Corsair SF450 Review power supply

Corsair SF450 Review power supply

We tested the most visited different models of compact blocks SFX format power supply: “Bronze» be quiet! 2 SFX POWER 300W, «gold» Seasonic SSP-300SFG and more affordable solutions range CHIEFTEC SFX. Looking at the sources listed and other similar devices on the market, no wonder that the usual model SFX-users associated with a simple appearance and / or a small output power. Completely destroy this stereotype come from the company Corsair, releasing a couple of power supplies 450 and 600 watts. We sincerely hope that with the second we will be able to meet in the future, but the 450-W model Corsair SF450 already got in our test lab and passed a series of difficult tests. Their results, we describe in detail below, and as always, start with the table specifications and visual inspection of such an interesting device.

Corsair SF450 Power Supply comes in a cardboard box, from which you can glean a lot of information inside the device. Their list is included and the ability of the cooling system in a passive mode to the level of 90 watts. Even when working at the rated power level of the noise generated by the fan has to be very small – only 27.5 dB.

The test source package includes all the necessary components, you may need during its operation, namely:

  • AC power cord;
  • a set of detachable cables for connection components;
  • screws to secure the power supply inside the case;
  • set disposable ties;
  • bags for the transport and storage of unused power supply cables;
  • sticker with the logo of the company;
  • user guide.

Corsair SF450: Appearance

Unlike many models SFX-stained only gray primer, the ongoing review of the hero of his color execution resembles branded full-size ATX-solutions. Despite the relatively high power and the use of a modular cabling system, its dimensions were standard – 100 x 125 x 63 mm.

At the center top panel placed fan which captures air through the grate and pushes it through the hexagonal hole on the rear wall. The remaining four sides are made entirely solid.


The modular design is characteristic of all connected cables, making it easier to assemble the system. For the compact body is a very significant advantage. Also, this approach will allow to get rid of unnecessary congestion of wires, which in turn will positively affect the temperature regime of the surrounding components.

Below is the purpose of each of the seven slots:

  • 18-pin and 10-pin ( «24PIN ATX») – for the motherboard power supply;
  • two 6-pin ( «Peripheral & SATA») – for feeding the periphery;
  • three 8-pin ( “6 + 2 PCI-E & 4 + 4 CPU») – for additional processing power and graphics.

Cables are designed as loops, which greatly improves the convenience of their installation. Note that the set of connectors will be enough to connect the plurality of peripheral devices, as well as powerful graphics card. To this end, a pair of 6 + 2-pin connectors PCIe, which in such an amount is not often seen at the 450-watt solutions.

Given the use of the SFX-sources in a compact package, wire length is slightly less than that of ATX-making. Full configuration of cabling system is as follows:

Key information on Corsair SF450 power supply can be obtained from the sticker located on the side of its body. Rated power output of 450 W, and it is completely possible to “withdraw” from a single channel + 12V. Lines + 3.3V and + 5V have a maximum total capacity of 100 watts, which is more than enough to connect drives, optical drives and other peripherals.

The test model complies with the 80 PLUS Gold. According to his needs, the power supply efficiency at 20% load, 50% and 100% of the nominal power must not fall below 88%, 92% and 88% respectively (for the 230 V supply voltage). This time, we’ll check later during testing. Also worth noting is a wide input voltage range (100 – 240), which eliminates the external voltage regulator in an unstable power supply.

Corsair SF450 Review power supply

Corsair SF450: Internal organization

Corsair SF450 internal layout is characterized by high density, because the manufacturers had a difficult task – to “pack” 450-watt modular solution in such a compact body. Looking ahead, we note that it is quite possible.

For active cooling of internal components used 92-mm fan Corsair NR092L (12 V, 0.22 A, 2.64 W), although it is usually in the SFX-models use a compact 80-mm turntable.

As for the passive heat removal, then this role is performed by an L-shaped black radiator. Less obvious element is curved cooling plate located under the circuit board, as well as housing the power supply itself, with which it is in direct contact. After thermo-on plate removes heat from the transistors located at the back side of PCB.

