Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Corsair long time was not too active on the housing market. But the time was not in vain – Corsair Crystal prepared a new line with a lot of glass, which is to oust competitors. In our test lab just entered a new building Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB (CC-9011098-WW), it will be interesting to evaluate in practice.

In the line of Crystal first time there will be two models. Compact housing Midi Tower Crystal Series 460X was introduced in September last year. Housing Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB cook longer. It was presented in November 2016.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB is a housing Midi Tower, it is larger Crystal Series 460X RGB housing with dimensions of 220 x 464 x 440 mm. Otherwise two cases alike. Corsair combines a simple steel frame with front panel and two side panels of tempered glass. At Crystal Series 570X RGB and has a glass lid. As a result, the body appears airy and translucent, it looks more expensive than conventional models made of steel and plastic. To display a transparent material in all its glory, both enclosures are available in RGB-version with three pre-installed fans from the RGB-backlit behind the front panel. However, Corsair has decided to stand out and others. Glass is usually used in the “exhibition” cabinet, which should attract attention to itself and the installed components. But in practice, these buildings were too many restrictions. Therefore Crystal Series enclosure manufacturer tried to make the best possible user friendly.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

But will have to pay a lot. Earlier we tested the In Win chassis 303, which was the first model with a glass side panel and the price is less than 100 euros. For Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Corsair put a price tag 199.90 euros, in Russia the housing can be purchased from 12,1 thous. Rubles. Crystal Series 460X RGB housing is slightly cheaper – 159.99 euros, in Russia – by 10.6 thousand rubles.. A considerable share of the price occupy the embedded RGB-fans: a set of three fans alone will cost 60 euros, or 4.1 thousand rubles..

We recommend you watch the video extract and the first acquaintance with the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB body:

Midi-Tower housing has a very extensive package. In addition to the housing manual attached installation manual for the fans (it is not required because the fans and all the electronics are already installed and connected), warranty card. In addition to the installation accessories are attached not only plastic cable tightening and tightening reusable Velcro. Is that the screws for fastening to Corsair PSU traditionally does not make, but they are usually included in the PSU package.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB: Design

With four sides, usually facing the user, Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB body closed tinted tempered glass. This glass passed special treatment that improves its resistance to mechanical stress. But even if the glass is broken, it shatters into small pieces, cut yourself on that risk is small. In any case, if you are careful to work with the body, it is unlikely to break the massive glass panels. They can be broken unless the fall in the housing outer edge. Many more problems arise with glass cleaning. Fingerprints and dust visible on it is much stronger than on the brushed metal.

Each glass panel is attached to the body Corsair four thumbscrews. To the screws do not come into direct contact with the glass panels, provided rubber pads. They protect the glass and provide vibration isolation. However, between the side panels and the housing clearances are not closed any dust filters.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Three preset fan SP120 RGB clearly visible behind the glass, but if you remove the front panel and the dust filter, they can see better. Of course, the lights will be visible only after activation. Optional for the front panel can be installed 140 mm fans. But in this case, mount the fan will block part of the air flow – on the boundary areas. Corsair added a large dust filter in front of the front fans and fans of the optional cover. But to get to the filter, it is necessary to remove the appropriate glass panel. Sami then filters are removed quite easily.

RGB-fans can be controlled by the controller of the motherboard or three buttons on the cover. Of course, the latter option is more convenient. With the buttons, you can choose the color (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), illumination mode (breathing and blinking, static, breathing, blinking) and the speed of the effect (high, medium, low). There are no other options. In principle, Corsair could add Link interface system. Technical limitations are not, therefore, from the Corsair Link was abandoned, apparently because of price considerations.

Besides the three buttons for controlling the backlight can be seen a single square on / off button. On the I / O panel, there are also two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks. Supports USB 3.1 Type C no.

Both side panels are made entirely of tinted glass. Therefore, the panel is easily visible through the entire interior, with all the details.

On some sides Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB looks like a conventional steel body. For example, in the back. On the rear panel, you can guess the location of the components inside the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB, the layout is not so futuristic as the exterior. ATX power supply is installed on the bottom of the case. Inside the case, you can install the motherboard, are available seven expansion slots, can be screwed on top of the optional 120-mm fan. And oblong holes allow to mount the fan at different heights. Conveniently, if the heat exchanger is installed under the NWO cover.

