Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro review: fans with bearings on magnetic levitation

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro review: fans with bearings on magnetic levitation

“If the development of the fan to the computer case was engaged in NASA, the fan would be that way” – with this slogan Corsair advertises a new line ML. Due to the bearing with magnetic levitation was possible to reduce the friction materials and, therefore, noise. Fans ML available with optional backlighting, which gives them a futuristic look. All details and ML120 Pro ML140 Pro you will learn in our tests.

Corsair fans for many years developing, selling them separately or together with cases under its own brand. Generally, the fans are focused more on the high cooling performance than a low noise level. However, the new model in the lineup and ML are characterized by high efficiency cooling and low noise.

It is worth noting a very wide range of speed adjustment, from 400 to about 2,000 r / min. Accordingly, the user can optimize the cooling performance and noise level in line with their needs. And that low-speed bearing is noisy, Corsair has moved on magnetic levitation. Moreover, the contact between the materials is reduced, which increases service life. Unfortunately, Corsair realized magnetic levitation not completely. Bearings magnetic levitation technically complex and rather cumbersome, so the fan manufacturers usually combine magnetic bearings with conventional technology. In bearing Noctua SSO or SSO2, for example, uses a hydrodynamic principle with a rear magnet, which helps to stabilize the fan axis.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro review: fans with bearings on magnetic levitation

Corsair offered bearings ML two most popular fan size, namely 120 and 140 mm. In addition, a variety of makes and lights. In addition to the regular version without backlight (it is slightly cheaper) you can buy a fan with red, blue or white LED. In addition, fans without lighting available in a stripped-down version (non-Pro) without removable parts for a slightly lower price. For the tests we have 120 and 140 Pro-mm fan with red illumination. 120-mm fan on sale cost of 21 euros per 140-mm model will have to pay 25 euros.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140: details

Both fans come in a nice cardboard box. Internal tray fan is easy to extend.

In addition to the fan in the box enclosed warranty card with the conditions and the four screws securing the two black cable tightening.

In a direct comparison of the difference in size between the ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro is clearly visible. However, despite the different size, both fans have the same structure. Design can be called modern and functional. We liked the combination of the red corner, the black frame of the fan impeller and transparent – this model will look great in gaming systems. In embodiments with a different illumination colors also correspond to the corners of the LED color, ie, they are white or blue. Interestingly, the corners can be changed. At the corners of the fan without light black, with the impeller is too opaque black. Finally, the fan is not-Pro can be found on a light gray impeller.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro review: fans with bearings on magnetic levitation

Removable corners not only give a beautiful appearance. They serve and vibration, as Corsair between the fan frame and the corners placed rubber pads.

All fans ML regulated via PWM (PWM). That is, to the system they are connected via a 4-pin PWM. Corsair abandoned braided cable. However, the black cable is not particularly distinguished.

Transparent impeller four LED lights up in the lower center. Illumination scattered and not annoying, but it can not be called bright.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140: Performance Cooling

Fans 600 and tested at 1,000 rev / min and at full speed. For a more complete comparison of the results of the tests we conducted, not only two fans ML, but also full-time fan Le Grand Macho RT, as well as three standard fan Noctua.

At a speed of 600 and 1,000 rev / min 140 mm fans provide cooling performance close, that is true for the ML140 Pro. Two 120-mm on a comparable speed chased through itself less air flow, and therefore the cooling performance is predictable below. A very interesting result at full speed. Corsair Fans benefit from a very high value of the fan speed, they outperform all other models, regardless of format. This provision allows the speed of the fans significantly increase the cooling capacity when needed.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140: Noise

High maximum speed Corsair fans helped lead in cooling performance, but will have to make sacrifices in terms of noise. Yet noise level greater than 40 dB (A) at full fan speed is not appropriate for daily work. However, as shown by tests on 1,000 rev / min and especially at 600 rev / min, the fans may operate quite quiet. They heard only if you put your ear close. Yes, and you will have to listen. In a closed cabinet Corsair heard fans will not – if you do not spin them at top speed. Therefore, they are perfect for peaceful assembly systems.

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140: Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Conclusion

Corsair ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro review: fans with bearings on magnetic levitation

Corsair advertises a line of fans as the innovative ML, equipped with magnetic levitation bearings. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose details of its construction. Therefore, it remains only to assess the operation of the fans in practice. On the positive side, we note a wide range of speed control via PWM. If you want a very quiet operation, both fans and ML120 Pro ML140 Pro can be set only 400 r / min. At this speed, the fans you hardly hear. Especially if they work in a closed enclosure. On the other hand, a decent margin rate can significantly increase the cooling capacity. Although if you untwist the fans to more than 2,000 rev / min, you’re unlikely to be able to work comfortably. But with ML fans on hand will always be a provision for performance. In this regard, the fans provide better flexibility than the same quiet models that typically operate at a maximum speed far below 2,000 rev / min.

Price rather big, but the manufacturer has provided vibration isolation. At the corners and body are integrated rubber gaskets are very convenient in practice. They are part of the design of the fan, so extra effort during installation is not required. Unlike Noctua, the corners are taken quite seriously. Finally, we note that the color of corners coincide with the LED, which improves the appearance. Illumination scattered, it looks good.

Ruler ML in practice is not as innovative as you might think, based on the advertising slogans of magnetic levitation. But you get quite modern fans with PWM control, a decent range of speeds and the corresponding configuration flexibility. All this allows us to award ML120 Pro and ML140 Pro our award “Excellent iron.”

Benefits Corsair ML:

  • PWM fan with a large speed range, which improves flexibility
  • High quality workmanship
  • Versions without light and with three colors LED
  • Good cooling performance at low speeds is very quiet
  • Vibro through corners with rubber gaskets
  • 5 years warranty

Disadvantages Corsair ML:

  • At high speeds, working too loud for everyday use

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