Today, we have new mechanical keyboard COUGAR Ultimus. What is it remarkable? The first of its price, is a keyboard about $100. For the money we receive a full mechanic metal housing even with the backlight. Pretty good. What else there are pros and cons in Cougar Ultimus we will tell you in this article.


The pack no complaints. Mighty big box, a colorful design, a lot of the necessary information on the device.

The keyboard itself inside carefully packed in a plastic bag so that it is not hanging inside the box is a soft gasket. In general, all soundly and efficiently, packing corresponds to the price.

  • Contents of delivery:
  • Keyboard Cougar Ultimus;
  • Quick start guide.

Here the first surprise. Actually, nothing in the box except the keyboard and no. No supports under the brush, removable keykapov and so on. Write off such a move can only manufacturer on the maximum devaysa cheaper for the end user. Of course, it would be nice if the equipment was richer, but it is not very critical.


Cougar Ultimus, definitely captivates with its design. The keyboard is large, massive, resembles more expensive Soup from Corsair. Enclosure Combo, anodized aluminum top plate, the bottom of a thick black plastic. Aluminium gray, has a nice glossy finish. Absolutely not easily soiled and is not affected by scratches, a week of active use on the body is left absolutely no trace.

A full-size keyboard with numeric keypad, the dimensions are 180h445h40 mm and weighs 1.3 kg. As you can see, Cougar Ultimus is not compact when at your desk a little space, then it will be pretty close. As for weight, the keyboard does not seem too heavy, but accidentally pushed it pretty hard.

Hull construction skeleton. The keys are raised above the surface of the body. It is this constructive is now popular with manufacturers of mechanical keyboards. It is beautiful and practical, to remove accumulated dirt keyboard simply a good blow. With this form factor and gives the additional effect of lighting, backlit buttons not only but also the entire surface of the body, although in this case this effect is significantly less than that of other similar keyboards. Why? Say a little later.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the body structure at the rear. There is a large recess, which gives more aggressive in design. Immediately evident that the fastening wire classic, center. In front and behind the keyboard located on the four screws, most likely, they are decorative in nature and serve to make the design of its “chips”, which completely turned.

The lower part is completely plastic. Along the perimeter of the small six feet of soft rubber. The keyboard is very stable and does not slide even on the glass surface.

Fold the legs at the bottom are made of plastic and rubber labels also have to prevent slipping. But their design is not the most comfortable, with full reclining rear of the keyboard is raised by only 5 mm. If the leg set to an intermediate position, the raising of the keyboard is more than 1 cm, which is much more convenient. But at the slightest pressing the keyboard feet again returned to the original position, that is simply added. This moment in Cougar Ultimus is not very thought out, so if you are used to use the keyboard at a large inclination to him, will have to adjust a little bit.

A few words about the cable and move on to the layout. Its length is 1.8 meters. This is enough for any position of the system unit. The cable of medium thickness, has a nylon braid. Stiffness average, cable rather quickly straightened up and took position. The USB-port with the company logo, but not gold-plated.


Cougar Ultimus: LAYOUT

As already mentioned, the keyboard is full-size, has a keyboard unit, with dual purpose keys are not many. The top row of F1-F12 in addition to the basic functions fulfill media, track switching, volume adjustment, quick access to e-mail and so on. For the buttons with the double purpose of a private key FN. Left Shift slightly shortened compared to the right, but it has no effect on comfort when playing or printing. Enter button and compact one-story, which is not very convenient, especially when fast “blind” press often misses and hit on the adjacent buttons. Backspace key Enter substantially similar in size. A number of keys, in addition to the main action, more responsible for backlight adjustment, in particular arrows. Implemented it’s pretty convenient and logical. About the most illumination explain a little later. It is worth to mention the indicators. They are located in the traditional location – the top right. Shine unobtrusive white color, not very bright, but not quite dim.

Since the layout of the most common and standard, to get used to it for a long time it was not necessary. If you previously used a full-size keyboard, then this is for you as a native. Everything in its place.



Removing keykapy we found quite a few switches, such previously not met in any of the tested keyboards. Used TTC Brown, which are analogous to the brown switches from the more famous Cherry MX and Kailh companies. Actually, by tactile sensations, they are also close to the competitors. In a direct comparison with Cherry MX Brown and TTC Brown at last swept a smooth and mild stroke and return. Response less pronounced. The technical characteristics of all the usual:. Lifecycle of 50 million keystrokes, the force required to press, 45 gram, a full course of 4 mm to 2 mm Response. Pressing accompanied by a characteristic noise, which can be called loud, but it’s a common thing for all mechanical keyboards. With the rapid typing it seems that a number someone uses a true typewriter.

Cougar Ultimus: BACKLIGHT

So lights. This section deserves special attention of the potential buyer. The manufacturer claims a multi-color backlight (multicolor), many think that it is RGB, but it is absolutely not the case. This version of the keyboard has a constant illumination of different colors, each row of keys has a different color (red, green, blue, purple, pink, orange). If you want to put a static blue backlight or, for example, white, you do not be able to. The backlight only two: its full otsutvie or multi-colored garland. It should be said about the effects, here they are implemented like a keyboard with a full RGB-backlit. With the backlight control button starts a ripple effect, slow flickering lights only keystrokes, backlight only WASD and arrow keys. A total of six effects and five levels of brightness.


It is virtually non-existent. It is promoted as a symbol location, what we talked about earlier, and the switches themselves TTC Brown. Applied to them LED has a cylindrical shape, which makes it more upward light, in contrast to the classic MX Brown, where the light is directed less and covers part of the space around him. Moreover, such orientation lighting and impact on the effect that is normally present in the keyboard design skeleton with light. Here the surface of the keyboard body is illuminated much less.


Let’s start with convenience. The keyboard is quite high, with extended gaming sessions felt tired wrist joints. It is not enough support under the hands. The rest of the ergonomics have no complaints. The standard layout is fairly large main buttons, convenient form keykapov with grooves in the center, all of this contributes to a pleasant use of Cougar Ultimus. Backlight seem intrusive for anyone used to using a dim backlight monochrome or even previously treated without it. For those who have previously used the keyboard from the RGB-backlit and loved to experiment with it, such bright colors will be quite familiar. Unfortunately, the keyboard lacks any drivers, although the manufacturer classifies it to the merits. On the one hand it allows you to quickly start working on the new computer at the first connecting keyboards, on the other hand, the lack of firmware deprives a large part of the setup.

Regarding the switches TTC Brown. Using them is quite nice. These Switches can be considered universal, they are well suited for both games, as well as for printing, although no habits at fast print often occur ghosting, so that the text better recheck. Over time, they practically disappear. Support for full antigostinga (NKRO) present, at the same time, you can press a large number of keys, which sometimes is useful in games.

Cougar Ultimus: CONCLUSION

Cougar Ultimus – good good-quality gaming keyboard at a reasonable price. The manufacturer tried to approximate its appearance and functionality to top-end models that cost a half to two times more expensive, and, we must admit, it turned out quite well. Metal casing gives solidity device, looks like it is obviously more expensive than it actually is. The quality of the build no complaints. Switches, though not the most famous and popular, but striking differences we did not notice at the time of use.

Pros Cougar Ultimus:

  • The metal case;
  • Nice design;
  • Switches Brown;
  • Classical layout and fonts;
  • Affordable price.

Minuses Cougar Ultimus:

  • Very modest package;
  • Illumination without the possibility of color settings.

Source: cougargaming

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