The second “traditional” view – from the bottom of the housing. Corsair has established Midi Tower case on two runners with rubber pads. As in the case of the front panel and covers a power supply unit is provided a dust filter. But it is much easier to remove – just pull it back for cleaning.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

To motherboard segment looked more carefully as possible, Corsair has transferred all the drives and the control RGB-lighting electronics for the motherboard tray. There are laid the various cables. To avoid unsightly hodgepodge cable tray for the motherboard, they can be held in a special channel with a lid. The channel is attached to the motherboard tray with two hooks and two thumbscrews.

The drives are installed in the two 2.5 / 3.5 “combo-fixing, as well as two mounting only 2,5” SSD / HDD. Installing drives is possible without the help of a screwdriver (with the exception of the installation of 2.5 “drives in the 3.5” trays). Sami trays are easy to remove from bindings enough to unscrew the thumbscrew. After installing the SSD or hard drive trays, they can be easily returned to its place. Vibration isolation is only available for 3.5 “hard drives.

Electronics backlight RGB-divided into two elements – the distribution unit and the control unit. For distribution unit can connect up to six fans, power is supplied via the SATA connector. Also connect the cable from the control unit. In the body Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB control unit to connect optional, since all of the functions can also be controlled via three buttons on the cover. Corsair But for some reason, decided to duplicate the management, to the block, too, power is supplied through the second SATA connector.

So far we have talked about the backlight control, not the fan speed. The fact that the power supply and fan control is completely separate from the backlight control. Each fan should take power through the 3-pin connector, control is possible from both the motherboard and a separate fan controller.

Installing components in a glass housing Midi Tower any problems not caused, except that we had to tinker with the cabling. All cables should be as carefully as possible to pave the closed channel – yet the right panel of the case is also made of glass, so your guests will see all of the space behind the motherboard tray. After switching on the Corsair logo system is highlighted in white.

As we mentioned above, the user can select one of seven colors Fan with LED-backlit. If you are expecting a bright backlight, waiting for you to be disappointed. RGB LED brightness is very reasonable. The colors can be configured in the mood, but the intensity is still rather weak. The interior, too, is seen worse than one would expect from the glass panels. The reason is that the tinted glass, so that only the contours in components exude. If you want to see more, you will have to install additional lighting inside.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB: Test system, ventilation and tests

Of course, the body must not only be functional and easy to assemble. It should also provide efficient cooling.

Temperature measurements:

For measurement of the maximum temperature of the CPU test, we used the free tool Prime95, which loads the system for 30 minutes. We chose the Small FFT load that maximizes heat dissipation, and then fixed the maximum core temperature using the system utility Lavalys Everest. We have combined temperature for the individual nuclei, and then divided them by the number of cores. At the same time we loaded the graphics card a demanding test Furmark.

Temperature evaluation mode in idle mode (single operation of the system) is not so interesting, because processors and graphics cards manufacturers have long implemented a very good power-saving mechanisms. For example, reduce the CPU core voltage and frequency in the event of inaction. Therefore, the heat generation components is significantly reduced.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Temperature Rating:

At first glance, the cooling system has good potential. Corsair installed three 120-mm frontal fan air flow which is not blocked by anything. Technology “Direct Airflow Path” between the front fans and our test with a passive cooling system did not work so well, because the distance to the fans was quite decent, and front fans themselves locked solid glass panel. Also, the manufacturer does not nominally set fans back or under the hood, which would support the work of the front fan. As a result, out of the box Crystal Series 570X placed among the outsiders of our temperature rating. Of course, the user can enhance the cooling performance due to the attachments for additional fans.

Evaluation of noise:

To measure the noise level, we used the Sound meter Voltcraft SL-400, which is located at a distance of 20 cm in front of the housing.

