Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Easy, cheap and good for any games – all this is true for the new mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB. Gaming mouse entered our test lab, so it will be interesting to see what it is capable of.

Recently we tested the flagship game model Corsair – M65 PRO RGB. We were pleased with the elegant equipment of the mouse based on the aluminum frame, including the weights system, extended RGB lighting and a large body. But the weight of 115 g for the M65 PRO RGB is very decent – even without weights. Yes, and the price of 70 euros or 6 thousand rubles in Russia, many gamers seem too high.

With the new Corsair Harpoon RGB model, Corsair launched the complete opposite of the flagship. The purpose of the mouse is minimalism. Therefore Corsair Harpoon RGB is relatively compact and weighs only 85 g. The mouse with a simple form and design is made of plastic, the set of functions is reduced to basic. Additional buttons are few, the RGB backlight area is only one, and it displays the set DPI level.

Settings can be made through the proprietary Corsair CUE utility, they are stored in the mouse memory – however, they are already used to it. In addition to the short manual, a warranty card is included with the mouse. No more accessories.

The price Corsair Harpoon RGB nicely fell to 30 euros.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB: Mouse in details

Corsair chose for Harpoon RGB a very compact body, focused on right-handed people. But the simple shape of the body allows for several grips. Although if you have large hands, it is unlikely to put the palm on the mouse body completely (Palm Grip).

The upper part of the body of the mouse and the sidewall are made of different materials. Both sides are made of rubberized plastic with pimples, and the top is made of rough plastic, so the mouse is held securely in the hand. On the left sidewall there are two buttons for the thumb, which can be easily reached.

The right sidewall also consists of rubberized plastic with pimples. But the buttons are no longer there.

In addition to the RGB-illuminated logo, attention is drawn to the design of the scroll wheel. It is not integrated into the case, but as it were “hanging” in the gap between the two main buttons. Turning the wheel is relatively easy, which is very convenient, for example, when viewing long web pages.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

There is a DPI switch button behind the wheel, with which you can select one of five DPI levels. The selected level is indicated by the corresponding color of the logo highlighting. The two main buttons that Corsair equipped with Omron switches are pressed exactly and with a loud click.

The Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse is connected with a 1.8-m USB cable. Corsair concluded the cable in a simple plastic sheath. Unfortunately, we will have to part with both a gold-plated plug and a velcro fastener.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB: Software and tests

Manage the settings of the mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB can be through the proprietary utility Corsair Utility Engine. It supports not only Corsair Harpoon RGB, but also other Corsair devices, which is very convenient. The mouse settings are divided into four tabs. Buttons are configured on the “Actions” tab. And the macro editor is also available.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

If you are not interested in displaying the DPI level by using the color that is activated by default, you can select various effects on the “Highlights” tab, for example, a rainbow or an impulse. In the DPI menu, you can select DPI levels in increments of 250 dpi, and specify the RGB color corresponding to each level. You can turn off individual levels. On the “Performance” tab, on the other hand, there is nothing remarkable – only two pointer settings.

In general, the utility is clearly structured and visually pleasing. Of course, we tested the mouse with a large set of options, but here you get access to the most important settings. Corsair stores DPI levels in the internal Corsair Harpoon RGB memory, which allows you to connect the mouse to other computers with user settings without installing the utility.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB: Practical Test

If you take Corsair Harpoon RGB in your hand, then immediately pay attention to the compact form. In large hands, the mouse practically disappears. Therefore, the grip of a full palm (Palm Grip) is possible only if you have small hands. In the tests, we used the grip with the fingertips (Fingertip Grip) and half the palm (Claw Grip). Because of the small weight the mouse moves around the rug quickly and without much effort. It rests on four slip feet. As for hardware stuffing, the manufacturer installed an optical sensor inside.

The PMW-3360 (like the time-tested PMW-3310) can not boast of a high resolution and scanning speed, but in practice for most users the suggested values ​​are more than enough. It’s also nice that the sensor does not correct the cursor movement. Therefore, the movements of the gamer’s hand are transferred to the game with absolute accuracy.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

The distance of LOD detachment is stated as low, but it is not necessary to rely entirely on it. In our test lab there is a Mionix Avior 7000 mouse with a PMW-3310 sensor, compared to it, the Corsair mouse showed a noticeably longer distance from the LOD. Unfortunately, the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse does not have the ability to adjust the LOD.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

Corsair indicated a sensor resolution of 6.000 DPI, but here is meant interpolation. The manufacturer of the Pixart sensor indicates 3.500 DPI, while the same Ozone Neon 3K mouse (one of the few models with a PMW-3320 sensor on the European market) has a resolution of 3,500 DPI. Subjectively, the accuracy of the mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB starts to decrease after the mark of 3.500 DPI. However, in practice, only a small number of gamers will use a resolution greater than 3.500 DPI.

Corsair Harpoon RGB: Conclusion

Corsair introduced the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse at a very attractive price. Especially in view of the fact that some manufacturers today are bullying the price tag of their products. In the case of the new Corsair mouse, you get the maximum for the price paid.

Of course, such a mouse is unlikely to expect functions at the level of expensive high-end models. But by one criterion the mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB can give odds to competitors. It relies on an entry-level sensor, but it converts mouse movements with absolute accuracy without correction. Switches Omron under the main buttons provide a high level of reliability, we also liked the scroll wheel. Thanks to a separate button on the top, you can switch the DPI level in five steps.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Review and Test: cheap but high-quality gaming mouse

An important advantage of Corsair Harpoon RGB can be called the proprietary utility Corsair. It provides the configuration of the basic parameters of the mouse, such as button binding, backlighting and DPI levels. Conveniently, the utility allows you to configure not only the Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse, but also other Corsair products. As a result, you can manage different Corsair products from one place, including keyboards, mice and headsets.

Alternative Corsair Harpoon RGB can be called other mice with the same sensor and at a similar price, for example, Ozone Neon 3K. Ozone in its mouse left in the resolution of 3.500 DPI, indicated by Pixart. Also the mouse is suitable for lefties. Neon 3K differs not only in its symmetrical form, but also in the presence of buttons on both sides. But the mouse weight is larger, unlike Corsair Harpoon RGB, it allows you to switch between the two DPI stages. And the software is much simpler. The price is also very attractive mouse Sharkoon Skiller SGM 1. It provides an excellent set of functions.

If you need a good and light gaming mouse at an affordable price, then pay attention to the Corsair Harpoon RGB. This model showed convincing results in our tests, it will become a very worthy addition to the market for gaming mice. Given the attractive price, we award the Corsair Harpoon RGB with our “Price / Quality” award. But if you have large hands, we recommend that you first try the mouse in practice.

Advantages Corsair Harpoon RGB:

  • Optical sensor without motion correction
  • Good workmanship
  • The precise Omron switches under the main buttons, the other buttons and the scroll wheel also showed convincing results
  • Five levels of DPI with the ability to adjust, to the selected level indicates the color of the RGB backlight
  • Light weight, good glide
  • Persuasive software supporting other Corsair products

Disadvantages Corsair Harpoon RGB:

  • Suitable only for right-handed people, the compact form does not fit very well for users with large hand brushes
  • DPI level is stated with interpolation

Source: corsair

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