Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

The past year Corsair was rather quiet with enclosures. The Carbide 400 and 600 were actually the only new models in the range that we saw pass. Nice products, but it seemed nevertheless something that the brand was a bit on the laurels to rest. The new Crystal Series, it shows that it has not been idle. Corsair Crystal 570x RGB which today launches is really something special, not least because this case is lined on four sides with tempered glass.

It is, in addition to RGB lighting, the trend in housing land this year: panels of tempered glass. We are discussing as many as 12 different options to choose from if you want to show in a more luxurious manner than with a standard perspex panel the interior of your system. Where this material until recently was reserved for exclusive top models from a handful of brands, it has become commonplace in a short time.

Corsair comes with the Crystal Series models have a step further than just replacing the left pane by glass: also the right and the top and front are made of this material. The result is a largely transparent showcase, which gets some extra cachet by using three fans with colored LED lights on the front.

A nice advantage of the massive use of tempered glass is that the additional cost of this material decreased rapidly seems to have been to a few euros. Several brands offer models with both standard panels and glass specimens and considering the additional cost five to ten euros. Exceptions are there too, so you pay by Cooler Master whopping 49 euros for a glass panel for a master case, while at In Win models with glass parts are clearly more expensive.

Corsair also has not gone for a price floor, because the Corsair Crystal 570x RGB has a suggested retail price of 200 euros – but the company does a bit more than just placing a glass panel. Although the case is clearly positioned above the middle, we want him, certainly not in advance qualify as expensive.

We compare Corsair Crystal 570x RGB with many other enclosures at a price somewhere between 120 and 200 euros. Because we have already for a long time test in the same manner wardrobes, there is more than adequate comparison material. In our traditional first graph shows that Corsair Crystal 570x RGB in this price range in any case is not unusually large.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB: Appearance

The Corsair Crystal 570x RGB is really something special to see. With us on the editorial opinions diverged, one finds it beautiful, others … not. Anyway it is really something different than usual, Corsair has not followed the route of a standard design includes a glass plate. The design makes real use of the material and by the use of rounded portions at the upper side, and the curves of the glass sheets themselves, Corsair Crystal 570x RGB looks a lot less like the traditional rectangle of the housing cross-section. Of course all the glass mean that your fingerprints faster than steel, but Corsair has used a type of coating that is not very sensitive. Moreover, the tinted glass, leaving fingerprints also notice less. Anyway you polish it a lot faster and easier to clean than aluminum, which fingerprints sometimes very difficult to remove.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

The glass plates are all with spacers against the chassis screwed with the aid of considerable thumb screws. The latter we typically see when using this material, but that the glassware is not tight fitting is on, there is quite some room for air in the case and to flow out. Removable plastic dust filters ensure dust and greater injustices are held from the inside. The carriers on which the case is provide for a robust appearance and support the glass panes on the side, on which they are seamlessly. That contributes to a tight end result.

Sitting on top of the external connectors. In addition to two USB 3.0 ports and audio aanslutiingen we find here a power button and three buttons for controlling the lighting of the built-in fans. Allows you to adjust the colors (you can choose between seven different colors) and the display pattern (three options). Also you can set the speed of the fans in three steps. The used fans Corsair also sells loose, the SP120 you can buy in a pack of three pieces with controller. There you loose about 60 euros to spend, which is something to keep in mind if you find the purchase price of this case on the high side. You can further SP120 fans control with the built-in controller. Also need to send it be possible the HD120 fans, but Corsair reports that cryptically that you must use the appropriate RGB LED controller ‘proper operation’. This is logical: you can probably control the rotation speed with the controller of Corsair Crystal 570x RGB, but the SP120 fans have seven solid colors, while the HD120 basically can show the whole spectrum, when properly controlled.

The top panel removal is a matter of loosening four screws, and you can remove the filter. Cleaning is therefore simple, as well as the mounting of additional cooling to the upper side.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

At the rear, the flexible suspension points are visible to fans, water cooling or components of a custom course. We also see here seven slot plates and bottom space for feeding. Also, which is protected by an easily removable dust filter.