Near the input connector is already installed the traditional EMI-filter responsible for smoothing the high-frequency noise emitted by the network power supply. His cell database contains a complete set of all the necessary components: a pair of X- and Y-four capacitor and inductor, and three varistors.

A little further on the heat sink is attached a rectifying diode bridge. With its help cool elements and active power factor corrector (APFC).

The input capacitor, high-voltage circuit is represented by the decision of the Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con (390 uF x 420) with an excellent capacity for both 450-watt model. Good pedigree of this element adds it belongs to the series of high-temperature (105 ° C), which should most positive effect on the power supply resource. An indirect confirmation of this is an impressive warranty period of as much as 7 years.

The Corsair SF450 is based on the effective half-bridge resonant converter main circuit with two keys and controller Champion CM6901X. Chip itself is located on the reverse side of the PCB, in a pair with four FETs Alpha and Omega AON6590, responsible for the formation of the + 12V line. There is APFC controller chip presented by Champion CM6500UNX. filtering the output voltage + 12V line is carried capacitors produce the same Japanese company Nippon Chemi-Con.

Low-voltage part is built on the principle of using synchronous rectifier DC-DC-converters arranged on a daughter board. With their help lines generated voltage + 3.3V and + 5V. On the front side of its components are housed LC-filters, reverse – power unit provided by transistors and PWM Controller ANPEC APW7159. The components that are responsible for filtering the data voltages, are located on the board to connect the modular cables.

Corsair SF450 Review power supply

According to the technical specifications, power supply Corsair SF450 has a full set of protections:

  • overvoltage (OVP);
  • undervoltage (UVP);
  • short-circuit (SCP);
  • from power overloads (OPP);
  • Overcurrent each channel (OCP);
  • Overheating (OTP).
  • Supervisor acts chip SITI PS229, located on the back side of the main PCB.

Corsair SF450: Conclusions

PSU Corsair SF450 is a great example of a very powerful device in a compact package, limited SFX standard (100 x 125 x 63 mm). Thus a manufacturer decided to use a completely modular system of cables, on the one hand, greatly facilitate the compact assembly of the system, but on the other hand – requires internal space portion of the source. Fortunately, it did not become an obstacle for Corsair’s engineers, and the power supply has received all the necessary components. Moreover, their structure included only high-quality components, such as Japanese capacitors from high series.

Not surprisingly, that the combination of high-quality components and circuitry of modern (the resonance circuit of the main converter and synchronous rectifier to the DC-DC-converters in the low-voltage part) made it possible to get excellent output performance. Even with substantial overload (24%) power supply coped well with the task, as the voltage will not leave the boundaries of the permissible. Functioning on the rated power, the power supply will not disturb you unnecessary noise and at low load, you can count on passive his work.

Overall Corsair SF450 power supply has left only pleasant experience, but it was not without nuance. As is often the case, we are talking about the price: abroad the hero of this review is worth about $ 90, but we still can count on much higher price tag in the neighborhood of $ 130-140.

Advantages Corsair SF450:

  • high efficiency over the entire range (compliance with the standard 80 PLUS Gold);
  • a good supply of power (up to + 24%);
  • modern circuit design and high-quality electronic components;
  • the presence of a dedicated channel + 12V with a loading capacity of up to 37.5 A;
  • the good condition of the voltage on the power lines, + 12V, + 5V and + 3.3V under a heavy load;
  • Separate power system stabilization;
  • ability to work in a wide range of mains voltage;
  • low power consumption in sleep mode and the computer is off state;
  • fully modular cabling system;
  • Wire made in the form of flexible flat ribbon cables, which greatly facilitates their packing;
  • availability of pair 6 + 2-pin connectors PCIe;
  • a very efficient cooling system;
  • ability to work in the passive mode at low loads;
  • quiet fan operation throughout the operating range;
  • active method of reactive power compensation;
  • availability of all kinds of defenses, including from overheating;
  • Warranty 7 years.

Disadvantages Corsair SF450:

  • high price.

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