Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

Cooler Master announced last year a renewal of the strategy and introduced as illustrated by directly Master Case 5, which we have already discussed in several incarnations. But that was only the first step in the renewal of the product range. The Cooler Master Masterbox 5 we discuss today is another new offshoot, affordable case that still need to offer a lot of flexibility.

The Masterbox is available in various designs; the black have a mesh front, the white which we looked at a shiny semi-transparent plastic front. There is also a ‘Lite 3’ version and a ‘normal’ Cooler Master Masterbox 5 without window in the side panel.

White Cooler Master Masterbox 5 you have been for a little over 65 euros, on average it costs just over 70 euros. This makes it a more luxurious model in the entry-level segment, pricey we can not call him anyway.

We compare the Cooler Master Masterbox 5  White with quite a few different and very similar priced ATX enclosures we’ve tested previously. Below you can see that he is one of the larger housing in this price range.

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

Cooler Master Masterbox 5: Appearance

In design terms, it is mainly the front of the Cooler Master Masterbox 5 which reminiscent of the expensive Master Case models, the lines of the front panel. Apart from that it is a fairly standard rectangular box as we know them for years. The front panel of the white variant as mentioned made of shiny black plastic, the black version has a mesh front with an undoubtedly better airflow. Very inspiring it all, but we have it here then also a closet in the affordable segment.

The acrylic plate is easy to remove the front, then you can look directly into the interior. A dust filter or the like is not present. Perhaps understandable by the largely closed facade, but dust will still be sucked in along the edges. As we increasingly find more dust to other brands in this price, we find it quite a loss here.

The front connectors sit on the sloping part of the front panel. Twice USB 3.0, audio inputs and outputs: you have to do it with. This in itself is sufficient and we expect not really for the price. The power button sits centrally and fortunately there is a physical reset button present that will not quickly pressed accidentally. Functional, so we can describe the remote control and IO, but very basic.

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

That qualification also applies to the back, where we perceive seven slot for graphics expansion cards. The bottom is designed cables to attach to the box, so you can secure for example, mouse and keyboard and you do not have to worry that someone who takes on a LAN party.

At the bottom, we find it a removable dust filter for the air supply of the power supply. The carriers are provided with two narrow rubber strips in order to leave it firmly in place of the closet.

Cooler Master Masterbox 5: Internal cooling

Internally, the Cooler Master Masterbox five slightly different than you’d expect, though the design is in the line that we see for some years: no bracket for 5.25 “devices – we had seen not expect the outside, a small amount of space for 3.5 “disks and a lot of empty space. The motherboard plate contains a lot of features to secure devices and cables to eliminate, but is mostly very empty. For CPU coolers there is a huge space available so fitting models with a backplate to be a piece of cake. Tower Models can according to our measurements, surely 16.5 cm high, which should fit most easily occurring ones in the market.

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

A rail system as we have to do here with the Master Case-line, but the motherboard plate you can do a lot 2.5 “holders for small hard disks and of course above all confirm SSDs. Of these, there is a grand total of one included, we still find some scanty. If you want more, you can buy from Cooler Master. you can have up to five lost in the closet.

Which holders can mount both the front and back of the motherboard plate; on the back is also ample space for cable management, and there are lots of tabs to put them firmly tie wraps. Cable management is holding as a breeze, but in the absence of rubber seal of the many holes in the motherboard plate you have to be careful that you are the cables actually as much as possible out of sight.

Back in the main compartment, we see a substantial hood that you can withdraw in any case include the power of sight. For it is a holder for two 3.5 “disks.

Who holds again to mount in multiple places and you can also omit. He has two slides which you can place the discs without screws.

The large amount of internal space means that you can lose video cards in any format – there is 41 cm available, more than enough for even the longest tickets.

Standard Cooler Master delivers the Masterbox 5 with two 12cm fans. In total there is room for four, but then you have to purchase an optional extension bracket – otherwise you will not more than three (two front, one rear). Very generous we can not call it cooling potential. However, you can, if desired, a water cooler lost at the front with a length of 360 mm, but also for this is that optional bracket so required. Otherwise, you have to keep at 280 mm or less. you can optionally back a lost 120mm radiator. Top and bottom so no fixing points for any form of cooling. How Cooler Master Masterbox 5 it does with standard terms of cooling and noise, we have of course tested.

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 review: less masterful

Cooler Master Masterbox 5: Conclusion

Cooler Master Masterbox 5 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a not too expensive wardrobe for a mid-range system, but very enthusiastic, we are also not. In appearance it is an uninspiring design, with a standard plastic faceplate that is attached to a standard steel box. Internally, there is a lot of space, but the trend seems to internal flexibility to do what Coolermaster by shooting at an economy measure. By default, you can one 2.5 “device lost and two 3.5” disks, which is sufficient for a basic system, but lots of room for expansion do not let it. Want more places, you have to pay – which is different from many competitors. The motherboard plate is ingeniously designed with many flexible mounting points, but the resulting Swiss cheese is visually very attractive, because the openings not all are finished with some shielding. We’ll see some similarly priced competitors.

In short, in terms of functionality and installation space is Cooler Master Masterbox 5 as basic for the asking. Add to that the cooling performance is most adequate for a mid-range system, and that he should let go for several similar cabinets, while the noise although not exceptionally loud, but not very quiet, and we must conclude that we have this Masterbox do what find less masterful than the more luxurious counterparts that we looked at earlier.

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