As you can see by the results of the noise level test, Corsair did not limit the SP120 RGB fan speed. They are working at full speed of 1,400 rev / min, the noise level is noticeably higher trims 40 dB (A). Therefore, we recommend that users consider the method of controlling the fan speed. We tried the adapter, reducing the supply voltage. The fan runs at 5V pretty quiet (although Corsair indicates the operating voltage of 7 – 13.2), their in this mode can be used for everyday work. But noise-sensitive users hardly noticeable bearing chirping like. There noticeable advantages of separate power supply fan and LED-Backlight: you can reduce the voltage supply of the fan, but the lights will still bright. Even if you decide to completely stop the fan by removing the 3-pin power plug.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Other measures in the review:

We measured a maximum height of CPU cooler, and the maximum length of a video card with a tape, as well as the distance between the motherboard tray and the side panel. To measure the thickness of the walls we used a micrometer. We also take into account the data published by the manufacturer. Of course, at the same time we made a certain measurement error. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the values ​​given below for comparison purposes only, and do not take them as the ultimate truth.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Review and test: case made of glass and metal

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB | conclusion

enclosures manufacturers use tempered glass in different ways, from the windows to the classic solid panels, not only the side. Corsair has decided to literally surround the new building Crystal Series 570X RGB glass panels. Buyer will receive the glass panels on all sides except the bottom and the backdrop. As a result, the outside casing bears little resemblance to the classic steel model, the impression that it is composed entirely of glass. But such a design leads to its compromise.

Tempered glass is more resistant to mechanical stress than usual, but still working with housing should be careful. Yet no steel or plastic in front of us. Also, the glass panels have to be cleaned more often. On the surface of the glass too well noticeable fingerprints, dust and dirt. Even the interior layout take a lot of accuracy. If you make a jumble of cables, it will be visible through the glass. Of course, this Corsair make life easier for the user, because the cables can be hidden in a separate chute for cover. Additionally, tinted panel.

The second distinguishing feature is in addition to glass surfaces – three front fan from the RGB-backlit. Unfortunately, users can not arbitrarily choose a shade of 16.8 million colors RGB spectrum -. Are only seven colors. But paired with a glass front panel we have a very harmonious illumination. The illumination system is well thought out, the brightness is not dependent on the fan speed. No less impressive and control of three buttons – although the potential RGB-illumination could reveal more after connecting the controller to the PC, using proprietary tools. Potentially, the user could select any color spectrum of RGB, and various effects. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has thought illuminated management, but has not set the fan controller. They work without any adjustment, so it is quite noisy. Lovers of quiet systems hardly noticeable noise like bearing.

Inside the Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB is a modern and functional housing Midi Tower. About the compatibility of the components do not have to worry about in the body, you can set different cooling solutions, including NWO. In general, the installation of components does not cause problems, anti-dust filters can be extracted for purification. User friendliness is also a consequence of the customary and traditional interior design.

Competitor In Win approached the development of the housing 509 more creatively. The model E-ATX also pleases functionality and cooling installations, but the unusual design makes it difficult to install components, the case is still focused on the advanced users. In Rossi’s body In Win 509 is much more expensive Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB, in Europe – it is cheaper, but a competitor you do not get the fans in general, and the only element of the RGB-lighting logo is In Win. Unlike Corsair, In Win did not make the glass cover. There is another option – Aerocool P7-C1 Tempered Glass Edition at a lower cost, with glass side panel and RGB backlighting. The interior has a similar design to Corsair body, but the lower price is noticeable in appearance. Lastly if you are interested in precious metal, then pay attention to the aluminum model – for example, Jonsbo MOD1 or noble Lian Li PC-O10. However, they belong to a different price category and are not equipped with RGB-backlit.

Corsair – not the first manufacturer who presented this case with glass, but few housing market can boast such a complete and exciting implementation as Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB from the RGB-fan behind the front panel. In our view, Corsair body belongs to the most practical models with a high content of glass.

Advantages Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB:

  • The panels of tempered tinted glass on all four sides
  • Staffing housing comes with three fans from the RGB-backlit
  • Neat and spacious interior
  • Removable anti-dust filter in the front, under the lid and bottom
  • Enough space for cabling
  • Bezotvertochnaya installing expansion cards and drives (with the exception of 2.5 “drives in the 3.5” mounting), vibration isolation 3.5 “hard drives

Disadvantages Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB:

  • Staffing provides a moderate cooling performance, but with fans without speed control gives a too high noise levels; Also noticeable fan noise Bearing
  • Relatively few fasteners to install drives
  • Open gap between the frame and the side panels

Source: corsair

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