Creative SB Blaze review and test: an inexpensive successor Fatal1ty

Creative SB Blaze review and test: an inexpensive successor Fatal1ty

Creative is very active in the gaming segment itself, and this applies not only to the family of Sound Blaster. The company began a partnership with a professional gamer Fatal1ty and sponsored tournaments eSports when they have not yet gained the current popularity. Creative recently unveiled a new entry-level headset Creative SB Blaze, which is positioned as a direct successor to the Fatal1ty line. The headset just arrived in our test lab.

Price Creative SB Blaze is quite low, about 30 euros in Europe. Immediately the question arises: whether the manufacturer was able to provide at this price usual high quality headphones?

Creative SB Blaze: Appearance, quality workmanship, comfort

What can we expect from the price of 30 euros headset? Creative SB Blaze Headphones look elegant. Creative use, for the most part, matte black plastic, although in some places the glossy inserts added. We like this approach, because the fingerprints on the matte plastic is not so much noticeable.

There are also interesting visual accents, such as red logo SB on both cups. The logo looks good, but can not hide the use of conventional plastic. However, at this price the choice of this material is quite admissible. On the other hand, some manufacturers, and the initial segment can achieve premium quality and appearance, you can look at the same headphones Ozone TriFX. The quality of manufacturing Creative SB Blaze no complaints. Sharp edges, we have not found, as well as non-uniform gaps.

Creative SB Blaze review and test: an inexpensive successor Fatal1ty

At the same time, clearly it shows that the Creative SB Blaze are compact models of headphones, ear pads which lie on the outer ear, and do not cover it. Indeed, the inner diameter of the cups is only 35 mm. Whether you like this design headphones Creative or not – a question of personal taste. Headphone Pressure on head and ears felt stronger than in models with cups, completely covering the ears, the ear cups as comfortably accommodate not always obtained.

The rest of the headphones Creative SB Blaze quite comfortable to wear. Including due to soft ear cushions covered with velor and the bottom cushion the bow. The latter can be conveniently adapted to the size of the head, the length of the adjustment range is 25 mm.

Without the microphone has not done. In contrast to the more expensive models, the microphone is not extendable, although most of the photos are not visible. The fact that the easiest Creative went through a microphone and made removable. In principle, this approach works well, do be careful not to accidentally forget the microphone. The length of the arc to adjust the microphone will not work, though flexible, so you can always conveniently positioned microphone.

Did not have from extra comfort, the Creative added a wired remote control with which you can silence the microphone or adjust the volume. Though the quality of panel material is not so high.

Creative SB Blaze review and test: an inexpensive successor Fatal1ty

Creative SB Blaze: Listening tests

From headphones cost 30 euro should not expect miracles, yet the manufacturer’s limited budget. Creative has chosen two 40-mm speaker of any additional features, such as the simulation of surround sound, not here.

To listen to the tests, we used the song “Forgiven not forgotten”, from the first notes, it became clear that the sound is not balanced Creative SB Blaze. String Instruments in the beginning of the song sounded too accented and accurately, while increasing the volume quickly appear distorted. A little later he added flute that sounded unnatural and unpleasant. For other instruments clearly visible accentuation of low frequencies. Drums have always come to the fore, covering a large part of the middle frequencies. As a result, the sound can not be called natural.

But this has a frequency response and benefits – in games explosions will sound more pronounced, that they may be a mute other sounds. Of course, deep low frequencies should not be expected, they descend to the level of approximately 80 Hz.

In terms of virtual scene, too, will have to make sacrifices. Of course, the division between right and left channel felt good zapelengovat moving enemy turns. But listen to the music in these headphones are not so comfortable, the tools are arranged on a virtual stage in a heap, no normal depth or width of the stage.

Creative SB Blaze review and test: an inexpensive successor Fatal1ty

Creative SB Blaze: Conclusion

30 euros in Europe – the money is not that big. However, even with this budget, Ozone has managed to do in-ear headphones TriFX, which look and sound good quality. Creative SB Blazeheadphones , earpads which fall on the pinna, opted for a more conservative approach, we have a mixture of matte and glossy plastic. Of course, the red logo adds a nice accent, but high-quality materials is not expected.

The same applies to the sound due to the low prices have to contend with a variety of disabilities. High frequencies are too thin, the bass always come to the fore, although a good depth can not be expected from them. All this leads to an unbalanced sound, but headphones are well suited for gaming. For other use cases we would not recommend them.

If you need an inexpensive headset that looks fine, but on the quality of sound you do not need much, the Creative SB Blaze can take. Everyone else is better to increase the budget and look for something more decent.

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