Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Is it time to update the look of hours Apple Watch? In the autumn a new version watchOS 3 operating system, which promises numerous innovations. Among the most interesting – a quick launch applications on the Apple Watch. As the software can not affect stuffing, users can adapt other components. In our review, we look at several production bracelets Clockwork Synergy.

In November last year we made the first attempt to change the look of Apple Watch. Then we looked at Monowear bracelets. Together with them, we offered our readers a paste for polishing, which will help get rid of scratches appearing on the steel Apple Watch case a few months after the operation.

If you are targeting to buy Apple Watch, the clock can be selected Apple bracelet. The company offers a simple silicone bracelets, nylon and leather straps and metal bracelets. For the simple silicone strap will have to pay 59 euros. A block bracelet will cost 499 euros.

If you like the price seems too high, or the range of colors is not enough, it makes sense to turn to third-party vendors. Just a few months ago, we saw the straps Monowear. Today in our lab received several bracelets Clockwork Synergy watch Apple Watch, and the company offers a fairly wide range. Clockwork Synergy focuses not only on the Apple Watch, but also produces bracelets for different models and Pebble smart watch on Android Wear. We focus on a few straps for Apple Watch.

Strap Clockwork Synergy Leather

Let’s start with the leather strap Clockwork Synergy “Worn Leather”. The skin has been specially treated to give the impression of wear. Strap Price ranges from $ 34.95 to $ 44.95 depending on mounting, colors and buckles.

We chose a light brown color because it looks good with a noble metal shell. The thickness of 4 mm is not very good effect on flexibility, since only a few hours of wearing the bracelet has become normal round hand. Leather strap can be called a classic for watches. As for the buckle and attachment we chose shiny stainless steel.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Bracelet length is 80-120 mm, length can change through five holes. But for thick wrist bracelet is hardly suitable, because even on the fifth hole is not the greatest length of 120 mm. The buyer can choose between seven shades of fastening buckle and five colors.

Thick and sturdy leather first few hours or perhaps even days will be bad bend, fasten the buckle out, only making an effort. But thick skin leaves a high quality impression. How interesting is the effect of rubbing – decide for yourself.

In our view, worn leather looks good, the quality is no worse than the strap of leather Apple options. The bracelet is heavy, but he just blends in with stainless steel casing Apple Watch. In general, the combination of hours with a bracelet turned out very successful.

Strap Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO (turquoise / orange)

NATO bracelets are becoming increasingly popular, not left out and Clockwork Synergy. You can choose a variety of colors and styles, with different straps democratic price. For nylon bracelet NATO for normal hours you have to pay from 11.95 to 13.95 US dollars. But the options for the Apple Watch are more expensive – $ 24.95.

Our version of the nylon strap NATO consisted of three colors, namely black, turquoise and orange. band width is 42 mm, thickness – 1.25 mm.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Length of the bracelet is adjustable from 75 to 125 mm, which is enough for the average and even slightly thicker wrist. The combination of turquoise and orange will not please everyone. However, due to the abundance of colors the NATO bracelets, you can easily choose an option to your liking. The length can be flexibly adjusted through 11 holes.

He “tail” of the strap can be charged in two rings made of stainless steel. Location of the Rings will not change because they are sewn to a nylon strap. Here you can also choose different colors and buckle fastening. This is also the basic principle of bracelets Clockwork Synergy. However, with a choice of leather straps still more than with the less expensive nylon NATO.

Another interesting option bracelet NATO – a combination of dark blue and red colors. The rest, including a material identical to the version discussed above. The price is $ 24.95.

The nylon strap NATO, too, has a thickness of 1.25 mm. The combination of dark blue and red colors is quite popular in the market straps, this also applies to smart watches, and classic analog clock.

Length of the bracelet is the standard 75-125 mm, it can be flexibly adjusted using the 11 holes. The thin nylon material all NATO bracelets seem airy and light, feeling while wearing the same.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

In a second embodiment NATO bracelet projecting “tail” is also fixed with two rings. People with thin wrist “tail” will protrude too far, which is not very convenient.

