Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Creative iRoar is advanced speaker with a special detachable subwoofer, the ability to work with an external microphone, supports the installation of gadgets – well, for the transfer of all functions Creative iRoar need a very, very, very long papyrus.

Creative iRoar: Design, construction

To begin I will explain what it is – Creative iRoar. In the company some time ago created a line of products Roar, speakers were in demand and successful – excellent sound quality, functionality, compactness, the ability to use a variety of gadgets, plus the price of all this impresses people. Until now, in some countries sold the first generation Roar, Roar is a modification of the Pro with support for an external microphone, the second generation of Roar, Roar small forward.

Well Creative iRoar – a software-hardware complex with a number of unique features. It consists of three parts: iRoar column itself as a basis, the subwoofer Creative iRoar Rock, it is sold separately, plus a phone with installed applications, just three of them:

Remote Assistant – playback control program, but it makes an interesting other features, you can listen to the recorded notes column, include the music stored on the memory card. In general, the sensible utility complements the capabilities of the device.

I tested the program for iOS, they also exist in versions for Android. Without a subwoofer use Creative iRoar possible, but without any additional software for your smartphone – it is unlikely. Of mini-applications, I have more to say later, for now let’s deal with iron.

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Structurally Creative iRoar repeats the idea of the first Roar, a simple rectangular enclosure with metal bars at the ends, but on top of a lot of new elements – a touch-sensitive buttons to activate a number of functions:

Activation effects – ROAR and Mic Beam, start recording button. In principle, all this can be done from a smartphone, so that the buttons will not quibble.

At the bottom of the column – a group of contacts to connect to the subwoofer, speaker, and use them to connect and charge it conveniently. You can put, charge for a couple of hours and go somewhere on a picnic. column Operating time – about 20 hours, in reality, this time it is quite possible to achieve.

On the back of Creative iRoar – microUSB connector for USB-audio use, it is a good feature, from the PC, you can transmit audio and the quality will be different from what passed for Bluetooth – although there can cause a lot of reservations about the device type. In any case, USB-audio is there, and it pleases. Next – input for connecting a power supply, a microSD card slot, supports MP3 playback cards (even WAV and AAC, but it is better to add FLAC), here the record is stored integrated voice recorder, mini-applications downloaded from the program. There is a USB connector for charging smartphones, optical output for connection to a TV (!), Preserved minijack, did not clean up.

Two Creative iRoar can work together, it needs to buy MegaStereo Cable – could not be greedy and add this piece in the set. Although, of course, the main thing for the needy.

If you think that this is the ring at the top, I’ll tell you, under the grille hides a subwoofer, as it means the use iRock, he was taken up, it turns out that’s such a scheme.

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Two passive radiator on the left and right, two speakers, a subwoofer, set to two amplifiers, one works with the speakers, the other with a subwoofer.

In addition, on top of the “wheel” is NFC area on the left and the right – the microphones. As former Roar, iRoar – advanced device for communication, speakerphone here can work in private mode or in conference mode, when the microphones pick up all the sounds around.

Even without the application can use equalizer presets by clicking on the top of the ROAR, enhanced bass, the sound becomes more aggressive – but with pop music is better not to touch anything, and do not press any buttons. And so well.

To connect to the subwoofer, simply to ascertain column to coincide contacts, female voice will tell you what happened on “sabe” indicator turns white. In this case, you do not need a charger for the column, it is convenient, but also more convenient, that is supported by fast charging time is reduced by almost half (approximately two and a half hours to recharge the battery). The sound is paired with iRock increases, I would recommend just buying two devices to get the right impression. Inside mounted woofer 3.7 inches on the right end of the phase inverter, is connected to the network iRock common network cable, power supply unit in the housing. By the way, look how little space the set near c iMac – despite the fact that the screening of Creative iRoar, both the Music Center of previous years.

Yes, here’s another important detail. Top left – LED-display, and then displays the basic indicators, indicators and applications. Here’s how it looks on the chart.

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Creative iRoar: Firmware

With Creative iRoar Dashboard application, you can update the column, but there is a nuance, while it is not necessary to go to send the file from the program, to use something else, wait for the information transfer is completed. It takes it’s somewhere ten minutes, after which reloads Creative iRoar. If you happen to call or something else, the whole process will have to be repeated again.

