Corsair Crystal Series 460X and other products with RGB-backlit

Corsair Crystal Series 460X and other products with RGB-backlit

Recently, the RGB-lighting is very popular among users, so many manufacturers use this technology in order to emphasize a particular product. At PAX exhibition company Corsair has introduced many such solutions, including Crystal Series 460X line body stands out. In addition, the company introduced new fans with lighting and a new mouse, also from the RGB-backlit. Finally, the manufacturer showed a second version of CUE software package.

Crystal Series 460X

The name Crystal Series 460X stands out among other lines of products: Carbide, Graphite and Obsidian. However, there is a reason, because the body itself and with tempered glass panels is different from other buildings Corsair. The company introduced the Crystal 460X like backlit or without it. In the version with light in the front of the case there are three fan SP 120 RGB LED. In this case the front panel, as well as the side, is made of glass. Air enters through the side openings. Instead, fans on this site can be installed and the heat sink 360 or 280 mm. Under the hood, the radiator can be set to 240 mm, and the back has room for a small fan or a radiator 120 mm.

ATX format housing interior looks neat. For power and storage unit has a separate compartment, and that you can install a maximum of two 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch drive. Compartment for the motherboard offers room for CPU coolers up to 17 centimeters and video cards up to 37 cm. Unfortunately, at the present case there was no place for USB 3.1, and on the IO panel has only two slots USB 3.0, and audio jacks.

Fans SP120 and HD RGB 120 RGB

The manufacturer also introduced fans SP 120 RGB LED. They have four LEDs at the time as a model RGB 120 HD 12 already provides such LEDs. The controller allows you to control effects and speed. But the two models differ not only in the number of LEDs, but also a way to connect, as well as speed. SP 120 is connected via the RGB 3-pin connector and rotates at 1,400 rev / min and 120 HD RGB signal PWM controlled via a 4-pin connector and can rotate at a speed of 800 to 1,725 r / min. At the corners of both models applied rubber coating.

Pad MM800 Polaris RGB

For gaming input device RGB-lights become mandatory attribute altogether. And if a mouse with illumination meet almost every step, RGB-mats can be found less often. New MM800 Polaris RGB offers 15 individually configurable zones on the perimeter of the mat. Highlighting the rug can be synchronized with other products Corsair. Also on the rug has a USB port for connecting a mouse, which will not use the extra socket on the PC. The manufacturer says that the surface of the pad with dimensions 285 x 272 x 5 mm is resistant to wear and has low resistance to abrasion.

The new software CUE 2

If the light or fan housing managed by a separate controller, 2. The new version of the software is optimized for 4K-screens for input devices lighting meets Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) program. The program can not only choose from a ready-made effects, but also create their own. In addition, CUE 2 lets you control and other settings.

RGB has a price

Software can be downloaded now. New products from the RGB-backlit should also be on sale. Fans SP 120 RGB worth 19.99 euros, 32.99 euros (controller), or 69.99 euros (set of the controller and the three fans). Cost HD 120 RGB is 29.99 or 49.99 or 89.99 euros, respectively. Housing Crystal Series 460X RGB monochrome backlit worth 119.99 euros, and RGB-version will cost 139.99 euros. The mat is estimated at 69.99 euros.

Source: pcgamesn

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