With all the glassware, Corsair Crystal 570x RGB is not a bright guy for his size, it weighs more than 11 kilos. That is something to be reckoned with, but on the other hand, the probability that you are going to drag a glass case is not very large. He is, in any case as a house, and used glass is tempered, of course, and can take a beating.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB: Internal cooling

is a very neat interior visible after the removal of the glass panel of the left-hand Corsair Crystal 570x RGB. For those accustomed to a row HDD cages is a somewhat strange look, but we see more and more. There are alternative ways to attach storage, where Corsair also has used. The omission of traditional anchorages creates lots of internal space. So you can easily assemble a large card with a maximum length of 37 cm. Also placing a CPU air cooler with backplate is easy, thanks to the large opening in the motherboard plate and the maximum height of 17 cm – more than most models require.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

Cables can by rubber grommets afgeschremde openings to pull the back of the motherboard plate. If we take a closer look, we see that Corsair something extra has done to hide cables from view: a detachable cap is placed behind those openings. Which acts directly as a conduit, which is quite handy. Velcro is also present in order to fasten cables. We also see the mounting options for storage, in the form of two containers for 3.5 “drives and two 2.5” storage.

Left of the 2.5 “bracket is a hub to which you can connect another three fans. Six fans is the maximum you can put in the closet, so every fan can be controlled by the built-in controller. If you do the same SP120 fans, you can also control the lighting, – for the rgb HD120 fans Corsair also carries a separate controller for illumination is required.

Bottom Corsair has placed a cap to hide the food from view (you can place a maximum of 22.5 cm long model, which is enough space for virtually all power in the market. However, Corsair also makes power supplies and can therefore also imagine that you want to show it. for that reason, the cap fitted with LED lighting and a removable panel.

All three fans of Corsair Crystal 570x RGB are standard on the front. That is a remarkable configuration, because often an outtake fan is placed at the back. Given the light we understand the choice though – it looks beautiful. Whether it cools well, we have to see the test results.

By default, the back is empty. You can lose a 12cm fan here – or a radiator of the same size. The front of the case are mounting points for the suspension of a separate pump and reservoir, provided a ‘standard’. Want more cooling, there is room for two more 12 or 14cm fans at the top. There you can also lose a radiator – Corsair guarantees spot for a 240mm one. 280 mm can pass, but that depends on your motherboard. Worth noting is that you can mount the fans in a removable tray outside the case, which is very handy.

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB Review case

Corsair Crystal 570x RGB: Conclusion

Who was afraid Corsair had dozed off in the closet market is in our opinion a sigh of relief. Corsair Crystal 570x RGB is a fresh wind in its own assortment and the whole market. In design terms, there is no case known to us, that even remotely resembles. Tastes will differ, and we can imagine that not everyone is like a block for bold design with four glass panels, but fortunately Corsair Crystal 570x RGB more than looks alone to stand with him.

The cooling performance is namely unprecedented level, even for the not inconsiderable height where Corsair itself the bar had already put up with several other cases. The configuration with three 12cm fans can blow unhindered by an almost empty inside, is clearly effective.

In terms of installation space is Corsair Crystal 570x RGB an average performer – stores get there from some scanty, but let’s be honest: two 3.5 “disks (ie 2x maximum 10TB at present) and two 2.5” items (still up to 2x 2TB if you stick to sSD’s) most people can be excellent from the feet. We have not talked about the fact that a modern system probably still has storage on the motherboard in the form of a module M.2.

The finish is of the known high level that we are accustomed from Corsair, which we want to mention still the cable duct at the rear separately – with the glass on that side some extra attention to cable management is a necessity.

Remains the price. 200 euros is to swallow, but there are certainly more cases in this segment – such as the recently discussed here In Win 509. The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX on two sides hardened glass costs about 190 euros. Corsair provides an excellent set of fans for this amount with which you would have to spend separately for about 60 euros. For us, Corsair Crystal 570x RGB is not so overpriced. Looking real showcase in which you want to highlight your elegant system, this case should actually be on your shortlist. Therefore, we reward him with an Excellent Choice Award.

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