Creative iRoar: Widgets

You’ve got to say that Creative iRoar housing in the upper left corner there is an area where the lights of the big points of light – including basic Bluetooth indicator, music, recording, using the control buttons to control playback and more. But that’s not all.

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

The microSD card memory via smartphone app you can put a variety of mini-applications, and open them directly on the column program symbols appear after loading. What is this program? Alarm Clock, intelligent voice recorder, start recording when the speaker hears a sound, soothing about the sound utility or rain forests. There’s even a metronome! Where the indicator, there are additional icons, applications can be removed from memory if desired.

Do all applications are useful? Of course not. There’s different things, but that’s the sound I liked the rain. And metronome helps to concentrate. Utilities can be put, you can not put the – your work, but it is good that at Creative continues to experiment.

Here is the list of almost all the available gadgets:

Three sound presets from different artists.

Alarm clock.

Tamer sleep.

Interesting facts scrolled.

A utility for tuning your guitar.

Jukebox – play your favorite tracks from the Jukebox folder on the memory card.

Baby Lullaby, if spotted loud noise microphone, speaker plays music from Lullaby folder, what is a thing I do not understand.


Monsters Rally, instead of the indicator there any faces, and with them we can talk.

Sounds of nature, ocean, jungle, three different mini-applications

Step Counter (!).

Famous quotes.

Countdown timer.

Trouble is, if spotted microphone noise.

In general, there is something to be indulged.

Creative iRoar: Other features of the application

First of all, it’s the sound setting, you can play a great equalizer made to or confide in automation, “Nega audiophile”, “The Game”, “Powerful bass”, “Cinemania”, the name speaks for itself. I mostly listen to music from BlasterX, optimal sound for any genre. If you take yourself to customize, you will find a lot of interesting discoveries. First, the graph shows not only the equalizer, but the selected bass / treble tone, so it is convenient to adjust the sound as you like and remember the numbers. Secondly, the volume is adjusted separately, and the effect is visible very well. Thirdly, it can be enhanced or, on the contrary, focus on voice blurred, then you choose. Another interesting setting “Nega audiophile” advise you to try.

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Sound recording

Column can record sound on their own, or work with an external microphone Creative. You can change the voice, a male voice when it turns into a demon, alien, robot. There are also adjust the microphone directivity. Even without an external microphone recording good quality, Creative iRoar can be used for interviews, lecture notes.

Creative iRoar: Sound

To begin with the importance, it supported APTX, although it would be strange to see another for such an advanced device. Column you can easily replace the system 2.1 for computer or replace the aforementioned stereo past years – for some reason it seems that Creative will appeal to those who still remember that this company has done for all of us in times of self-assembly of computers. Many are now frowning, and I myself had winced – but now I understand if you want to get the best device for the combination of price and quality, if you do not belong to the soul to the iMac and consoles, so come find optimal “komplektuhi”, screwdriver, screws, motherboard , video card drivers, and other entertainment. But the fun! And it is right!

I suppose, like the column enthusiastic students and geeks of all stripes like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” – for Creative iRoar so generally have the SDK, you can izgalyatsya somehow. Well, if not izgalyatsya, you can at least every day to arrange games with equalizer and save the best results. I personally do not listen with pleasure kit and rejoiced in Creative fellows know how to entertain.

Column good for music and movies, for fun, I even hooked it to a Sony TV with the “optics” and used for games – a hundred times better than the built-in speakers! The good news and the ability to simply remove Creative iRoar with subwoofer, put in a bag and go anywhere.

Who knows, maybe in Creative now see a possible future of such devices?

Creative iRoar Review audio equipment

Creative iRoar: Conclusions

And, continuing the thought, the firstborn of all the areas have hard times. Column Creative iRoar retail costs 505$, the subwoofer – a further 200$, an external microphone – about 100$ from it, in principle, can be dispensed with. That should not abandon the subwoofer. When folded, it turns out that the set is about 705$, well, for the money you can already look for something more serious in terms of sound. Another question that Creative iRoar many unique features, and the sound here is not in last place, this is all right. There is still a good time, a series of smart gadgets, the possibility to use as a column or in a pair with a subwoofer, a lot of settings, APTX, while working 20 hours, charging by “saba”.

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