Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

Corsair Void Surround gaming headset that not only looks beautiful but also supports standard Dolby Surround with the additional module with a sound card with USB connection. In this article we will examine the capabilities of the headset Surround Void in practice.

Family Corsairs Void cannot be called a newcomer to the market. Headset Corsair came in a large number of different versions. At the end of 2015, we have already tested the USB with a black design, which was compared with headset Logitech G633. After a year in our test lab received Void headset Surround. It is available in two colors (black and black-red) price € 80 in Europe. But Corsair Void Surround chose an approach different from many other manufacturers. We get a classic stereo headset with 3.5 mm plug which connects via a USB module with built-in sound card. This approach allows you to connect headphones to PC or laptop through USB and not through sound card, and also provides support for Dolby Surround.

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

Corsair Void Surround: Appearance and workmanship

Corsair opted for a new headphone Void traditional design line, but you can purchase different colors. Basic colors – black (or, as Corsair calls it, carbon). We have tested the black version of the first Void of the headset, so now have chosen a black and red coloring.

For the development of the external form of gaming headsets Corsair have attracted a team of automotive designers BMW the concert. All this is clearly visible because the range of Void is different in appearance from most other headsets. The design of the cups is dominated by the sloping lines that give the Void some of the dynamics.

Corsair coped with the integration of red inserts, which fit well into the overall concept – not to say that red is too much. This is partly due to the fact that Corsair chose the matte finish panels, which are combined with glossy black detailing on the cups. Overall, the headset is the Corsair Void Surround attracts attention.

The quality of plastic used is good, though not outstanding. But for the price nothing is.Collected headphones high quality that is emphasized with a metal connection between the cups and the headband. Weight 258 g can be called acceptable.

Corsair has chosen the classical approach to the microphone. Many other manufacturers rely on the pull-out decision, but Void the microphone just turns on the shackle down. The boom microphone is attached by a hinge, so it can give comfortable position, but we have met the solution and a more flexible adjustment possibilities.

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

The headset features a 3.5 mm audio Jack, but because of the USB module is provided by surround sound. Corsair Void Surround used to the regular cable, without a fabric cover. Of course, it remains flexible, but the appearance of inferior cables with a braid. Length 200 cm (without USB module) is sufficient. It is a pity that Corsair did not make the cable detachable. If it fractures, you’ll have to change headphones as a whole.

Corsair Void Surround: Comfortable wearing

In the review of the first Void we said good wearing comfort of the headphones. The same can be said about the Surround version.

Corsair used a high-quality ear cups with velour cover, which provide good wearing comfort, the headphones do not get tired even after long gaming sessions. The same applies to the pads under the headband. Except that the ear pads directly under the skin may feel warm and sweat.

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

Corsair has developed a Void in the quality of the headphones cups which completely cover the ear. They are really massive, can fit inside the larger ears. Velour ear pads partially isolate the user from external noise, voices of people around you to make out. Good or bad – depends on personal preferences. The range of adjustment of the headband is decent, up to 4 cm on each side. So here Corsair Void Surround provides plenty of comfort.

Ergonomics line of Corsairs Void shows itself traditionally well with a headset you can comfortably play for hours.

Corsair Void Surround: Equipment in the work

Corsair provides two modes of operation. Available setup utility, but the two most important options are activated directly on the headset.

Corsair abandoned the classical control unit on the cable. He passed on the left headphone, which is also attached microphone. Using the large button on the left Cup the microphone can be turn off. In addition, in the bottom corner of the cups available with the volume wheel. Due to the scalloped bezel easy to manage even during contractions. Compared to the “native” version of USB has a serious drawback, as the program can’t work with headphones via the 3.5 mm Jack.

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

It is a pity, because USB headphone had LED at the tip of the microphone, that reflected the emergence of new events. In version Corsair Void Surround indicator anymore. But, in principle, and without it you can do.

For Corsair Void Surround Corsair also offers the utility Utility Engine, which can manage multiple devices Corsair. This approach is useful if you have multiple devices of the same manufacturer. But due to the headset via a mini-Jack, the functionality is limited. Corsair only offers 10-band equalizer with five preset modes.

Corsair Void Surround: Tests

Modern headsets offer you a lot of functions but sound quality is still more important. Corsair installed in Void Surround headphones two 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets. Therefore, the headphone cups are larger than usual. Such a move promises to give more dynamics and depth to the low frequencies than in the case of using speakers smaller. We tested the Corsair Void Surround as with a complete USB module and connect via mini-Jack. Except for a few games, we used our reference to the song “Forgiven Not Forgotten” by Corrs.

In the first stage we tested the headset Surround Void with a flat EQ setting. Pretty quickly it became clear that the Corsair Void Surround a classic gaming headset. The low frequencies too much too high, and MIDs are pushed into the background. That is, we get the classical frequency response in the form of a bath. On the reference composition that was noticeable. The first violin played rather loosely, but later, when he added drums, bass began to drown out the subtle details of the composition, which led to the loss of balance of the sound. The upper frequencies are reproduced well, but still not enough air, so you can comfortably listen to music.

Corsair Void Surround Test and review: gaming headset with surround sound

In movies or games acoustic configuration provides advantages, explosions and gunshots far more impact than a neutral frequency response. For electronic music this configuration also works well.

But you can squeeze out of Corsair Void Surround more, using EQ. If you reduce it low frequency, Corsair Void Surround headphones will provide a much more balanced sound that will not irritate the ear. With headphones you can listen to music for a long time, and this applies to different musical styles. If you select a preset EQ modes, it is best to avoid heightened clock frequencies. But, in the end, it all depends on your personal preferences.

Support for virtual surround sound on Corsair Void Surround is implemented at a level familiar to other equipment with Dolby Surround. Headphones do give surround sound, the sound source can be easily tracked. On the other hand, the virtual stereo image is still inferior to a true Surround configuration with multiple speakers, or speakers.

The microphone proved to be good, but nothing outstanding we found. The source heard our speech good and clear, but background noise made its way.

Corsair Void Surround: Conclusion

Like other models in the lineup Void, Corsair Void Surround headset looks pretty interesting, standing out among the other gaming models. We liked the black and red colors and dynamic form. The quality of materials was good, though not outstanding, but for its price it is quite normal.

As for features, Corsair Void Surround is inferior to models with a pure USB connection, since I had to say goodbye to the RGB backlight, and a status indicator at the tip of the microphone. But the headset has very convenient controls on the left Cup. You can turn off the microphone press or to adjust the volume using the scroll wheel.

Void Surround gaming headset with surround option. It provides dynamic and powerful sound and also looks very attractive. The game and ecsino headset will take a lot of pleasure, what can be said about listening to music. But thanks to the EQ in the utility, you can configure the headset and the music. In this case, Void Surround will provide a dynamic sound with good highs and a decent amount.

For the price € 80 in Europe, Corsair presented a very decent gaming headset Surround Void that stands out among the competitors stylish design.

  • Advantages Corsair Void Surround:
  • Stylish design
  • Good wearing comfort
  • Good workmanship
  • After the equalizer settings are good and nice sound

Disadvantages Corsair Void Surround:

  • Without adjusting the EQ the sound is unbalanced
  • Part functions Void USB was lost

Source: newegg

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