Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Company Cooler Master has updated set of gaming keyboard and mouse model Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II, which we now examine.

The novelty comes in a colorful box of sturdy cardboard.

According to the description, the keyboard is equipped with membrane switches with tactile feedback, and the keys are Cherry_MX-compatible, allowing you to replace them with a compatible CPU without any problems. Laser engraving keys, higher strength and resource keys have to increase the durability of the keyboard, and the blue LED lights add beauty and comfort of using the keyboard in the dark.

Compared with the previous model, the article changed: instead of SGB-3010-KKMF1 became SGB-3030-KKMF1. It should be borne in mind that Cooler Master Devastator II is available in three versions with three different colors of the highlights. Our copy of the part number with SGB-3030-KKMF1 equipped with a blue backlight. Article SGB-3032-KKMF1 equipped with a green backlight, SGB-3031-KKMF1 – red.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Packing reliably protects the contents through individual compartments for the keyboard and mouse.

We were hit without modification of the Cyrillic alphabet, designed for the US market. External differences from the previous model DEVASTATOR almost there, just missing logo «CMSTORM», which has previously been printed on both devices. In our view, no logos keyboard and mouse look serious.

For the new product also comes with instruction. However, it almost duplicates the description on the box, except for the description of the method of turning on or off the backlight using the Scroll Lock key.

On the packaging it says that in the keyboard, and the mouse lights adjusted, however, this is not true. In the keypad, it can be either on or off. A light in the mouse runs continuously and does not switch off. Brightness is not regulated in both devices.

The length of the cables of each of the manipulators is 1.8 meters. Despite the fact that the cables are not twisted ring, straighten them will be easy because of the good flexibility and soft insulation.

Keyboard Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II

Designers gave good gaming keyboard focus. Location of keys standard: experience shows that non-standard key layout can make even the most uncomfortable heaped keyboard, as this leads to confusion and occasional accidental key presses in operation. Above the keyboard is a button “pause” / “Play / Stop” / “forward” / “back” and two buttons to increase and decrease sound. Zayavleno that the number of polling frequency is 125 Hz. It is possible that this is unlike the previous model, but, unfortunately, there is no way to compare due to the absence of this parameter for the old model on the site Cooler Master.

Keyboard tray SGB-3030-KKMFK equipped with silicone feet that should prevent her ёrzanie on the table, as well as two standard stand, which can be put forward. The photo clearly shows that about a space provided space for one more leg, but it’s not there. Perhaps this is a feature of our test sample, but even so the keyboard was confident in one place.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

The keys are easy to remove with your fingers because of their high altitude. It also gives a massive keyboard, which is unusual after modern keyboards with low keys.

High key and thick base make the keyboard is very solid.

Mouse Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II

Mouse SGB-3030-KKMFM performed in a single style with a keyboard and also features a blue LED. It is equipped with five buttons, three on top and two on the side, and has a symmetrical shape and suitable for both right-handers and left-handers. Rubber on the sides make nashlёpki grip and hold the mouse button luchshe.Shestaya top, next to the scroll wheel is used to switch the mouse sensitivity “on the fly” Referring externally and by the specs, the mouse is similar to the one that is included in the previous Devastator.

The indicator of the current DPI value is the brightness of the light sensitivity of the selection keys: maximum brightness – 1000DPI, the average brightness – 1600DPI, not lit – 2000DPI.

The included keyboard and mouse look beautiful in the dark.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Due to lighting, the characters on the keys are clearly visible. This also contributes to the fact that the characters are not printed on top of the key, and by bleaching the most plastic keys. They are well-rayed through and must be extremely resistant to abrasion.

When designing lighting, Cooler Master engineers acted correctly: instead of highlighting each individual key, they illuminate the entire surface on which they are located. Due to the greater area of the backlight is reduced strain on the eyes due to a smaller difference between the light areas and dark areas.

Windows logo key of the same name has been changed on the company logo Cooler Master. Finally, do not have to change the keyboard when a new versions of Windows (just kidding).

According to the instructions, the keyboard backlight is controlled by the Scroll Lock key. It turned out that in this case, the Scroll Lock key is not of a dual purpose: The backlight is turned on and off using the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard from the other neighboring proizvoditelya.Nam wondered how the keyboard behaves in Linux, where Scroll Lock indicator is used to indicate the current keyboard layout. Our guesses confirmed – in CentOS 6.7, together with the Scroll Lock indicator when switching layouts to enable or disable the backlight, and the Scroll Lock key is not working – This feature, on – the default is disabled. Engineers from Cooler Master should add a separate key management lights. Then we found that mouse light is not regulated and is not disabled. Apparently, the phrase about the possibility of backlight settings click on your own is a misunderstanding.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Returning to the Windows, we note that the specialized software for new items available.

Sensations from the use of Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II game – nice: the hand rests comfortably on the keyboard – a big plus was the thickness of the keyboard. Ёrzany on the table there. The backlight does not seem annoying and really helps in the dark. The game Doom 4, we were able to use all the mouse buttons, which is good, because not all mice as possible.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II: Conclusions

Kit Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II perfectly complement the gaming computer, if it is used on a Windows operating system, and most of the time a user spends on the games. Due to the fact that the switching on and off illumination produced Scroll Lock key, the novelty is not the best way behaves in Unix-like operating systems, and if you use the Scroll Lock key in any other purposes.

Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II Review: affordable gaming keyboard and mouse set

Pros Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II:

  • Uniform design of keyboard and mouse;
  • Thicker keyboard is comfortable in the game;
  • Keyboard stands confidently on the table;
  • You can change the keys in the keyboard;
  • Mouse ext. keys that you can use in games.

Minuses Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II:

  • The keyboard backlight is controlled Scroll Lock key;
  • No special software;
  • It is not regulated by the brightness of the backlight.

Features Cooler Master DEVASTATOR II:

  • Not turned off lights in the mouse.

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