The second option we have different design buckle and two rings. As a result, the bracelet seems more rough, and the rings and buckles – too “heavy” for aerial strap.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

The third option we have NATO strap in three colors, the model will cost $ 24.95 on Clockwork Synergy website.

Special differences from the two NATO bracelets discussed above, we have not received. Just one color option in the NATO-style.

The length of 75-125 mm, it is possible to flexibly adjust the thickness of the wrist through 11 holes. As an example we mount options colors: stainless steel, textured steel, textured golden, yellow-gold, pink-gold, space gray and black PVD.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

As for the buckle, you can choose two colors: stainless steel and black PVD. The choice is tied to Apple Watch type, where you have a choice between polished stainless steel, aluminum or textured rose gold.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Strap Clockwork Synergy Silicone (blue)

To add variety to our comparison, we examined and the option Silicone. For the version for Apple Watch you have to pay from 11.95 to 23.95 US dollars.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Bracelets made of leather, nylon and metal are not well suited, if you plan to be active or play sports with Apple Watch. And the reason is not so much in weight as in skin sensation under the strap. If the pot will accumulate under the strap, the feeling is not pleasant. Moreover, some materials absorb sweat and change color. In the case of silicone is no such problem.

Silicone bracelet slightly shorter NATO variants, namely from 75 to 120 mm. Thickness 6 mm, even a little more than the relatively thick leather strap. The length can be flexibly adjusted through eight holes. Of course, a silicone bracelet, you can change the color of the adapter and buckles.

Two rings, retaining projecting “tail” bracelet, too, are made of silicone. Here they are mobile, that allows you to conveniently adjust them under the protruding portion of the strap.

Strap Clockwork Synergy Lizard Leather (turquoise)

Fans of various imitations of leather, too, are not left behind. Clockwork Synergy offers straps, decorated under the skin of a crocodile. Of course, the price from $ 14.95 to 24.95 suggests that no leather in front of us.

Selecting the color of turquoise is unlikely to appeal to all users, but Clockwork Synergy offers options and other colors are less conspicuous.

Clockwork Synergy review bracelets for Apple Watch

Strap length is from 75 to 120 mm, which is pretty standard. Eight holes allow you to adjust the length of the wrist. In addition to the choice of material and the skin type traditionally Clockwork Synergy, you can specify the color and buckle fastening.

The thickness of 4 mm at the alligator is the same as that of a standard leather strap, which we considered first. Skin structure is made very high quality, feels bracelet is different from genuine leather.


By smart watches and Apple Watch, in particular, it can be treated differently, but the market they have already taken. If you do not wear a watch or remain a supporter of traditional mechanical models, you can stay in my opinion. And the owners of smart watches are getting more options for personalization.

For Apple Watch advantages include the fact that more and more manufacturers offer alternative straps for SmartWatch. According to Apple, the owner of the Apple Watch usually uses three straps. This is due not only to the design, but also the activity. Although, of course, design and functionality significantly affect the choice of a bracelet. In any case, the choice today is very extensive, it can not but rejoice.

Many bracelets Clockwork Synergy unlikely to be successful on the market. If worn out leather strap emphasizes the noble appearance of hours, turquoise crocodile skin leaves a strange impression. In any combination, you get great materials and high quality workmanship. Even imitation crocodile skin is very plausible. Impression of quality of skin stresses and 4 mm thick.

With bracelets NATO Clockwork Synergy should be the modern fashion, you can buy various options of straps, including those with the colors of the Russian flag. In general, the straps on Clockwork Synergy website a great variety, from simple monochrome to color, with different thicknesses and materials. Also you can choose different color bindings and buckles to fit the band better housing your Apple Watch.

For bracelets Clockwork Synergy you have to pay from $ 12 to $ 45, prices are unlikely to complain. Even the most “expensive” bracelet Clockwork Synergy cheaper cheapest brand strap Apple. However, the price must be added postage. Given the low price of the bracelet with the delivery cost can be tolerated. We recommend you to look at other options bracelets online store Clockwork Synergy.

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