire, it was created as a strange impression. Secondly, amazing for Creative design, if the company decided to start with a clean slate. Neat metal panel with perforations, metal inserts on the sides (beneath passive radiators), the lining of the gray solid rubber top. All this is perceived quite harmoniously. Thirdly, a very well-made button lights, lights. Finally, any claims to the assembly, it is a thing with a capital B, no toy colors or shapes. I believe, Roar like most men – and especially those men who like to multi-functional gadgets. And so in this column with the functions all right.

At the end is a connector for the power supply, input 3.5 mm, microUSB for PC connection (charge or audio), a slot for microSD memory cards. Why does she need? The fact that the column can be operated as a player – supports MP3 and WMA playback, moreover, it can even work as a voice recorder. Separately say about how the column should be located during playback. It should be based on the power button up at the small ends to put it is not necessary: one – button, on the other – the speaker. The situation greatly affects the quality of the play, do not forget about it.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

At Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro slightly changed color, in terms of build quality here, nothing has changed, everything is good.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Control

Buttons here very much, perhaps, I had another test audio speakers with such loose. Sideways – NFC area with a Sony smartphones all running facilitates conjugation. Near – Bluetooth button and answer the call, to activate the interface it is necessary to press and hold. Immediately – volume control, ROAR (activates a special sound setting), the power button. On the same panel – miniature lights, well made. In the end – the alarm mute button, playback control, on and off the microphone, there is even a lever, activating Shuffle mode – it will come in handy in the event that if you listen to music from a memory card. In general, to deal with the management is easy.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Additional functions

Since the column has a microphone, it can be used as a speakerphone, this feature works well. Supports and voice recording, I do not know why such a function could be necessary, but it is. Please note on the front panel lights up in the REC indicator.

Much more interesting, Roar easily connected to the computer (OS X or Windows, it does not matter) and use it as an external speaker. The sound quality is truly impressive, there is a program to configure the device (presets, etc.).

It supports memory up to 32GB cards, tried to install a file MP3 speaker saw no problems.

With the aid of a column can be charged any smartphones, tablets not be able to charge. Among the features available with the PS4 work, I decided to check out how this happens – connected via microUSB cable, but nothing happened to work with PS4 need to use either optical input or HDMI. Apparently, some kind of mistake.

Voice quality at a good level, the column can be used safely as a speakerphone in a quiet environment.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Working hours

Claimed battery life – about 10 hours inside the battery capacity of 6000 mAh. To charge will take about three and a half hours, this power supply is used with a thin connector. I recall time increased by two hours. It is interesting that in addition to charging via the included power adapter, you can use the cable microUSB, just so you will need much more time.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro: Sound

In the column appeared the power button is already configured EQ presets, firstly, it TeraBass, interesting proprietary feature that improves bass performance, regardless of volume, the first thing I recommend to try. Secondly, the lower lever has three positions, Warm, Neutral, Energetic. Honestly, I have not noticed much of a difference, though after prolonged listening, came to the conclusion that the Warm with disabled TeraBass I like most when listening to bass. Third, among the accessories there MegaStereo Cable cable, with the help of two speakers can be connected to a stereo pair, and works with Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro, and with the usual SR20A. But with Roar 2 use will not work.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review Audio

There are many interesting uses two amplifiers, one for the low and medium frequencies and one for high. Speaker layout is such that around Roar created a kind of sound field that looks up the subwoofer (2.5 inches), the forward directed high (1.5 inches), the side of the passive radiators, watch design can be here.

Very good bass, a little ringing, then you realize that Roar demanding on the quality of the recording – in SoundCloud upload recorded many musicians do not understand how to mix, so, you know immediately where people took care of the other and where there is no concern and does not smell. The volume level is very high, even in a large apartment Roar heard, even from the most distant rooms, if you have a studio, it can become a musical center, the other equipment is not required. Beautiful detail, after various Roar small speakers sound like a larger system, the sound literally thick. It is worth noting, and omnivorous, you can listen to all sorts of genres.

Oh, I almost forgot, here used codecs Bluetooth aptX Low Latency and AAC, when combined with smartphones based on Android, you can experiment with FLAC and other formats with a wireless connection.


A good speaker is even better, but still found a chip – a wireless microphone support, which is very, very useful for teachers and not only. The users like the sound settings, increased operating time, the possibility of charging gadgets and many other functions, even now Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro favorably with some classmates. Support aptX Low Latency, audio quality as that of larger speakers, excellent design, the ability to connect to a computer, the control buttons and interesting preset equalizers, TeraBass – unconditional pluses device.

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